September 28, 2008

Happy New Week

Sunday, and we have been hanging out. Mama gots up VERY early today and without my help.

We are sorry to hear of the passing of the honorable Cap'n Nels at the Meowers of Missouri. My heart is purring for his family.

Yesterday Davy the dog (who lives down the hall) had his bean not feel well. Davy is a sweet little dog, and we hope his bean, Arthur will do better. He is an elderly bean, and has diabetes like mama. Arthur scared his doggy and the aide that stopped to check up on him. But the mergency team came quick and he didn't have to go way to the bean vet. Before the mergency team came, mama offered her help, too. She is such a nice bean.

She finally got some more updating done on my new bloggie friends list. Yeah! But we're not done yet.

Back to work for mama tomorrow.

love to all,
kisses to my sweetie,

September 26, 2008

Friday Stuff

Finally I get to blog. Mama has been very busy this week.

My sweetie has been ill this week, but he is doing much better. Yay!

I whoopsied this week, too, but my mama hasn't taken food away from me. Yet.

And here it is Friday and there are storms coming tonight. Sugar Pie, you can come over and hold my paw if you can get your mama to go do something else and think you are just napping when you teleport over.

Love to all,
a sweet kiss for my Sugar Pie,

September 23, 2008

Rain, rain, rain

At least mama is home now. It has been raining all day and she was at work. Now we are living in a cloud. Mama says that's fog. But on the 16th floor, it's a CLOUD! I don't care what she says.

Thunders and stuff. Mama, I think we're done here. Time to cuddle!


September 18, 2008

Hi on a Thursday

I take no credit for the Coalition badge. It's from Zoolatry. They are the bestest creative cats. They make a lot of neat stuff for kitties and beans and stuff.

It's going to be hot tomorrow again. Wow. In the 80's! WARM nappies in the sun!

Mama was gone last night for a while. She carried a bunch of clothes out, then camed back lots of nappies later with the same clothes. I think she said she did her laundry. Hmm.

It's simpler to wash your fur. And faster.

Hey, Sugar Pie, wanna come over tomorrow and take nappies with me in the sun??


oh, no. Guess what! my Sugar Pie gotted a really neat bed. concats, my Sugar Pie, and I will understand if you stay home Friday.

September 14, 2008

Easy like Sunday Morning

It's that time of the week.
Oh, and catch the new picture on the sidebar. I found it at Zoolatry and I want to join! And the sign is one of my favorite colors, too! And, and, and don't ya just wanna tell your hoomans sometimes to lay off the clickie boxes???

September 13, 2008

hey, NOO!

Les Trois Chats (actually Les Quatro Chats) is leaving. They have been very busy and decided to say farewell. We are very sad. They haven't been blogging much, but they were there when we started. turtle nala and moose

and lola

Go say goodbye.



September 11, 2008

Thursday Update.

We hope all our friends who live by the Gulf of Mexico stay safe.
Mama already called one of her brothers, and he's okay (he lives in Houston).
purrayers, good thoughts, and ((((hugs)))) to all.

brandi & mama Carol

we remember

September 7, 2008

September 6, 2008

Hello, there!

Mama spent the afternoon with a friend. But she camed back with kitty foodies and kitty litter, so I spose it was okay.

She made it home just in time, too. It started raining just when she was bringing the stuff inside. Oh, I spose that was nice. My foodies and litter didn't get wet!

So I forgive her for the coffee and the tea and the diet soda and the **gulp** Crissymouse stuff!

Enjoy your weekend!

love, and a smooch for my Sugar Pie!

September 1, 2008

Mama Monday

Just hanging out with mama today. Doing a lot of napping, and getting scritchies. What a life!

love to all, and a happy peaceful holiday,