June 30, 2015

Tuxie Toosday!

Oh, Cod. Mommy has been messing around with her grocery list this morning. All morning. She cut a bunch of stuff, but she did get a 24 pack of water for free. Woo-hoo!
Any contributions to the food fund are welcome. Just use PayPal (at the side).
Sad to say the Tilapia was crossed off. That's fish!!!
Another one of her meds is not carried by her insurants. Should we go Canadian Pharmacy folks?
Mommy is on her way SOMETIME this week to pick up her insulin at some place called WallyWorld? Wal-something.
We had a brief but intense storm last night. Lots of lightning. Not a whole lot of thunder. I sat by Mommy's chair so she wouldn't be afraid.
Now, on to better stuff:
  it is Tuxie Toosday!!

thought you might want to know
love ya,
Even though blogger hates me today.


June 26, 2015

Today is A Very Special Day!

Today is Jan's birthday, and we all are celebrating and paying honor to this sweet, loving, funny lady who is guardian of several cats and dogs and helps them blog and do wonderful interviews, and all sorts of things "blog"!
We hope Jan has a wonderful (and yes, crazy) day!
Come join us and say Happy Birthday Jan at Jan's Funny Farmers
We love you, Jan, for all you do!

June 25, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday and the day before Mommy had 'pointments. She definitely wished she had a camera with her yesterday! And her phone isn't connected to the internet so she couldn't upload anything. But she told me what happened:
Her MetroMobility ride suddenly was stopped by the truck in front of them at a green light. What in the world was happening? Was he in the wrong lane to make a left hand turn? Engine trouble? Illness? Nope. There was a mommy duck and several children crossing the road. How thankful we are that everyone stopped for the ducks crossing! No babies lost their mommy, and the mommy didn't loose her children. It was duck walk time!
I was told the little ones were very fuzzy cute.
And no one honked their horn and scared those sweeties! They all waited from all directions!
There are small miracles in this world.

June 21, 2015

Dad's Day

Happy Dad's Day to all the CatDaddies out there. We are dad-less, so we hope you all really preciate your Dad.  I get my mommy is also a stand-in for a daddy (like others of you). So I am going to be nice to her today (and every day). So I suppose the following are no no's:

Instead, I'M going to be a sweet girl:
 And I am not going to be saying anything bad about blogger not letting me place or even size my pictures today!
love ya,

June 19, 2015


Yes, it is here. International Box Day (as apposed to Boxing Day, which is something entirely different, falling on December 26, and not celebrated in the USA).
We are sorry we are late posting. But blogger had lots of fun deleting our post after we already put it on the Cat Blogosphere!
Since we don't have any current pictures in our 'puter we are relying on old ones, as you know. So this box was from shortly after I came to live here:

love ya, QUINN

June 18, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Mommy finally opened my special delivery! Thank you, sweet friends who sent this!
Guess what? Yes there was catnip. A boingy thing. Canned Cat food to try. And oh, oh, oh, Catfood for the Catlover's Soul (my absolute fav canned food--I started on it way back when I was in Feline Rescue) has crunchies! I get to try these!
No other packages to open, but
Cat foodies, and a toy boingy thing, and crunchies and catnip!
Almost makes me want Mommy to photograph them. Almost.
The catnip is made for humans with opposable thumbs. They need to twist the top to grind fresh catnip. But... CATNIP!
Today I am thankful for lovely friends who shared some swag from BlogPaws. And my Mommy for grinding the fresh catnip.
And all of you, of course!
love ya,

