June 30, 2008


Mama did her last shift for work today. They had a lot of calls. And then she checked in on the phone for last minute instructions from the clinic.

She took out the garbage, and planned food for her. Then she is supposted to leave out extra water and food tonight and clean my litter box one last time.

She will be home sometime tomorrow afternoon, so I won't be lonely. Besides, my sweetie said he'll keep me company!

They are going to fix her eye tomorrow, and as soon as she recouperates she will see better. Yea!
She can't wait.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and purrs. They are appreciated.

I hope maybe I won't have to yak up a hairball. I will try not to.


love to you alll,

June 29, 2008

Weekend stuff

Mama has been cleaning and stuff this weekend. I mean really cleaning. She says she wont be able to do it next week, so everything has to stay clean. Whew. I guess that means I can throw up a couple of hairballs or three next week, huh? And just who is going to feed me??

I have been sitting on mama a lot this weekend. Practicing up my nursie dutes.

And my sweet Sugar Pie is coming over Tuesday to hold my paw as I wait for my mama to get home from her operation.

HEY MAMAAA dont forget the litter box!!!


June 27, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday works for efurry one, right? Although I still like Fruitbat Friday. Hmmmm.

But this way efurryone gets to celebrate Friday. After all, for those of us with parents (or pets) that work all week, Friday means the WEEKEND and more scritchies and snuggles and stuff, and then we are all special, as we, of course, should be.

Even though it is dark and gloomy here, my mama camed home! That in itself is Fabulous. It is rainy out, and she deserves to be here so I can snuggle!

My Sugar Pie says he will stay with me and hold my paw on Tuesday while my mama has surgery. Isn't he sweet?

We can snuggle on my pink blankie. Or maybe my bed. Or my rocking chair. Or my cuddle cup (it's pretty big). Then I won't be worried about my mama so much.

She is working Monday on the phones again, and then off to the ambulatory center on Tuesday morning.

Ahh yes. Nursie brandi has her mama home for almost a whole week. Yea!!!

love to my Sugar Pie, (that dashing and brave reporter, Mr. Hendrix)
and purrs for all of you in the Cat Blogosphere!


June 25, 2008

Hey, it's me again whoo hoo

Mama has been too tired to turn on the computer the last few days. Too much work! Tuesday she had a bean vet appointment in the morning, so she stayed late at work. Wednesday our street was blocked off for a neyburhood parade. There was music and drums and all sorts of stuff. But I could barely hear it. The street is on the other side of the building. The bus wouldn't come down our street, so mama wented to the grocery store and called a taxi to get home. Then tonight mama gotted her head fur trimmed and then thought she left her keys at work. She had to be escorted to get to her floor cause the security stuff was turned on. Then she found out her keys were in the wrong part of her bag. So it took a long time for her to get home. Wahhh.

Tonight she hadded some spinich stuff in some pastery. I got some and it was quite good.

So now, since her eyes don't work right, her boss says the next three days she can take phone calls instead. She caught mama looking at stuff with a magnifying glass, and decided that phone calls would be better for her.

More later


p.s. love to my sweetie and blessings to efurryone and everybean.

June 21, 2008

SweetHeart Saturday

When mama let me catch up on my sweetie's blog, I found this sweet picture of my sweet ManCat. Hope it's alright to post it. I just can't stop looking at it. He is such a hansome and sweet kitty. Brave and smart, and wonderful....

Of course, I love him. Who could resist!


June 17, 2008

I'm Baaaaack

Gotta watch those Squillions! They take over sometimes! The third kitty is actually a mommy's day card that my Sugar Pie sent my mama. We think she is cute, so she is sticking around and I think she wants to stay!

My mama is going in on July 1 for cat r axe surgery. Now, what does a cat have to do with an axe or my mama's eye?? Beans are sure funny some times.

Now as for new pictures, we are having technical problems. We had to uninstall our photo thing cause it kept saying that it was sick. When we reinstalled it it still said it was sick. It's out of date (old) so it doesn't connect with the help thing on the internets. Maybe that's why it is sick. Anyway, if we can figure it out, there are a couple of new pictures in the camera (mama cheated and snuck up on me).

Mama is taking July 1 off for her surgery, and then the rest of the week off. Then she is going back to work the next week. Tomorrow she will be home late cause they have to measure her eyeballs or something.

That's the noos, as the Mighty Tough Tortie KC would say.


June 14, 2008

We Are Blogging Today

That's right! We are blogging today. Both our sister, brandi, and our mom don't want to tell you this, but you need to know. Mom is going to have surgery on July 1 on her eye cause she is having trouble with it. There! We told!
Anyway, we are having a lot of fun bonding, and we all get along very nicely. We hope to be a comfort for mom always. brandi is a little crabby to us sometimes, and sometimes she just ignores us, but she is usually pretty good to us. We just wish we could share her foodies! But, ya know, we are respectful and let her have her own stuff.
And this is me, little Maxie. I really like my new home and my sisters and my new mom. And I think more kitties should adopt Squillions. Thank you.
little Maxie

June 11, 2008

Some News

Hi! Bad weather today. I didn't want mama to go to work. But she did anyway. So don't listen, mama. I tried and tried to tell you to stay home cause it would be nasty out. Hmmph. Beans just don't behave sometimes and do what we tell them, huh!

Tomorrow she is going to a bean vet, and has to work late to make up time. So I won't have her home much for the next couple of days. She'll be making up time Thursday and Friday. But it's her and not me at the vet.

But I will miss her.



June 7, 2008

Saturday Stuff

My mama has been around all day. It's the weekend!! You know what happened yesterday? She camed home with a fower from work. A purrty red fower. Her old team each gotted one, and she left if at work for a couple of days cause the weather was yucky. Rainy and stormy and windy and all that. Anyway, she camed home with it Friday. I smelled it and it was purrty, and like the good kitty I am, I left it alone. Mama has it by my side of the love seat so that I can enjoy it at home like she did at work.

And, and then she did something wonderful just for me. We had HAMM PIZZA!!!!!

Whoo hooo. And leftovers today for dinner, she said.

Mama, hurry up on here and lets go eat Hamm!


June 3, 2008

Tuesday News

Sort of checking in. It's been cloudy today with some sprinkles, so I've been napping. Well, I guess that's what kitties do the best. That and play nursie. And play. And blog! Oh, and eat Stinky Goodness.

Mama got through work today. She's learning new people and ways of doing things (like signing in on paper AND on the puter).

One of the astronauts is Karen Nyborg, and she is from Minnesota.

Whoo Hoo. Can you imagine being up by the ceiling cat only higher??


June 1, 2008

Hey, Look

Mama gotted around to updating my list of new bloggies.


Check them out.

And don'f forget to give my little gray friend in the left hand corner of this blog some exercise. Sometimes even I forget she's there.

Other than that, the storms are over and it is nice and sunny today, and I got lots of scritchies this weekend.

Ah, Purrfection.

Love, and special scritchies to my Sugar Pie,

p.s. if you like the kitty in the corner, you may get your own. Some of you are new to blogging, and don't know about them, so double click on the kitty and you will go to the site that will show you how to get one for yourself. They are called Neko.