March 30, 2012

Finally Friday

Ooooh, kitties and woofies, yesterday was NOTfun.  Mommy said my feeties and toes and tail were dirty (well, I AM not as agile as I used to be)! So, no, I didn't get a real bath, but the back half did!
The only good thing was the warm fur dryer afterwards. I LOVE that.  And the Denties cause I didn't fuss (well, too much, anyway, specially when the bath was over and the dryer camed on), and then camed pizza for dinner.  Not hamm.  Not sausage. Hamburger. But that was okay. And I gots to eat it! Well, not all of it.  I let mama have some.  She maded it.
The movie she showed last night was Roman Holiday.  Five beans showed up plus several people camed in and out for parts of it.  She didn't have popcorn at the movie, cause the guybean who volunteers to make it was hurted and couldn't come. So some beans didn't stay, cause I think they wanted the popcorn more than the movie.
He is a nice guybean, mama says, and volunteers when things need to be done around here, and helps  with the holiday dinners, and stuff like that, and is going to be representing our building in the parade in our neighborhood this June.  He and his fiance get to be King and Queen of our building and ride in a horse and carriage. Mama said, how romantic.
So today I think Tracy comes over, and then we have the weekend.  Mama has listened to her first audiobook (from the library, on the puter), and has more books checked out, but they are to read.  She didn't let me listen to the audiobook, either.  She putted funny things on her ears and it was very very quiet.  Except when she laughed.
So hopefully it will be a nice weekend, and the windows will be open. And I can smell all those interesting smells. And the sun will give me some sunpuddles. You all, too!
Oh, before I go, I got to tell you what I saw the other day on the birdie TV outside.  It was a really big bird with huge wings, and I could see the underparts and the wings. I don't know what it was, but wow was it huge. Not your normal robin or sparrow or anything like that. Huge. And really close to the window! Splendiferous!
Purrs and purayers and kitty hugs and snuggles for all,

March 28, 2012

March 24, 2012

In the Clouds Again

That's right.   Fog so thick you can't see ANYTHING. Not even streetlights.  Oh, wait.  One car with headlights on. Can't see PetSmart.  Can't see the freeway. Can't see the parking lot! And now that the car has passed, NOT A THING!
Boring. Boring. Boring.  No Window TV at all.
Mommy gotted up really early, so I have the bed to myself. And I am going to snooze boring Saturday away.
At least it's not snow.

March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday.

It's movie night again tonight for mom.  She is showing Breakfast at Tiffany.  Another classic. So my evening will be a long nappie time.
And you know what my mama broughted home yesterday (besides some dumb "her" stuff like a new shower curtain liner)? She broughted home chick-hen and breakfast stuff (read sausage)! So we're on very good terms now.  Nom. This time she camed home with stuff for ME. Well, and her.  I'll share the chick-hen and the sausage.  She has to cook them, any way. I can't even do the microwave.
It has been mostly grey and sunpuddle-less the last couple of days.  So nappie times abound. Well, they do anyway, but it helps to have sunpuddles, right?
Today I am thankful for the chick-hen and the sausage. And my mama. She coulda skipped the shower curtain liner.  They smell funny for a few days.
And oh, yes, I'm thankful for my Sugar Pie.  His puter has been recovering from a bad sickie. And HE has sunpuddles to share!

March 20, 2012

Tuesday Sthuff

Last night we haded a big storm, and it was very scary and LOUD, so I cuddled with mom so that she wouldn't be scared.  Then I decided she was safe enough and took some naps.
It is sposed to rain all the rest of the week, so I'm prepared for lots of rainy nappies. This morning, however, we do have some sunpuddles.  I think that means its scattered showers week (once in a while maybe here maybe there) so I'm hoping for mostly scattered sunpuddles.  We'll see.
Mommy has to go to the doctor today.  The one that has to fix his tires.  So I hope it doesn't scatter showers on her.
She is also leaving me tomorrow.
Don't know if I should celebrate or pout.
Maybe I should wait to see if she brings me back something good.
Be good this Tuxie Tuesday (or get away with being bad).

