April 29, 2007

My Surprise

Oh, sorry we haven't been on line the last few days. But I do have to tell you about my surprise. Friday night one of the cat bloggers sent us a pizza. THANK YOU! Mama brought the box inside the partment and opened it, AND LET ME SHOVE MY FACE INTO IT! OOOOh. HAMM!! My own pizza. Course, I don't really like the sauce much and the cheese makes me sick, but she let me have as much of the hamm as I wanted, and I let her have the pineapple and cheese and sauce and crust. But, Oooh. It was soooo good. She didn't say bad kitty when I got into the pizza myself, even. It was really mine! And we had left overs the next day and everything. And she saved some of the hamm pizza for today, too. OOOOh. Course I had a little of the cheese, but not enough to make me sick. Mama watches out for me.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It was soo nice. We had a party all by ourselves with it. Three times!

Yesterday we just didn't get on line ( I was soooo stuffed with hamm....) And today my mama went to meet a friend this afternoon. So finally I get to catch up.

What a wonderful weekend! Mama goes back to work tomorrow, but I have my visions of hamm pizza, and my memories of hamm pizza and soo much gratitude!

Simple things mean the most. Love, encouragement, purrayers, scritchies, HAMM!

To the Cat Blogosphere Friends,
We love you,

April 24, 2007


I can get on here by myself sometimes. I just can't type very well. Wanted to tell you about mama's week so far. Yesterday she burnt her lunch (yucky smells travel), today she lost some reports on her puter. But she also got er-go-nomical-lee situated in her office. I think that means they made the computer stuff and her chair more comfy. She has lots of stuff to do, too, and is learning more stuff every day. Tomorrow she splits her day between the two departments and then the rest of the week she goes to the other department.

And there is a new squirrel in the neighborhood. A young one. It (he/she?) is cute. But shy. And it has been sunny yesterday and today. Sunday we had rain in the afternoon.

We still have the lights and the phone bills to get up to date so that we can move. And the money from mama's first paycheck will not cover the rent, the deposit and the move. Kinda scary.

But mama says I have a surprise coming Friday. Wonder what it is??

Thank you all for your thoughts and purrayers. They help a lot.

Love, headbumpies, hugs for all, purrayers, too, and a smoochie smooch for my Sugar Pie for being the best!

April 22, 2007

Sunday, Rainy Sunday

Rainy weather. Sigh. Lots of naps.

Mama told me she is taking a little time off of the computer. She has to concentrate on figuring out how to pay stuff up like the utilities and pay for foodies and stuff. Her first paycheck is in two more weeks, and its for rent. She went to a dollar store yesterday for some foodies. She has been bringing peanie butter sandwiches to work, and drinking lots of water. She's trying to get medicines to tide her over till she has insurance. She's working with her clinic on that. That's two months to wait. And right now she can't pay for moving, and that's a biggie.

We understand that a lot of beans and kitties are having a hard time now. We wish we could help, but we still don't have a lot for ourselves. We are purraying hard though, for all those in need.

I'd like to ask for more help for mama, but she says I shouldn't. Maybe nobody will believe we're not okay yet, but truly, we are not. But mama is happy for her new jobbie. And she thanks all of you for hanging in there with us. That was very important. Keep purraying and sending nice thoughts, and we are sending them to all of you. Thank you to the few of you who have been able to help. We have been living on mostly no money for lots of darks and lights.

We will not be blogging much for a few days or so, but mama will let me read up on the blogs, and I may leave a message or two.

love, headbumpies, lots of hugs for all, and smoochies for my Sugar Pie!

April 19, 2007

This is for Lilly Lu

Please get better, Lilly Lu
We are sending love

April 18, 2007

Another Gorgeous Day

I have been spending a lot of time stretched out snoozing today. In the 60's, which is mama and my favorite temps!

Mama finished up her half week with the one boss and then went on to the other boss this afternoon. They kept apologizing about all the data entry, and she said, hey it's fun. She likes working on reports, and is learning about the contracts department. They said at some point she will be writing contracts. Wow! She said there is a lot to learn!

Now if we could just get our utilities paid up we would have enough for rent after the 3rd. But still no moving money, or food money or much of anything. It's just too tight right now. That's what is worrying mama. Two months without an income kinda got to us. And it's gonna take time to get back to normal. Mama says maybe by mid summer we will be back to normal, and be able to finally relax. When we move there will be stuff on her wish list, like a new cleaning monster, and a futon, and maybe then some fun stuff for the apartment, maybe some new flatware, even high speed internet! She already has some new things for me (a new litterbox) and she wants to maybe set up a place for my toys to be stored, and maybe a kitty mat for my bowls, and maybe other stuff I haven't thought up yet!

