March 31, 2006

The Weekend is Coming

It is Friday. Mama's last day of work this week. Since it is such a cloudy rainy day, I am going to take lots of naps....but I miss the sun! Mama cuddled this morning with me, and gave me scritchies, but it is so dark and gloomy without her...or the sun. Least she remembered to make sure I had crunchies and water this morning! I did my duty and reminded her! Hope everyone has a sweet day! Lots of love, crunchies, scritchies and of course naps to all! Oh, yeah, napssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh, wait!

The crew at Crews Views asked about wild names. I don't remember mine. I was on my own for almost a year. Hmm. When my mama brought me home, she and her friends all sat on the floor with me and tried to come up with names. She was only going looking for kitties, not adopting right away, but I purrsuaded mama she needed me!I picked her out and cried and cried every time she walked near me, so the doption people let her hold me and I purred and purred in her arms so sweetly, she just had to take me home! So she didn't have a name picked out, xactlly. They all sat around coming up with ones. When her friend Robin said "Brandi" I decided that was my name and I walked right over to her. And that has been my name ever since. I picked it. Mama wanted Bronwyn. Yuck. I am her Brandi candi!

Do I need a wild name??

March 30, 2006

Can't wait for spring

Once again it is cloudy and rainy here. But here is a picture! No, not of me, silly. This is an old picture of the park near where we live. See, it has flowers from warmer weather! Makes me anxious for summer! Hey, mama, good job with the computer!

Mama took more pictures last night with her didital camera. Soon I will be able to post ....ME!

March 29, 2006


It is sooo nice out today. The birdies are out, and I've been watching! The sun is out! There is NO snow out my windows. Mama, it's too nice out! I wish you hadn't goned to work!

Anyway, she started taking pictures with her didital camra last night, so stay tuned!

And now it's time for a few crunchies, a nice drink of water and napping in a sunny window. Yeah! Life is simple. Poor mama. She says she works in a basement, and can't enjoy stuff like this. Silly Beans!

Have a sweet day!

March 28, 2006

Everything is Normal

Mama went off to work today, and I stayed in her nice warm bed! I heard the crunchies when she put some in my bowl, but I didn't even move. Slow day. Sun's out, nice napping weather! Did I say nap??????? Hmmmmmmzzzzzzzzz.

March 27, 2006

Monday Morning

Mama had a mygrain this morning, so I was real nice to her. I sat and looked at her and only meowed real soft. I was really good this morning!

And when she finaly felt better, she figured out real fast that I was trying to tell her MAMA I AM HUNGRY!. She fed me! And told me I was a good girl. And scritchied me for about a minute.

Then she left.

I think she got the mygrain from all those bad words yesterday trying to fix the 'puter and the camra.

Update from Mom: I bought a one time use digital camera on the way home. When I get all the pictures taken, I will post my sweetie's pictures! Have patience! Oh, and brandi WAS a good girl this morning!!

March 26, 2006

Weekend Update

I haf to apologize for my mama. She said a few bad words about that PC camra. 'Parently it doesn't work. I had to leave the room when she was trying to make it work with the computer. She promised to buy one of those disposable didital ones. She said she wished she could buy a nice one, but can't right now.

So no pictures. And I posed lots of times for that PC camra!

Mama, calm down. It's okay! I will try to pose again when you bring that other camra home.

Besides the camra problem, we have had a nice weekend. Mama brushed me a lot, gave me scritchies, did the laundry, let me curl up on her at night.

Hope you all have had a nice weekend, too. Even if the weather isn't exactly spring yet, it's 43 degrees right now!

Somedays I wish I were an outdoor kitty again. But maybe not.... I love my mama. And my crunchies. And my blankies. And my nice safe napssssssssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

March 24, 2006

Friday's here

Mama wanted to snuggle this morning! Or was that me??? Anyway, I got scritchies and head bumpies and good stuff. She made sure I had food (new stuff, new bag!!) and water, and went to her work. This weekend she has to figure out her camra. She has to! Anyway, Mama put a puddy up on the left of your screen, a silver gray one like me! Clicky and she will chase your mouse! Mama is getting better at this puter stuff, so maybe she will figure the camra out. Mama said if it doesn't work she will buy a disposable digtal one to take pictures.

It snowed real soft yesterday. It would have been pretty, but it was so gray out. There were some birdies out the window, anyway, so I was entertained. Whenever I wasn't curled up for nappie time. I always make sure I have a lot of them!

