April 26, 2012

Another interuption

Sorry, all.  Mama is now not feeling well.  But we promise by the weekend I'll be blogging.  Honest. Really.
Okay guys, just cross your paws on this one.
I am not in the mood for nursey duties.

April 23, 2012

We're Still Here

Mama has been incredibly busy lately, so she has not had the time to take down what I want to write on here. Meetings and doctor's appointments and shopping (well, I did get some more Denties) and bunches of more stuff.  I am lucky I got to see Traci this weekend!
So I apologize.  And be sure I have Loudly protested! 
She has one more week of classic movies to show, and then we go back to more up to date ones.  The last movie this week will be Harvey, with Jimmy Stewart, which is one of her favorites.
Mommy has some trouble with her balance (old age??) but other than that, she is doing okay. Her A1C was 6.5, which is very good.  Her blood pressure is really good.  I'm making her take all her pills and stuff. So I told her to slow  down a little and let me blog!
I got an award a long time ago, the ABC award.  And mommy has promised to let me tell all about me from A to Z. THIS WEEK! NO PUTTING IT OFF!
Don't worry, I've been allowed to briefly read  updates on some of the blogs, just not been able to comment a lot or anything else. Like BLOG.
Stay tuned. 
Thank you for your patients.  Mine are on their last leg. Patients have legs to stand on, right, so now my patients have only one left. OMC.  I am SO sorry mommy took away your other ones.

April 8, 2012


 Happy Easter, Good Passover, Happy Spring!
While we can't visit efurryone, and lots of you are busy, we wish you a good day, whatever you are celebrating (even if it's really fall for you).
love, brandi and Carol

April 6, 2012

Finally Friday AGAIN!

It's here! Finally Friday! And I hear there are storms coming tomorrow, maybe.  Well, at least some rain. So I am soaking up sunpuddles today.  Isn't there something about 'gather ye sunpuddles whilst ye may' or something? Ye is kinda  bean stupid, old fashioned though. But remember mama majored in bean talk in college. Inglish, I think they call it. And some of it sounds pretty weird strange. Ergo (another mama word that means therefore) YE.

Happy Easter Weekend, all. And whatever else you celebrate!  We have a nice picture for Sunday for you.  And I get hamm!!!

April 2, 2012

Sad News

Oh, furfriends, our friend Scooby has passed suddenly. Send some purrayers to his family, please.  We can't say any more, cause our eyes are leeking. We all will miss him sooo much.
brandi and mama Carol