January 30, 2008


This morning mama said it was 17 degrees below zero. That's not the windchill, mind you. That was around 30 to 35 below zero. Mama bundled up and went to work and I got to snuggle at home with my blankies. It sure is nice on days like today to have a nice warm place to live! Remember, where we used to live was cold ALL winter. It would have been horrible today.

Mama was happy to not have the same bus that she rode home in yesterday. Yesterday she could see her breath all the way home. And it was a little warmer out than today! This morning the bus driver said that the bus had been running about an hour, and the temperature was only 64 in the bus. Whoa!

Anyway, we are snuggling at home. And it is currently 8 below. Brrrrrr.

love to all,

January 27, 2008

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

It was sunny and warm this morning. It's now 37 degrees. I had to sit in the window this morning! It felt sooo good. I'm told it won't last, but for now, I'm happy.

I made mama work on adding new kitty links this afternoon and work on some stuff. We actually got almost all the blog links fixed and rearranged, too. (well, half, any way). Whew! There are a lot of us!!!

After all this time working on my bloggie, I guess I got to let her do some stuff, too.

Oh, and yea, I got nice brushies this morning AND scritchies.

love to all,

January 26, 2008

Checking in

Mama has been busy this week. Off running errands or something every night! Except Friday. So we have spend Friday night and all day today snuggling and mama has a new book from the library that we are reading together. It's called Cat Deck the Halls, a Joe Grey Mystery by Shirley Rousseau Murphy.

It's about cats who actually talk to their beans, and solve mysteries. That, as the little ones say, rocks! And this lady bean and her husband are household help for two lovely felines.

Hmm, gotta check more out about this lady bean and her books.

Keep warm and happy,

January 22, 2008

Tuesday Update

Well, mama is home again for the night. And guess what. It is 2 degrees out!

We are soooo thankful that we now live in such a nice warm place. Mama has to wash the floor tonight :-) and take the garbage out and we are ready for the buggie guys. All the rest of the cleaning is done till next weekend.

Now mama has to work late tomorrow to make up time for the doctor's pointment she went to today (everything is fine).

I just take lots of nice warm nappies.... yea!!!! Nice dreams of my sweet dashing mancat reporter boyfriendcat, Mr. Hendrix!! **blush**

January 21, 2008

Monday, Snowy Monday

Woo-hoo! Mama is home today. Even though she spent some of the time reading, and some of the time cleaning, we did some nice snuggles today. And watched the snow fall. Tomorrow mama goes back to work and has a pointment after work, so she will get home late. And the next day there will be someone in this partment! I guess every few months they spray the building for buggies. Last time mama was home to make sure they didn't hurt me, but this time I will be alone. Last time it took them, mama said, three minutes. The man had a nice voice though, and he said hi to me. I hid by the window! Oh, and mama said it is really a gel, not a spray, and it doesn't hurt me or the other animals in this building.

For some weird reason the tempature thingy says 32. It is really FIVE. We are thinking of getting rid of this thingy.

Have a good week. Stay comfy!

love, and a sweet kiss for my Sugar Pie!
P.S. We are soooo grateful for this new place. Our old place was verry cold all winter. This place is usually nice and warm. Only by the windows does it get a little cold, and in the morning with the sun, it's not bad. And the sub-below zeros? Still comfy! What a nice change!!

January 20, 2008

I gotted this nice award! Woo-hoo! And thank you! Now I want to give it to more kitties out here, but I couldn't pick out just a few, so, please, all of you kitties, you all make my day!

Sorry I didn't blog much this week. Mama was over at Saint Paul at more classes til Thursday. and Friday she was back at work. Saturday we just snuggled and stuff, that's sort of our day. And today, too. Mama has been doing cleaning and stuff, too, and has to do laundry. We get to be together tomorrow, cause she has a special day off honoring a Dr. Martin L. King, who was a minister who worked for civil rights for all beans, and was killed cause of it.

Sometimes don't you wonder about beans??

love to all,

January 16, 2008

Happy Dance, Happy Dance.

The kids are back home!! Annie and Maobert are safe!!
Mama is done with one big part of her classes and has started another!!
[[happy dance]] [[happy dance]] [[happy dance]]
p.s. The tempature thingy on my blog is at least 5 degrees off all the time. I mean it's actually colder. We are going to have tempatures in the below zeros this weekend. I acctually slept by my mama's side last night instead of her feet. Brrrr.

January 13, 2008

Important Stuff

Annie has been sighted. Maobert has not. Please continue to purray for both of them.

January 7, 2008

Monday Stuff

Mama didn't get home that late tonight. She wented to Target, but she did something called "power shopping" and came home really fast. Yea!! Scritchies and snuggles!!

Mama has a appointment tomorrow afternoon so she will be late tomorrow, and then the day after when she makes up the time. And, oh, guess what. She is making tuna for work tomorrow (they are having make your own sandwiches to celabrate someone's birfday and she said she'd make the tuna) So that means I get tuna juice soon.

Hurry up, mama! Let's catch up on stuff on here and go make that tuna!


January 6, 2008

Weekend Update

Oh, the purrrfect weekend! Mama and I curled up a LOT, and she gave me lots of scritchies. Head scritchies, chin scritchies, and the middle of the back itchy place that you can't get to scritchies.


Only she has to go back to work tomorrow.


January 4, 2008

Hello Again!

On the holiday mama wented away in the afternoon. Then she wented away part of the evening. Hmmm. At least I have her this weekend. And she did buy me some crunchies when she wented away.

She said last night the bus was in the wrong lane to turn and a policeman made him go around the block the other way. She also wented to the library last night, and we have new books.

Next week she has to go to class again. She said it has been interesting NOT going to class, and working on stuff in her area.

That's a short update on what's been going on.

take care, everyone,