July 31, 2012

The Party continues

Oh, this party has been fun.   Mom found this for us to listen to:

Go over to Billy Sweetfeet for some more groovin' music!
We're not done yet!

July 30, 2012

Party Time at My House

I was shocked this morning by all the Gotcha Day greetings. Thank you very much! But I thought I was Gotcha-ed on August 1. Don't know when the confusion started, but I AM GOING TO CELEBRATE FOR THE NEXT THREE DAYS. HA!
Party foodies include Denties, Temptations, Fancy Feast Appetizers, some of mom's chicken. Other good things found in the cupboards and the frigiator! And our pantry. And my foodie drawer.  Did you know I have one? Yes, I most certainly do! And maybe I can talk mom into a pizza.
Stop by any time for some foodies, some gossip, some snuggles and nappies. We can ooo and awww at the Olympics. Beans, Cats and Woofies! Good luck ALL!
I have plenty of water, and the air coolie thing, and lots of space on my daybed.
To be honest, no tiptinis or anything of that nature, so this celebration is fine for the little ones. You might want to bring your favorite toys to play with.  And I promise, unless they end up under the frigiator you will get them back.
For us Senior cats, well, foodies, gossip, snuggles, and nappies sound really good. We will enjoy watching a bit of THE if the youngsters wish, and if the seniors feel spry enough, participate!
If we want any other celebrating, we can always slip off for the other Gotcha Day and Olympic parties for a bit.  Feel free!
Senior style.
I'm waiting by the door!!


July 28, 2012

Sunny Saturday

It is still a little cool out, but since the sun comes in every morning, and one whole side of our partment has windows, it got a little warm inside this morning. Cool air, warm sunpuddles, I'm getting spoiled. Not to mention the lovely crock pot chicken smells. Traci just went home, but she got the recipe.
Warm Back!!

Traci helped mama move the stove this morning, cause mama dropped the teapot lid down the back. Silly. You have thumbs and you can't hold on to your teapot lid??
Well, at least she can use a can opener.  Most of the time.
And guess what.  She found a teaspoon under the stove, too. We've been missing a knife for the longest time, but it wasn't under there. Oh, and some kind of coffee pod thingy and an empty pill bottle were. She thought there might be money, but nope. Not that lucky.
We still wonder where the knife is.  Traci asks us all the time. Did you find the knife? No. Not yet.  It must be in the same place lone socks go and wash cloths. And red octopus (octopee?) go and toy mouses.
And of course, mom has one of those butcher block knife holders. Minus the one knife.
At least she remembers where my food is. Now, when to feed me, maybe not.
Just as long as she forgets about the *bath* she wants to give me!
Have a great Saturday, and good luck to the Olympians!

July 27, 2012

The Windows Are Open!

Yes, that's right.  It's cool enough and the humdidity went away!! Fresh lovely air! Mommy opened all the windows (cept one, which is hard to get at). She wishes she had her camera, cause today my tail looks bushy from the angle she's watching me.  She says it's cute. I don't care.  I'm just getting a stripey sunpuddle tan!
Today was clean my room time, so I have a clean floor and a clean litter box. Mommy told me to keep my room neat, now. Doesn't she know that's HER job?? HOW long have I lived with her?
Traci is coming over tomorrow, and mama is going to make her pulled chicken, I think.  It's nommy.  Especially when she remembers to buy and USE the correct ingredients!  Last time she left one out, and it was kinda spicey. And she HAD the thing she left out. Sheshh!
I think we are going to have a couple of nice days until the heat and humdidity come back. Lovely neighborhood smells!  I hope someone barbeques.  They have grills here, actually, and sometimes they gets used and the breeze comes at just the right angle....
Have a wonderful Friday, and I hope the weather where you are is just as nice as ours!
Remember to drink lots of water, anyway.  It's healthy.