Mama said the ver-nul eeqwanocks (??) is here and it means spring. But there is still snow, mama, so that's confusing.

Have a sweet day, everyone. Those of you recuperating from V-E-T stuff, hang in there! Get extra snugglies!

March 22, 2006

Update on pictures

Mama said she has a PC Camra and she needs to do some work with uploading or downloading, I forget.... It means she has to program the computer???? Which is scaring her a bit. So maybe by the weekend when she has time she will sit down and figure it out and you will see me! She has been brushing me so I will look prettier by that time. Cross your paws.

She's even talking about what background to use for my portrait.... So we'll see. Portrait??? Mama? Oh, a very pretty picture of me. Well, they ALL will be, won't they? They are of ME!

March 20, 2006

Alone again

Mama went to work again. She spent a lot of time brushing me last night and telling me how pretty I am. Mama, when ARE you going to get out that didital camra and show these people and puddies my picture????

If I am so pretty shouldn't you be taking pictures of me?


March 19, 2006

Happy Cat

Mama used the new brush on me last night. I purred really loud. And I marked it for MINE. She hasn't brushed me yet today, but oh how nice it will feel!

Still thinking of those kitties and woofies at the petsupply store. Hope they are doing okay. Hope someone takes them for their forever homes soon...

And still praying for Moses.

March 18, 2006

After the party's over

I want to thank my hosts for a lovely party, and wish the birfday boy many blessings. I was impressed with the hamm and the catmilk, and the nice kitties. Beau did you ever get your answerr to your 'portant question? Timmy, I think I missed the lampshade. But you are always cute, anyway.

Mama said she hoped I had a nice time. I did. I spent a lot of time being shy but I'm getting better.

Today I got to catch up on my rest 'cause mama went out wif one of her friends. When mama came back she had two pressies for me! She was tryng to find one of those zoomgroom things for me, but the store didn't have any. So she brought me a nice new brush and some...Catnip spray!!

And I smelled doggie and other cats on her. She said, member a long time ago when you found me? You were at a pet supply store looking to be adopted (I came from a rescue place and the store lets them bring kitties and woofies for someone to love). She said today there were rescued greyhounds there (former racers, retired), and a lot of kitties and older cats. She petted the nice woofies and said they were very friendly and nice (when someone petties them they lean into the person to show their thankyous), and she petted some of the kitties and older cats. One kitty scratched her (and everyone else who got close), and maybe somebody hurted her before and she was scared, but the others were really nice and mama petted a couple.

I think that's ok. Animals looking for their forever homes need petties, too. Mama is nice.

I hope at least one kitty got a home! And a woofie, too!!

March 17, 2006


Mama told me about Moses. I thought he was cute, and he made mama think about one of her cats who went before. We were hoping that he and the baby would bond and he could be her protector and friend. I think that was starting, don't you? It it soo sad, and when mama gets home, we get to comfort each other.

Moses, take care. I used to be an outdoor cat, and it is not a life I would go back to. I hope they give you lots of love with all that good food. Oh, if I could I'd even let you come here. We don't have a baby. It's just mama and me. A sad, sad day....

Farewell, handsome Moses. Aslan's blessings. Keep safe. Keep warm. We send you lots of extra love and purrayers.

March 16, 2006

Snowy day

It's a snowy day and mama's at work. :-(

When she came home yesterday I ran and ran and ran I had so much energy saved up from my nappies. Then she tried to give me some of her dinner. Yuck, chicken pot pie. But she gave me scritchies and head bumpies and I slept right in her arms all night! Then she fed me more crunchies before she left this morning.

I have a choice where to nappie too. There is a blankie on the 'puter chair and on the couch in the living room. And of course, my blankie on my footstool in the living room.

But best of all is mama's lap.... I can't wait. Hurry home, mama. Maybe I will be nice and even greet her at the door!

Or just nap until she comes. Or watch the snow. Or eat. Or nap. Orzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

March 15, 2006

No mama

I have had about 50 nappies today. And crunchies. And drinks. And I want my mama home!

Mama is staying late tonight at her work. It is supposed to snow, she said. I napped on her most of the night 'cause I was cold. I want her home now! I need a warm lappy and some scritchies! Oh, I know she fed me before she left, but what if she doesn't make it home soon? I will starve!! Mama!!