June 13, 2015

Caturday, Finally

 Sorry we haven't been really blogging lately. Computer has been ccrrazzy. No, Foxfire has been ccrrazzy. Sheesh. Internet Explorer did work, but we have used Firefox for years. So far what we have come up with is our Adobe download is the problem.  We uninstalled all versions of anything that said Adobe and just went to the website and downloaded the latest version. So far cross your fingers, everything is okay.
You see, all of a sudden the hourglass thingy wouldn't stop going around and around and our pointer was blinking really fast all the time. And then we would "hang". This was limiting our time on line and we couldn't watch any videos because it was too frustrating to do either. We haven't tried videos yet.  Was this Firefox's problem or Adobe? We honestly don't know. Cross your paws, and if it starts again, anyone know another solution?
So, anyway, this week Barb came and Mommy disappeared with her. So no scritchies from Barb! Other than that, it was 92 degrees Fahrenheit one day and Friday was really gray all day. Nothing much else to say.
Mommy scritchied me and Furminated me and I got my foodies and had lots of nappies. Usual days, really Hope everyone has a great weekend. Maybe now we can stay on line long enough to actually catch up on Bloglovin'.
 Mommy has yet to figure out camera pictures on this thing, can you believe?  We're still using old ones. Maybe that is next??? THEN she can figure out how to get her game on this puter (she bought it years ago). Oh, wait. I don't have to run away from pictures any more! Mommy, go ahead and figure out how to get your game on this puter!
Pictures can wait. ;-)
Lovely weekend, all

June 4, 2015

Thankful Thursday!

Well, this week has been really something. Mommy had clinic appointments (mostly just medicine adjustments--no worries). Then we had a maintenance thing (it took two days to get our kitchen ceiling light fixed so mommy only had lights over the stove, over the sink, and in the pantry and of course the fridgiator so it wasn't too bad). But yesterday was really really stormy. And that brings up why we are so grateful on this Thankful Thursday.

Yesterday at lunchtime it was really storming bad. Then all at once


We swear it was inside our home it was so loud! Mommy jumped and gasped and I took off for the safety of one of my boxes! Mommy said it was the loudest she ever heard! Of course, I came back quickly to check on Mommy, and she was okay, just frightened a little. But then the sirens went off! That means tornado warning! And we live on the 16th floor!


Oh, wait. It was the first Wednesday of the month. And it was 1:00. That's when they check the sirens every month. Whew! Couldn't have come at a worse time--in the middle of a bad thunder storm! Talk about a little upsetting!
Today it is gloomy out (no sunpuddles again), but so far no rain. No thunder. No sirens.
Are we thankful? Well, as they say here in Minnesota


So, that is why we are so grateful today! No storms today, no sirens, just Mommy and me.
And a ceiling light in the kitchen that works!
We are also so glad that everyone had such a good time at BlogPaws. It was fun reading about all the events and fun things, and everyone getting together. We wish we could have gone, but reading was the next best thing. Seriously. Mommy calls it armchair traveling. But it doesn't move like a frying pan or an egg beater or do any space traveling at all!
You all got lots of swag! Now, I just like my Beyond salmon and rice and a little Chicken Soup for the Catlover, and I don't like Fancy Feast or other stuff, and I don't like treats. And I just like my feather toys, so crinkle balls are not my thing. I do like my pink Tickle Pickle! So you all really lucked out and I hope you got lots of stuff YOU like! What a cool experience for you all!
Our Christmas Elves gave me some healthy treats, and no, they didn't go to waste. They were mixed a little at a time with my regular crunchies and that was kinda good. Add spice to my foodies, so to speak. Thanks again, you sweeties!
Mommy gets her check in a couple weeks, so we don't have too long for her to get some more groceries. She did a bad thing and forgot to put away her fishies so she has to wait to get more. They were out a whole day. Silly Mommy. And no, I don't care for that kind of fishies. How could she miss the SMELL? Blaaaaahh!
Barb isn't coming til next week cause she has a bad cold and didn't want to give it to Mommy. But next Monday she will come. Yea! One of my favorite scritchi-ers! So we have lots to be thankful for today. Sunpuddles can wait. We are safe!
And yes, we are thankful for you!

Bring pizza?

love ya,
ps: the story behind brandi versus Quinn. No biggie. brandi was a sweet little kitty and that's the way she wanted her name. After all, she named herself! And I am a big girl (larger bones--really, and a little tiny bit chubby), and Quinn is what I was named at Feline Rescue. My middle name Makayla is mine and mommy's choice. I'm just not the tiny kitty brandi was. But just as special.