July 26, 2012

Thursday Sthuff

I hate blogger.  I had finished my (long) entry and blogger decided to delete  eat it.
So here it goes again, what I can remember:
Mommy gots her medicines for her legs yesterday and found out she doesn't have to worry about the whooping cough thats going around cause she had it during the ice age when she was little.
It is very hot out, but this place is very cool and comfy.  I have even slept with mommy and not heard any complaints about my hot furs! She says the hallways are hot and the elevators like ovens.
We are very happy that our followers are now 98.  We don't have as many as some, but then, the life of a senior cat probably isn't quite as interesting as some of the cute youngsters we have on the Blogosphere. And we even have woofie followers which is awfully nice cause my bestest friend in the whole wide world is a woofie named Maggie. Here is her picture:
She loves kitty toys and kitty treats, cause her two feline siblings and her share everything. So we get along pretty well. Her mommy was one of my mommy's friends that convinced her she needed me (and I tried my best, too), and even figured out my real name when I founded my furever home with mom!
We are so grateful for our chip in account, cause mom has already used some of the green papers for things like foods. And the good news now is that she almost has enough to make a payment on the intsurance, so we will only be a couple months behind! Thank you to efurry and every one who is helping. We know it is hard, cause there are so many families that are needy. Mama says it is almost time for me to go to the vet (I love my vet), and that will come out of the fund also.
That's about all I remember of my entry.  Sorry.  I had already gotten down to my name the first time! If blogger eats it again, I will hiss twice as loud as I did the first time!
Remember to drink lots of water. Beans AND us.

July 24, 2012

Toesie Tuesday

Hey, Mom! You finally got the day right!  Now find a good toesie picture of me!
Okay, one foot will do.  But can you find something better??
Much better!
Thanks, Mom

July 23, 2012

Monday Meows

I have to have a talk with my mama.  She slept late (7:00) and didn't immediately give me my Denties. Well, I did finally get them AFTER she did her morning stuff. And, yes I DO have to remind her to take her pills and her shot every morning.  But I am FIRST!
Well, she did clean my floor, and there was mention of pizza today, but I can never trust rumors of pizza, cause we normally don't have enough green papers. Well, a girlcat can dream, right?
Mama is trying to get some green papers so she can pay a little more on her intsurants. She's still behind. So, maybe no pizza. I guess I am used to it.
After all, she bought some groceries for herself this last weekend, and I spied some chick-hen. Ooo, Maybe?? It still isn't pizza, though.
We are so grateful that some beans are trying to share with us. Mama has the sads that she can't help others back, but she hugs me, instead. Sads go away when she does. Then she is grateful for me.
It is very hot today, and I am glad mama gets to stay home.  She has to go out Wednesday to her bean vet, but today and tomorrow she gets to stay home.
The bad news from this weekend: mama tipped over in one of her chairs (okay the floor underneath was wet cause I had a accident), and it broke. She is very sad, cause it was a really comfy chair, and she could roll it around easy, but I am working on making the sads go away. No, she wasn't hurtied.
Me, I don't like her chairs except for my rocking chair.  When she took away the old office chair (mine, I tell you, MY office chair), I refused to sit on anything but my comfy bed and my rocking chair. Now all we have is my rocking chair, her office chair ( I must say, it looks uncomfortable, but it's the principle of the thing--she took mine away! I won't try the new one) and the metal chairs she uses for the dining table (which she eats at twice a year, maybe).
Did I say we have a elegant partment? No? Well, the furniture is sure not elegant! But the rocking chair is nice, and the daybed is comfy, so I don't care.
The My old office chair:

I think it doesn't look like a color photo cause the chair was black with a beige ring around the seat, and the floors are beige and I am gray and white. Or mama just can't take pictures. Well, now she can't anyway, cause our camera broked. All my pictures are older ones, now.  We're sorry, but that's the best we can do. I don't like pictures anyway (and you'd think I would be used to them), but I know you all like seeing me. She certainly has a lot of them to show!
That's it, keep cool and drink lots of water,


July 22, 2012

Saturday Duties

Meow! When you get up early, mom, that means you have to blog. And feed me. And don't forget to turn on the air coolie thingy later on. And scratch my head. And put an ice cube in my water. And do something about the litter box. Meow!
Your work is never done!
I, on the other paw, deserve your servitude and my naps uninterrupted. Now where's my Denties???

Good help is so hard to find.
You'd think she'd be trained by now!
Have a wonderful Saturday, all.
And good help!!
You think she would have known it was Sunday.  I tell ya, good help is hard to find!

