February 19, 2017

Sunday Stuff

💜💜💜😃Happy Sunday, all!
We've been having a sort of heat wave (up to 60's!) but they say snow is not very far away. Mouses!
Mommy says hush. We don't  go out in the snow anyway, so let the poor snowbuffs enjoy it.
Mommy got sick on her chili the other night. She gave me a little bit and it was okay with  me. But after she threw up she felt okay. I just thought it was good. No problem with me. Course, I only had a little taste of it.
Our cleaner didn't exactly clean, but we had bags of recycling! And they only did half the living room. She's sposed to come back this week. Declutter heaven around here is coming. Do I mean clutter free?
We are getting groceries delivered today. Mommy says it is going to cost us double what we normally spend. But that's because she can't find the tomato soup at hand, the paper plates, and a couple other things. A neighbor helped reorganize the pantry, and mommy has to reorganize it again because she can't find things. So she did try to replace some stuff with our grocery order, and that costs us. Honestly, she dumped all the canned goods on the floor and still couldn't find the soup. 8 cans of it!
Have a great week, all!
Love ya,
QUINNIE the Nursie Queen

February 15, 2017

Post Valentine's Day

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥We're here! Miss us? We've just been busy. Yesterday Mommy had to go downtown and get a copy of her bank statement to verify her account. Guess what? She did everything but. Silly woman!
The bank did have some mini cream puffs, but she didn't bring me one.
You can't apparently copy a statement on line, just print, and our printer is not set up right. It's gonna take up to 5 days for the copy to be mailed to us. Yuck. She went downtown to get it immediately. Oh, well.
Well, beyond that I'm taking very good care of Mommy. She's feeling much better. Almost every night I let her give me belly rubs, and she likes that.
She found an inexpensive Kindle to replace the one that broke, so she is reading books from the library again. We're talking less than $50. Smart Mommy.  Now she is happy again.
She supposedly found another cleaner, but we will see how this one works out.
Mommy had the little baby cream puff for a Valentine's treat, but all I got was extra scritchies and kissies. All? They were the best!
Hope you had a very sweet Valentine's Day with your sweeties!
Love ya,

February 2, 2017

Thursday Thankful

Today is starting out very sunny. Lots of sunny spots (till the sun moves away--we live on the east side of the building). Our lovely new cleaner has found another job, so we are still going through the profiles again on Care.com. At least the kitchen is clean!
Now, firefox has not been opening for us. We have been using internet explorer for several days. But today Mommy tried to fix it. Cross your fingers and paws. It works, and Mommy doesn't really understand it, but she followed some directions that (to her) didn't make sense but brought it back. For how long is unknown.  But we do have the other browser, so we are okay. Mommy was just determined to make firefox work.
I started meowing like crazy, non-stop, this morning early. Till Mommy figured out I needed my water bowl refreshed. Aren't parents dumb sometimes? But we are superior beings and persistence is kinda our thing, right?
The promise of clean laundry. Well, we are still waiting! And yesterday Mommy added the pillow and comforter.  Which meant Mommy slept on my chair in the living room. It IS a recliner, after all.
She wasn't even grouchy this morning.
And I got the whole bed!
What the rest of the day will bring is unknown.
Just like it should be.
Did that groundhog make a prediction today? We haven't looked at that part of the news today.
Mommy had an accident yesterday (minor). No, she wasn't hurt. She knocked my PTU into the tower fan and now the fan won't rotate. If you don't want it to rotate it works fine.  On rotate  it makes this horrible hellish noise.
Almost back to normal, aren't we. Thank our Heavenly Father. And all the angel kitties, of course.
Love ya,
ps. I lied. we get on a starter page and all our bookmarks are gone and our homepage doesn't open either.

February 1, 2017

Wordy Wednesday

Hey, good morning! 
Not really so good here, but we are trying. Mommy's tummy was being mean to her this morning. She threw up a banana! And she loves them! We also had the annual inspection and didn't pass. However our kitchen is spotless and so is our bathroom. Come on, peoples. we just hired a cleaner and she did the kitchen Monday. She's coming back tomorrow.
Later today Mommy's neighbors are going to do more laundry. My comfy place on top of dirty laundry is GONE!
Mommy has been dealing with her "Foley bag" having a hole in it for several days. She had to put it in a pan to catch the drips.  It took her two days, calls to the hospital, her doctor, nurse etc. and she finally after lunch yesterday got her new one delivered.
I told mommy to go back to bed. But her bedding is being washed, including her pillow! So go sit in my chair, silly.
My job is never done.
love ya,