August 28, 2018

Terrible Tuxie Tuesday

Mommy and I have been going through what she's been calling "hell". She has had lots of problems with her folio bag breaking and even after a trip to the ER she broke the one they gave her. She put in an order for more bags and the first box had something called CPAP masks. She said but she never has had a CPAP machine  in her life.  Then they speedy delivered the catheters (for inside the body) but she didn't need them. Finally she cried  on the phone and one of the  ladies in the office at the supply place dropped the right stuff off when she got  off work.  It only took 4 days and lots of plastic bags that broke all  over the place (she used my litter bags) and we were foot deep (for me anyway) in water. Pee water. Now the floor has to be specially washed and even though we have a housekeeper now Mommy has to do it.
On top  of everything else, Tuesday we were also over my head in garbage (they were cleaning the chutes and we couldn't  dump garbage down them) and we had a major fire drill.
If we had an upstairs that Mommy could climb up the stairs to, this would have been the end of our day! But we snuggled anyway.
love ya all,
Quinnie and Mommy Carol
(definitely send pizza!)

August 10, 2018

Once again

Well, we have been gone awhile.
Once again Mommy was in the hospital. This time it was because she choked really bad and had fluid and food  in her lungs and there was some mention of problems with her heart.  After a several day stay she is home. I told her off for at least  a day.  Don't do that again, Mom.  The paramedics  were nice  and made sure I had foodies and water, but they took you away! Take better care of yourself!
Yes, she did yell at me finally to shut  up, but she also told  me she loved me and missed me and was sorry I was scared. So was she.
Now things are going okay again. We had Laura, our new cleaner in on Thursday. She has yet to clean the bathroom, and Mommy had to redo some of the stuff she did in the cupboards (she had left pots and pans sitting on the counter and plastic stuff in the cupboards Mommy found and Mommy was a little mad).
Anyway, next week Laura won't be here as we have not only another inspection but a doctor's appointment for her eyes again, and another day another doctor's appointment.
So today Mommy will be gone this afternoon, but she will be going to see a possible place for us to move into some time.
We are also in a new heat wave, But our a/c coolie thingy is working very well and we are comfy.
So that is the update for now.
Hope you had a good World Cat Day. Mommy forgot.
But I always get kissies….
Love ya,
and yes, we are now okay, so don't worry,
prayers accepted as  usual,
Quinnie and Mommy Carol
Send a pizza????