I just know she won't come home. And the snow will make it cold and I will need a nap on her warm lap, and I will run out of food and water, and well, there IS a warm blankie on her puter chair, and that's where I am, and it is warm, and I'm getting tired of waiting for her, and it is warm, and the food is only a little ways away, and it hasn't runded out, and I'm getting sleepy and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Huh? What??? Oh, yeah, Efurbody say happy birfday to Buddah! Use my link on the right side there.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah... Warm blankie. Waiting for mama. Warm blankie. Napping is good. Napping isssssssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Note from mama: I made it home and Brandi is going crazy. Guess she is full of energy after all that napping. It is starting to snow....

March 13, 2006


Mama came home early!! See, I told her it was too snowy out to go!! Did she listen? No!! Hurry up and change clothes and play with me. I get a lappy nap too! Yeah!

news news

This is from Brandi's mama. Due to the weather, I get to go home early. Shhh. Don't tell my sweetness. I will surprise her!


March 12, 2006

Mama's birfday

I was going to be a good girl and let mama sleep this morning, but one of her friends called her and woke her up, so I got my scrritchiesss! She has pettted me every time I get close to her today! And she has promised to share her birfday dinner. Yea!!

Happy Birfday, MOM!

Tomorrow she goes back to work. :-(

She still hasn't gotten out the camera! Mama, efur one wants to see me!!

She said it's suppost to snow tonight and tomorrow. I think she should stay home. If it snows I need a lap!

Speaking of laps...Hey mama, it's naptime. Mom! Yawwwwwn. Naa zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

March 9, 2006

Mama works too hard

Mama has been awful tired the last couple of days when she gets home.... She said work is really busy right now. But I still get my scritchies and stuff. But I want more! Anyway, the end of the week is almost here, and mama said sorry she has to work late at least 2 whole days next week. But I am always extra nice to her on special days, and Sunday is her birfday. I won't whine at her til the days she comes home late! So there! That's being nice, right?

Oh, and we have linked to a lot of the kitty blogs we have been reading, to spread the kitty stuff around, so if you want to link to me, go ahead. And I appreciate the links to me on your blogs! Thank you, thank you. It makes me feel ....better than skritchies!

March 6, 2006

Monday, Monday

I did it. I did it. I snuck out on mama and went to the party. Did you guys see me hanging out in the corners? I hid a lot, but I came out for the hamm. I want to thank everyone for being nice to me, and I promise not to be so shy next time. You are all such fun puddie cats!

Mama's working today. I miss her :-(

Nap time. Later.

March 5, 2006

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Hi, all you puddies and beans! Since I can't go to the party this weekend for Magoo, I told mama she has to help me on my blog. So she has been working on the links to get them correct, and then she figured out how to put a counter on here. Now it's my turn! Thanks, mama!

I know many of you aren't home 'cause of the party, but... *sigh* mama still says no going. Maybe when you guys know me better. Then I won't be shy and maybe we'll have a better time.

Mama got up early to do lawndry, so we got early scritchies and stuff... There are more coming. I just know it. Sometimes I am not in the mood though. (Like today, cause I can't go to the party I am pouting a bit). I don't stay on her lap, I just jump down and leave.

Hope everyone at the party has fun. Hope everyone else this weekend is doing okay.

Mama goes back to work tomorrow. :-(

March 4, 2006

The Weekend's Here

Oh, my favorite time is here. Mama is home all weekend! Life is just lots better knowing there is a lap for me any time I want one! She must of had some help at "work", cause I now have links on here! Next comes the camera. I just know it! So all you puddies can see how pretty I am.

She didn't want to turn the 'puter on for me last night. But I kept bugging today! So now I get to blog.

She did share a little chicken with me last night. :-) So I guess I forgive her.

Hmm. Nap time. Where's mama?? OH...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

March 1, 2006

Cuddle Time

I woke my mama up this morning early. I got lots of petties and rubbies and scritchies. Then I left her alone, and she waited for the larm clock. Then I got even more! Love mama! And she fed me. Even better!!

I had a sick tummy last night, and she took the food away, so the crunchies were so good this morning!

Mama fed me cheese last night, and I had too much *sigh*. It wasn't her fault. I wanted it so bad and I begged and begged. Oops. Not so good.

She went away to her "work". So I am going to take about 50 naps and wait for her to get back. It will be dark then!

Thank you for the nice welcome to the 'net. I hope I make some new friends out here!

As soon as mama figures out how to use her digital camera and upload pictures, I will have some on here. Be patient. Mama isn't even sure how to do links let..