March 19, 2012

World Cancer Day

for all who died, for all who survived
including our dear Suki
and my mama's mama
who didn't make it,
here's to a cure,
here's to hope.
thank you, Ann fromZoolatry for this lovely picture

March 17, 2012


All right. Where did Minnesnowta go???? Spring is TUESDAY! And it's 80 degrees out!!!!!
It's supposed to be cold out.
What the ?????
Mommy, crank up the air cooly thing.  This is weird. March. And I'm asking for the air cooly thing.
What happened to spring? Or the end of winter, actually.  OMC I am complaining about missing winter!
Mama is singing this "do do do do, do do do do" and saying "You have now entered the twilight zone". This is supposed to be Minnesnowta.  Not the Twilight Zone. No Vampires here!!
Oh, wrong twilight zone.
That's right.  Mama is old. You guys better google an old tv program called the Twilight Zone. Otherwise you will think we live around a bunch of blood suckers.
Besides the government.
Where ARE we???

March 15, 2012

We're Baaaack!

Yup.  We are back.  Mommy is better and everything is okay here.  We couldn't post earlier today cause the lectric company gaved our building a power outage to fix something.  So no internets. No downloaded library books. No tv.  No air filter fans for mommy. ALL MORNING she was bugging me. Sheesh. She should of just taken a nap or thirty! Least she made breakies before the outage. Hmmmmmm. Sausage. Nommy. I bugged her till She shared.
Anyway, she was also gone yesterday, cause she felt good and the weather was gorgeous.  Even today, the WINDOWS ARE OPEN! Yesterday she had to run some errands downtown, and I think she had lunch down there (but she didn't have permission, cause she didn't bring anthing good home). Tonight is movie night, and she is showing the original Sabrina. Yup. She's up and running. Well, walking, anyway.
Next week she gets to see her doctor. I think he's retiring in a couple of months.  I don't know why he has to fix his tires,  or why he can't do it now, but whatever.  Beans are silly.
So thank you for your kind thoughts.  My duties as nursie are now done. Mommy sort of celebrated her birthday yesterday, I think. With the lunch she didn't have permission to go to without informing ME.
Now I have to catch up on all the news.
And all the naps I missed watching mommy be sick and bugging her  keeping her warm.
Will someone give my mommy a Kindle? So that she can read her library books when the power goes out?? And stop bugging me???
I meant it about the Kindle.

March 11, 2012

Breaking News

Mama's sick.  Back soon. Sorry.
love,  nursie brandi

March 9, 2012

Friday Finds Me

With SUN!!!! Yes, it's partly cloudy. And yes, it's starting out VERY cold, but at least it's SUN!! Makes it tolerable.  It didn't snow very long yesterday, thank cod, but oh, my, it was so disappointing when it did. And there were lots of slick spots for accidents with cars and beans outside. Luckily I am an indoor cat.
Today mommy has stuff to do, and I think Traci is coming over later.  Haven't seen her in a while again. At least a month. {two weeks-mom}
And I have a secret to tell (what else do you do with secrets?). Someone in this partment has a birfday coming on Monday (and it isn't me).{watch it-mom}
What else. Oh, mom's movie last night was The Maltese Falcon.  Next week they are having popcorn at the movie. And the movie will be Sabrina (mom says the original). They are doing classic movies for a while, instead of more current ones.
Mama has asked to actually be trained in the media closet stuff.  No one has gotten back to her.  She said if she can find some manuals she'll just figure it out herself.  It took several months to fix the screen problem, so she doesn't want to wait around. There's all sorts of technical stuff having to do with cd's, dvd's, radio,  microphones and puters and maybe even tv.  I can't go in the community center, cause I am not a service animal, and they are the only four footed friends allowed in there. Something to do with all the carpeting in there....
So far that's what Friday found.
ps. The cat blogosphere is once again being attacked! Oh, no!!!!

March 8, 2012


Furfriends, it's snowing outside.  Snowing.  Efurryone is showing lovely pictures of flowers and tree buds on their blogs and the weather beans said it was getting warmer here, but IT'S SNOWING OUT!
Where is SPRING?? NOT HERE!!!
Big fluffy flakes this morning.
It better stop.
Okay, don't listen.
Maybe later???

March 7, 2012

March 5, 2012

Hats Day

Today efurryone is showing support for Judi-Bug.  We have never been hatted (by anyone) and mom isn't handy with stuff like that on the puter.  So all we can do is offer our simple purrayers and I can cross my paws for her and we all can wish her better.

March 4, 2012