October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

For your viewing pleasure this Kitty Halloween (woofies and others can enjoy too):

 Have a Spook-tacular time with lots of treats!
QUINN and Carol

October 5, 2013

A Nice Dilemma

We have a dilemma.
Pause while Mommy listens to part of "Trial by Jury" by some guy named Gilbertand Sullivan. You are lucky she didn't put the YouTube thingy on here. It was called something like "A Nice Dilemma" and it was not anything about my dilemma!
Anyway, back to MY dilemma:
There are soo many blogs to follow and read everyday that Mommy hasn't been letting me post on MY blog. I know I love to read lots of blogs, and I don't want to NOT read them. What can I do?
It now takes us a couple of hours a day to read what my friends are doing. And when I have to miss a day or two, it takes even longer.
Well, the dilemma part is:
I never get to post!
What to do, what to do. NO, Mommy, not more of the Sullivan!
If anything, I'd rather hear this:

I KNOW it's a woofie.  I LIKE woofies. And he definitely knows how exciting suppertime is. Although we kitties are a little more laid back. But only a teensy bit.
Anyway, this doesn't solve MY dilemma. Uh-oh. Mommy's starting to sing that Sullivan thingy about dilemmas calling for all our wit.
Any suggestions? About any of it?
love to all,