My own cupboard for food! What else should be on my own wish list. Hmm, I have toys, blankies, bowls, a brush. Maybe one of those zoomgroom things? Let me think........

Love, headbumpies, hugs for all, purrayers too, and a smooch for my Sugar Pie,

April 17, 2007

A Beautiful Day

Oh, my! In the 60's today and sunny most of the day! Lots of sunny spots to dream in! Mama's hours changed a little, so she is home a little earlier now. Not by much, but it is nice.

She said she went to her first department meeting (for one of two departments she works in), took notes, finished the minutes, met two nice people who do some of the ordering of supplies (very good to be on their good side, she said), and learned how to pull a report on a new software. And did some other neat stuff.

She wishes she could work there full time, she likes it so much so far. But tomorrow after lunch she goes to department #2.

That's it. Lots of nappies. And mama promised me casserole again tonight.

Love, headbumpies, lots of hugs, and a sweet hello to my hansome Sugar Pie,

April 16, 2007

Mama's home!

Mama's first day of work went really well. She went to a place called "HR" and gotted a bunch of information for a couple of hours. Then she talked to one of her bosses and got a lot of information. She gotted to have lunch at her desk, and then had a tour, said hello to her other boss, and learned a bunch of stuff about timecards and the computer and stuff. She will be working in the photo research department (already has been given one major project) until Wednesday noon. Then she goes over to her other department. At least for this week. She gotted to set up her email signature and her phone voicemail, but can't access the internet except for business purposes. She had to pay for her May buscard today, but will be set up thereafter for it to come out of her paychecks.

And, and, it was in the 70's today!

And, oh yes, mama gave me some of her casserole last night ( the chicken is real soft, and the gravy is yummy). We're going to have some tonight, too.

That's it for today.

Love, headbumpies, hugs for efurryone, and a smooch for my Sugar Pie,

April 15, 2007

Sunday Meanness

Mama has been very mean to me all afternoon. And cruel. And nasty. And I hate it. Hate it!

It smells like chicken. It has smelled like chicken all afternoon. It's been driving me crazy. Crazy!
Oh, wait. Maybe if I'm really really nice to her she'll give me some.

Please mama?

I really like crock pot chicken. Really! Please?? I love you!

Mama is making crock pot chicken casserole so that she doesn't have to do anything but warm it up when she comes home from work the next few days. But the smell is making me very very hungry.

Love, headbumpies and hugs for all, and a special hello for my sweetie,

ps. In the midst of all the happy dancing around here (better than a diet) there is some sobering stuff. We have been living on nothing the last two months. We have paid rent to the landlord, but we are still asked to leave. He has just been understanding that we have 24 years of stuff to go through, and until mama gotted another jobbie we couldn't move anyway. Especially since he wants us out but will not give a reference (he never does for anyone here). Yes, no matter what, he wants us out. He has never liked cats, and doesn't like people who accumulate "stuff". He thinks that's being "dirty". But now mama has a jobbie, so, we are out. No one has been helping us at all. All the money we have has gone towards rent, bus fare, and a little food. What little we had saved for a deposit and stuff is all we have. We need help with getting the utilities up to date, and with moving. We have tried charities, but all the money seems to be gone. Please pray for us. Mama has been not spending anything on herself, just stuff to survive. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we still have a ways to go. If we had been able to move at the end of Feburuary, we would still be okay, I think. Anyway, that is still what my mama is worrying about. That, and she won't have insurance for a couple of months still. Like I said, please pray for us. We still need that. But we are trying to think of the good stuff. Thanks.

April 13, 2007

Friday Stuff

Well, mama wented out with her friend today, and her friend boughted her lunch to celebrate her new jobbie. And she didn't bring anything home to eat. All she came home with was t a tiny little watering can that her friend gave her, and a book she gotted for 69 cents.

It is nice out again today. Been sleeping in the sun and stuff, and teleported over to see my sweetie for a while, so he won't get lonely. Others have dropped in to see him, too. You are so nice to do that!

Mama called her work this morning to find out when her first check is and to get her name on the bus card list.

We will have to do some negoshe-ations for the new apartment, as to when to move in and stuff. Right now we have no moving money at all, and haven't been able to pay the utilities up to date so that we can move the services to the new place.

Mama is trying to figure that out. She has called around for assistance, but nobody has funds for this. Hmmm.

Other than those problems, we are okay.

Things to do this weekend.

