April 28, 2008

April 27, 2008

Sunday Snooze

Yes, this is an older picture of me. When the couch was against the wall. Here, it was a sunny day and my heart pillow is stripied from the blinds. And you can see the patterns the wicker lampshade makes on the wall, too.

Today started out sunny, too, but mama made a lot of noise this afternoon moving stuff around again. No, the couch is still by the window. But other stuff is getting "neatened up". She did "half " her laundry late last night. Phooey. Why do beans not have furrrs? Much easier to clean! More time with kitties!

So I am going to take a couple naps. Who knows what she'll do next.



April 25, 2008

Camera stuff

Pictures are bbbbaaack!

This is what happened when my mama tried to take toesie pictures. I wouldn't let her get close enough!

Mama: 0 kitty: priceless
love all,

April 24, 2008

rain, rain, rain

Sunshine is all gone. Now we have rain and foggy weather and it is sposed to get cooler again.


Somebody said snow, so unsay it. Please????


ps. we think the disc was found and there might be pictures this weekend!!!!

April 23, 2008


The weather is in the 70's. My window was open all day for me to breathe in the nice warm air. The sun was out. I have been on my pillow and on the bed (alternating is good for you) laying in sunshine.

Oh. It's supposed to be colder all the rest of the week, and even rainy. Blaaagh!

Well, anyway, yesterday and today were absolutely beautiful.

Mama has to find her disc for the camera so that she can upload pics. And she has to figure out how to make files and stuff, cause we have Vista.

love to you all,

and we just read about how Mu Shu is a hero! Wow! He saved his sisters in the fire!!!!
check out his blog!!

April 21, 2008


Sometime soon mama will have pictures up here again. She still has to fix that on the new puter.
Anyway, there were lots of flashies tonight and rain.

And I really like the couch back where it was! It was sunny this morning and I got to lay on my heart pillow (from my Sugar Pie!) and see out the window.

Things are sorta back to normal.

The boxes are gone, however.


April 20, 2008

hello strangers

We had issues with our computer and with our server. Our internet went down on Tuesday. We have missed everyone!
I now know what was in the boxes. A new computer! Mama set it up yesterday.
We now have high speed cable internet. As of 15 minutes ago!
Mama moved the couch back to the window yesterday!
I gotta catch up on everything!
I missed my sweet Sugar Pie!
Hope everyone is okay. I've been purraying for everyone, cause I didn't know.

April 13, 2008



April 12, 2008

Update and Purrayers

Hey, we're doing better. The boxes are still here. Unopened. The "third" box is not here, and I am waiting impatiently. Like you.

And Fraxie wants to turn this light on and leave it on until her baby sister arrives. She's waiting impatiently for her little sister. She doesn't care about the boxes.

And mama says we have to forget all that and purray for some kitty friends. So, I guess, we better do that. Kitty friends are more important than boxes and little sisters who aren't here yet, anyway. So, sending lots of purrayers and good thoughts to a bunch of sweet kitties who need help. Check out the Cat Blogosphere for any updates on our kitty friends, and purr loud and hard for them. And check out Chatzy for purrayers, too.
We have lots of room here if you want to come over and purray together.


April 9, 2008

Short Update

No new box, no opened boxes, and mama has been having problems with her diabetes. I'm playing nursie.

We will update more, later.


April 7, 2008

Oh, Boy!

It started snowing this morning when mama left for work. It got really big. I mean the flakes. But, oh, boy, IT DIDN'T STICK!

Not sure what is in the boxes yet. The other one hasn't come though.

Why would they have to be opened all at once?


Hope tomorrow there will be some good sunbeams.


April 6, 2008

Sunday Foggy Sunday

The sun hasn't come out much today. And it's kinda foggy here (I notice that much more up here on the 16th floor), and rainy, too. Mama and I have snuggled a lot today, and I got some of her food, too. 'Course, I had a little tummy problem after. And no, she didn't have hammm!

Mama was out with one of her friends most of yesterday. She brought a couple of boxes in, but hasn't opened them. She just said they were only partly mine, and one more is coming. Wonder what that means?

Oh, and she got more batteries, so maybe she'll get some pictures out of her camera and on here, and maybe even take some more. That's a good thing and a bad thing. You get to see my prettiness, but I have to put up with the camera.

It's back to work for her tomorrow.

Gotta check in on everyone.


April 4, 2008

Hi, there!

Still in exile. But we are here! Other than a few sprinkles today, it was 55 degrees! Mama took a walk tonight and camed back with stuff to eat. Hammburger! She shared.

Oh, and she gotted her hair cut after work, so it's shorter for the warmer weather. It's supposed to rain this weekend, but maybe the windows will still be open for the fresh air!

More later this weekend.

love (and special kisses for my Sugar Pie)

April 2, 2008

Living in Exile

We can't access Blogger OR paypal from our regular server. I think it's gotta be the old computer we have. It did get a little banged up when we moved. Anyway, we are using Internet Explorer tonight. We can't sign in otherwise. Blaaagggh.

Mama is mailing off my check for Fraxie's new little sibling. Paypal hsn't worked for us for days, and, well, we haven't been able to comment on any blogs (if we emailed you, that is why) either.

Now, we can't even sign in to Blogger unless we use this server thing.

Now, the better, no, GREAT news:

Mama is no longer on probation for her jobbie. She is a regular employee. Yea!

It happened today at work.

Now, let's see if I can put a picture on here. My sweetie, Mr. Hendrix, gave me this cool award thing. He thinks I'm hip!

And I would like to pass it on to Beau (he's such a cool southern gentleman), KC (she is soo spunky), and Sanjee (everyone think's she is cool), and just because my sweetie did it (there's supposed to be only three) I will let Fraxie name one: Millie!

Wow. It worked. Hope everycat is doing okay. And my sweetie is NOT a sausage.