March 31, 2013

Easter and All

Happy Easter
Good Passover
Have a Good Holiday Weekend
Enjoy your spring
(I think that covers everyone)
QUINN and Carol

March 25, 2013

Monday Madness

Another reason Girls Rule: FEATHERS!

My new feather wand. OMC!

March 22, 2013

Good and Evil in One Evening!

Mommy left me alone all yesterday morning and afternoon.  But, but she came home with a feather toy. One for me to jump to get.  It was fun.  Most of the long things have come off, but the feathers are still there!  Wasn't she nice? I got a present!
But there was some bad news, too.  This red thing came into our place, too.  It runs around every once in a while like crazy.  Even in my shower stall!. Even this morning.  I haven't managed to kill it yet. But I am sure I will get it! It especially likes to go up walls, the sneaky thing.  I been doing a lot of jumping around and running around trying.  Does anyone else have this evil red thing?
I was so tired after playing with my toy and chasing that red thing. Mommy actually got a picture:
I'll get you, you evil red thing. After I rest up!

March 20, 2013

Another Morning Conversation at Our Place

Mommy, it's been several days now and we haven't written anything.
I know.
I know you had a doctor appointment on Monday.  Tuesday you didn't have an excuse except "doing research". I think you were playing on the internet.
But it was research for some of Mommy's medical problems.
Oh.  Anything good?
Nope.  I think I should have researched why you talk so much to me!  All last evening, for example.  All I heard was you meowing.
If you listened, I maybe wouldn't have to talk so much.
Well, tomorrow I am going to be gone again, so save up some conversation for tomorrow and Friday, 'k?
And when are you going to help me post my award??
Mom?  Mommy??

March 16, 2013

We're Sort of Back

We apologize for not being around lately.   Here's an update:
Tuesday night Mommy missed the meeting and stayed home. She decided she didn't want the stress (and sometimes anger) she gets when she does go. One of her sisters called, and one of her brothers called about three times!
Wednesday we were home.  Mommy had some medicines delivered.  That was it.
Thursday and Friday: Oh, we wanted to be here.  We read a few blogs.  But mostly the internets gods decided to freeze us out. Every where we went on the internet, we got frozen.  Mommy gave up and read her book. We finally got to read Mousebreath TODAY!
Today is sunny and pretty. Mommy pretty much wants me to hush.  I am very talkative today. So there.  Lots to say! (wish mommy understood half of it. okay, most of it).
So there you are.  I won an award, but we will work on it another day. Thank you Athena.
Mommy decided to get off the computer while it still works today. Which doesn't make much sense. So I'm still talking to her! She's going to hear a lot from me today! (I love the attention anyway!)

March 12, 2013

Birthday Greetings!

Yes, it's Mommy's birthday.  She's officially old. I'm the one who got the good breakfast (Chicken Soup for the Catlover's Soul). She gets to go to a resident council meeting tonight. It's supposed to be a long one. She said, what a fun way to spend your birthday--NOT.
And it's supposed to snow today.  All I see is sunpuddles, but things change quickly here. I'm enjoying the sun while it lasts. 
Mommy already got a phone call from one of her brothers to wish her happy birthday.  His oldest daughter turns 44 today.  She and mommy share birthdays, but her niece lives in Iowa. And has lebentyleben kids and one cat named Muffin. [actually 10 children]
Happy Birthday, Mom, from your Quinnie Quinn Quinn.

March 7, 2013


I can't believe it! Please say thank you to Ann for our new spring look!
And thank you to the sun for showing up today!
I love it, I love it, I love it. Both lovely things at once!

And we just found out about Mistrie  Rose, from the Big Piney Woods. She and her sisters were very important to Angel brandi, and she's ill. Angel brandi is watching over her, and I have my paws crossed!

March 6, 2013

Morning Conversation at our Place

Mommy, I'm glad the snow stopped, but it's still cloudy and there are no sun puddles. Can't the weather figure it out? Sunny can't be that hard to do.
Child, can you figure it out and tell the weather?
Mommy, I'm a cat.  We don't do weather, we just enjoy it. Or complain about it.
Well, that's what humans do, too.
Mommy, can Angel brandi come and talk to her friends here? She talks to me all the time.
You'll have to ask her. I didn't know you were still talking to her.
Well, I'm special.  She said I need special help, too.
I see.
That's a good thing, right?
Learning is always special.
I think I'll ask her, then. 
Tell her I love her and miss her.
Meow! You do that every day!
It never hurts to hear that repeated.
You're right about that!
Of course. I'm your mom, and moms are always right.
Thanks, mom.

March 4, 2013


This was this weekend.  Glorious weekend! Notice the beautiful sun puddle!  It turned my beautiful black fur brown! It was warm and exciting! Toasty! I was cozy and comfy1
Then came this last night:
That's right. More snow. And they predicted 6 to 12 inches! Where's Khyra? This is purrfect for you to play in!

March 1, 2013

Friday Catch Up

Mommy forgot that yesterday was Squillions Day! For shame! We got our new Angel Squillions on our sidebar, Suki, Sasha and brandi. And we have our VSquillion Sister Paxie. But don't forget our Squillion sisters Fraxie and Maxie!
Maxie is the little one. Fraxie came first.
Today is Dr. Seuss Day, but since mommy isn't a good rhymer and doesn't know photoshop, she says we'll skip that one. Enjoy the blogs that are celebrating with Cat in the Hat and other such fun. We will!
And have a nice weekend where ever you are (hot or cold climates).