February 23, 2008

Warmer days

Yeah, it's warmer. The sun in the window is a LOT warmer than it was. Right now it's 27 degrees. Woo Hoo! I love sleeping on mama's bed catching the sunbeams. It's so roomy and I can wiggle around a lot more than my other nap places.

Mama starts a new training on Monday, one of the last in her program. She says it looks hard.
I think she can do it, though.

Tomorrow we are having a guest, one of her friends. She is a nice bean. She has been over here before (she helped us move), and she has fed me tunies before.

I will catch up soon.


February 18, 2008

A Mama Day

Mama and I have been snuggling today. It is something called President's Day, and that means she doesn't go to work today. So we snuggled yesterday and today, and she ran errands on Saturday.

We have had soo many problems with our computer this last week. And our on line stuff. And blogger.

We did update our blogger a long time ago. But with our on line problem and our computer, it wasn't working either, so we were very frustrated. And it was around Valentines Day and I couldn't do anything about that.

It snowed last night and it is 2 above today. But mama actually put one of the fans on cause it was so warm in here!

I like being warm.

My pillow is snuggly. Hopefully my sweetie will get his presents in a few days.

Mama goes back to work tomorrow.

I can't believe we did a whole post without trying eight zillion times!


February 17, 2008

We're Back

Blogger and our computer have not been treating us well. We have been trying to post and leave comments for DAYS.

We really wanted to leave comments on some of the other blogs, and couldn't. And my Sugar Pie did such a lovely tribute to me and I couldn't respond.

So, instead of the Valentine we were going to post, I am posting a picture of me and one of the things my sweetie sent me for the day, and a sweet picture of him.

Quick, before I get booted again.

I love you, my sweet.


February 7, 2008

Meowy Chrissymouse

Well, it looked like it today! I watched the snow a bit, but it just made me sleepy and so I took some nappies.

The weather is getting colder again. We will have a really brrrrr weekend, and I hope my mama gets to stay home and snuggle.

We are getting digital cable this weekend. But it still means we will still have dial up. We can't afford everything! oh, wait, that means she has to stay home Saturday. Yea!

Mama told me about one of her instructors. He and his wife have a kitty named Princess Sasha. And they leave the basement door open during the day so she can explore. They also make sure that a light comes on in the bedroom and in the living room when it gets dark. AND they leave the tv on. All day.

Wonder if she has parties....


February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

One of the caucuses (big word, huh?) is in our own building tonight. Mama had to work late, and she had to come in the side door it was so crowded downstairs. She has a pointment at the doctor again tomorrow, so she made up time today. After class she did over two hours of regular work, and they are really busy.

We are having a heat wave. It snowed a bit yesterday and today, but not much, and right now the temp is 22. That currently is sort of a heat wave around here. Much better for my mama than that below zero stuff.

I survived the buggie guy. Next week we get an annual inspection in the building. They check if you are clean and neat and that everything passes the fire code, which is really important.

Mama said for the last several days one of the restaurants in our neighborhood has been dark at night. We hope they are just taking a vacation or something, and will be back.

We heard that we will probably be getting new cupboards this year in the partment. Oh, oh. More strange guys in my place and NOISE. Yuck.

love to all,
We watched part of the puppy bowl on Sunday. Aren't puppies kinda goofy?

February 3, 2008

Sunday AGAIN?

YUP! And mama did NOT spend most of yesterday with me. She went out with a friend to run some errands. Well---she did get me some new kitty litter....

But last night we snuggled, and today we spend time together, so I guess that makes up for yesterday. The weather has been warmer. It's 23 degrees out right now! Yea!

She has class all this next week, and then next week she just goes to work. Oh, and yes, next week she finally gets to give away her blood again. She really feels good about that. It has always been her way of giving back, even when we were poor and in a crappy place. She hopes a lot of you decide to do this. Hey, Valentine's Day is coming. We heart, so why not give blood, cause that's a way of giving heart?? Anyway, that's my mama. And she thinks it's cool that the county she works in thinks so too and has these blood drives.

Well, that's it. But the buggie man gets to come back this week. He was really nice last time, so, I don't mind. But if a certain sweetie wants to come over and protect me, well....

love to all,