May 30, 2017

Quinnie has an announcement

HI! We have been lost for a while, huh? Well, Mommy had some emergency surgery and then wasn't really feeling okay. It was for her kidneys and bladder.
She needs more surgery and hasn't been feeling good.  Throw in having to go through another review AND legal stuff.  She just wasn't feeling good and oh, yes, throw in a major tooth problem and a horrible high temp. And she had to run some errands down in the nasty road construction down town. The building her bank is in, for example, is entirely cut off!
She WENTto a pre-op for another surgery for the same problem only they turned her down, saying she wasn't healthy enough to make it through the surgery.
She mostly has been curling up and sleeping through the pain.
And maybe a replacement for our sick Dell mousie?
We might not be posting a lot, due to Mommy's being really ill.
I have even given her lots of bisquits to help... and you know I don't do those a lot!
Love 'ya!