January 29, 2010

Update Again

It's not done.  They didn't even start.  They found bugs (well, we've always had a few-mostly in my food, darnit) so they postponed. Union rules. Monday they are going to spray the apartment again. The directions say wash all clothes and linens.  And for once mama did a smart thing.  We've gone through this before, so when she washes her clothes most of them go into a plastic tub. So it's only a few.  She was going to do laundry anyway, so everything is going back into the tubs.  Then, maybe next week we will have the kitchen worked on.  Mama is tired of eating on paper plates and microwaving everything cause we packed all the kitchen things up for the remodeling.
I am running out of not packed Dentabites and Temptations! Never fear.  Mama says she knows exactly where the rest are.  I guess I trust her.
Maxie and Fraxie are in tubs! They want out!!
I have a couple of awards to post, but I am going to put them off for a bit, till all this gets settled and we are back to being home. Mama is not spending much time on line.  She has had doctors appointments and stuff. Next Friday the cleaners come again. Yeah!
See you soon, we hope.

January 20, 2010


We have been gone for awhile.  Mama has not been feeling well, dealing with a bad cold, and we are beginning the last stage of the remodel next week. It's already very loud here and they are about 3 doors down from us! Mama is going to take me to the upstairs lounge again on at least Monday and Tuesday.  She doesn't know what to do with some of our stuff. I think I am out of a bedroom for a few days!
See you soon.

January 10, 2010

Sunday Snoose

It is kinda that kinda day today.  Warmer (18degree sfahrenhite) but kinda cloudy.  So mama has been doing some stuff, but me?  I nap of course.
Take care allzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


January 7, 2010

Thursday Sthtuff

We snuggled today, and mama was busy doing "sthtuff". Most of her tests turned out really well. She had one of her medicines changed cause of  her A1C test.  If you have or know someone who has diabetes, that test is very important.  So she got that medicine changed.  It was also making her cough, so that should go away.
Like I said, most of the tests were good. 
I don't like it when she coughs. I always run and check on her to see if she is okay. No, really. I don't like her sick. I come running to check on her when she coughs. This cough was only cause of the medicine. A side effect. But still.  It makes me worry anyway. I can't wait for that cough to go away.
Stay warm, all.

January 5, 2010

Tuesday Update

Whew! The resident meeting lasted 2 hours this evening!  After two hours mama did not feel like sticking around for refreshments, so she left. Tomorrow she will have to go out into the cold without any food.  She has tests to do at the clinic which she has to fast before. So she is going as early as she can, and will be there til late afternoon. See, she has to fast, but her appointments are in the afternoon. So she is planning on a scone or muffin or something after the test, and reading a book. Then they have a cafeteria at this clinic so she will have lunch there.  She has eaten there before and it's pretty good, she said. They have nice windows to look out of, too.
So that means I will be snuggling all day tomorrow so that I can thaw mama  out when she gets home.
Efurrybody stay really warm.

January 4, 2010

Monday Update

Mama gotted up early today and washed the floors and cleaned the kitchen and changed my stinky litterbox. Well, you know how particular we are about litterboxes. She did fine.  Anyway, the bug guy camed, only it was a different one. Our guy was accross the hall. Waah.  I like him.
Anyway, most of the day I snuggled on a blankie that my mama left on the daybed. Mama had stuff to do, talking to her insurants again, ordering her insulin, and talking to her gloocomater company with questions about her new one and how to program it, for starters.
She has to go out in the cold tomorrow to see her diabetes nurses, which is downtown and not too bad to get to.  She has to get home as soon as possible cause her insulin comes tomorrow, delivered, thank goodness. Wednesday she has to go to the doctors--now it's supposed to be around 9 degrees out and it's going to snow. She has three busses to take and is not happy about it. It is one of those days that she wishes she had a car.
Tomorrow night is a residence meeting, so mama will be going to it. They say they have some noos to give us.
That's it. Thats the Monday update.
Take care. Stay warm.  Most of the US is pretty cold.

January 2, 2010


Mama said this was creepy.