Love, headbumpies and hugs for all,

April 12, 2007

A Nice Day

Nice today. Still in the 40's, but sunny out! I love sun. Got to lay on the window sill (it's very wide) and teleport over to my sweetie while mama had coffee this afternoon with a bean from the school. She caught up on all the news (well some), and this is a person she always liked a lot, cause they had the same major, and same interests, including cats!

Mama is going to go out and donate some of her old but usable clothing to a place tomorrow. So I will miss her again. More time to teleport over to see my sweetie! And just think, I can do a lot more teleporting to visit friends when mama goes back to work! I can be a lot more sociable now! No more nursy duties!

Wonder if I will like our new home. Hmmm. Well, back to "sleep" for a while to check in on my sweet Sugar Pie.


April 11, 2007

Wednesday News

Sort of sloppy out and gray most of the day. Snow and rain, rain and snow. *sigh* This better be over soon. I want spring!

At least our partment isn't cold, and anyway, we still have the blankies out, so I have lots of places to nappie. Mama gave me my Temptation treaties this afternoon, too. And she made a Mocha Fusion (one of those instant flavored coffee things).

And, and, we gotted a special present from one of you. A Pizza Hut Giftcard for a hamm pizza! Thank you, thank you! Oh how nice! Mama says thank you too, and now she has to decide whether to have it to celebrate her new jobbie and the end of my nursy duties for a while, or after we move. What do you think?

Someone else wanted to give us a pizza too, so we really feel special. Not that I am not special anyway! But you knw what I mean. Mama has been much happier, and loves telling people who call to set up interviews "I'm sorry, I've taken another position."

We still have some bills to pay:-( and to move :-p and buy food and stuff :-( but it's a happier place around here :-) :-) :-)

I get to spend more time teleporting over to my special boyfriendcat, Mr. Hendrix, cause his mommy and daddy are gone till Saturday. *sigh* Snuggle duty with my Sugar Pie is special!

Love, headbumpies, hugs to all, special purrayers to those in need, and hi to my Sugar Pie,

April 10, 2007


All that dancin' and runnin' and celebrating yesterday tired me out! That and the Stinky Goodness (chicken) and Temptations and mama's meatloaf that filled me up. I think I've had a zillion nappies today! Mama says it's more fun to get on the computer and not have to jobbie hunt. And she turned down 2 interviews today, which she said was fun, too.

Mama is planning what to wear next week, and she bought a mug for her new job like last summer, so she finally gets to use it, and she's planning what to bring for lunches, and she is soo happy today. A friend of hers gave her a whole bunch of information on places to live and stuff too, places that are bus friendly for where she works. She is a worker now! Still can't believe it. Course we can't celebrate for a while for real, cause mama doesn't have any money for that, and we have to get some new things when we move (like a new cleaning monster, and some new furniture and stuff). And, Miles, she is talking about a futon! Imagine that! You love your futon so much, maybe you convinced her to get one! But that is after we catch up on some bills and stuff. We fell a little behind in the utilities and stuff. :-(

That's it today. I really have to catch up on the cat blogosphere. AND, thank you all so much for your comments! Maybe I'll have to dance all over again!

We purrayed real hard for so long, now we are still purraying, but for our gratitude. And we still need to get our new place verified, and need to get ready for that, and hang on till mama gets paid a couple of times before mama can get me my party and my hamm pizza.

Love, headbumpies, hugs for all, and a sweet hello for my hansome and brave Sugar Pie,

April 9, 2007

The book jobbie was blown away by her interview and SHE STARTS NEXT MONDAY!
It's time to celebrate and thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. We's still broke for a while, but we can see the bright horizon now. Now all we have to do is move at the end of this month and start living again. Party is soon!

April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Efurryone!

Spring has sprung, but it sure is cold here for spring, and they are saying maybe snow Tuesday! Sorry we haven't been blogging. Mama's interview last week went very well. She actually met with two different directors, and would be working for two different departments at this bookie place. She hasn't heard back from them yet, however. :-(

Other than that, it just has been pretty cold again here, and we have been snuggling, and mama has been working on her jobbie hunting and doing stuff here. We didn't get to have hamm for Easter, but that's okay.

Hope efurryone is doing okay. We will have to catch up on all the blogs, cause mama hasn't let me do that for a while. We will check in again. We hope with better news.

Love, headbumpies, hugs for all, and a scritchie or more for my special Sugar Pie!

p.s. Mama just learned of a jobbie opening. Remember the place that had kitties? Remember sweet Olivia?? The person they hired last fall is leaving. Mama reapplied for the jobbie. If they call her, she is going to ask if she can bring treaties for the kitties!