July 18, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Mommy was going to go run errands today downtown but she had a accident this morning and hurtied herself, and decided to  stay home.  It's not that nice out any way. So she decided to go on Friday.  Which means that I maybe won't see Traci this week.  But mom is still going to go out with Sue tomorrow.  And I bet she will feel even worse anyway.
We have had almost a month of weather over 80 degrees. And a lot of days over 90.   Mom said everyone is complaining except some of the immigrants here from hot countries.  They look comfortable! It must remind them of home. But the rest of the Minnesotans who have been here for awhile are suffering in the heat.
 Good thing this is called the Land of 10,000 Lakes (although someone counted them and said there are more than 10,000). Lots of people are "hitting the beach", especially the children.  That's pretty smart of them, cause beans actually like water. And I spose it is cooler.  When it was really hot and we didn't have air, sometimes mama would put a wet towel on me and it did feel cooler.  Specially in front of one of our (then) many fans. Remember that, those of you who don't have an air coolie thingy. I almost totally forgot about that one.
So mom is staying home today and I hope she feels better soon.  She fell, you see, and I think it's really her tushy that hurties more than  the shoulder she complains about. And something beans call dignity. I think that means pride in one's self, and we all know kitties have that naturally, because we are supreme beings.
One of the many bean things she has to bring up next week at her doctors.  She falls too much! Course, this time there was water on the floor from my water bowl. But I swear I didn't put it there! No, not me! I'm truly innocent! She's the one who bumped into my bowl earlier and then slipped on the spilled water. Pay attention, mom!
Like I said, icky day out today.  Gray with no sunpuddles at all. Better to stay home with the sweet lady cat of the house to keep you company.
There are plenty of treats for me!! That will make you happy.  Think of  all the fun you're going to have giving me treats today!!
Well, furfriends, why isn't she smiling at that?
Hmmphh. See? It's raining now.  Aren't you glad you stayed home?

July 14, 2012

Saturday Sunshine

Yes, it is sunny today. And the humdidity is obnoxious! We love our air coolie thingy! Some of you may remember, we didn't have a working one in our old partment (or much heat in the winter for that matter). So I am spending my "golden years" (where did they get that?? I am gray and white, always have been and don't intend to change!) in lots of comfort.

Mama has to order more medicines next week, and she sees one of her doctors, too.
The week after next she has another pointment with yet another of her doctors cause she has been having some problems relating to her diabetes that she's hoping can be fixed.
She likes all of her doctors, but next month she has a pointment with a new one, and she doesn't know how that will go. One of her doctors retired, you see. Got tired out??   This one replaces the one that got tired.
Mama has a lot of doctors. Good thing she actually likes going to them. Although, I love my doctor, too, I only have one!! She says as soon as she has enough green papers, I get to see her!
The only bad thing is the PTU and the loud ride to and back.
Mom keeps threatening a bath.  Hmm. I like the hair dryer she uses on me. It's kinda worth it.  Even when it is hot out, cause we have the air coolie thingy.
Stay cool, drink lots of water.  Maybe your mom will put an ice cube in your water! Hey, they are fun to bat around the floor if you don't like them in your water (or you get more than one cube).
Love (and kisses to my Sugar Pie--I miss you, sorry your mommy is so busy!)

July 13, 2012

The Lucky Day

I know. Friday the 13th is sposed to be unlucky and scary and there were even movies made about it and everything. But did you know mommy thinks it's lucky?
Mama was born on a Thursday the 12th at 6:05 pm. A long time ago and not in July. Actually her daddy was born in July but not on the 13th or 12th. But I am rambling off course.
As I was saying, she was born on a Thursday the 12th in the evening. So she figures her first 24 hours of life are lucky. So her lucky day starts on the evening of the 12th and ends the evening of the 13th. And anything that lucky should rub it's luck off all of the 13th. So it's her lucky day.
People afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th are called PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBICS.
It's only legend that if 13 people sit down to dinner together, one will die within the year. That's kinda dumb. Hope it doesn't happen to anyone we know. But still, who cares? If you have 12 friends to share a meal with, aren't you lucky?
Many cities have no 13th Street or Avenue.
Many buildings don't have a 13th floor. Ours does.
The Egyptians (who honored cats as devine beings, as we should be) honored the number, and the Chinese thought of it as a lucky number, too.
Changing your bed on Friday brings bad dreams. Not for us, Friday is usually laundry day.
Don't start a trip on a Friday. Or start a new project. You will have bad luck. Hmmmm.
In pagan Rome, Friday was execution day. It became Hangman's Day in Britain. EEK.  Now that's unlucky.
In Spanish speaking countries, Tuesday the 13th is unlucky.
Greeks considered Tuesday the 13th unlucky, too.
In Italian popular culture, Friday the 17th is unlucky.
Black Sabbath's debut album was released in the UK on Friday the 13th. Hmm again. Popular group, rose to fame, well, not that unlucky, eh?
The rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur was pronounced dead September 13th 1996.
Mickey Spillane died Friday the 13th in 1997. Sorry, forgot the month.
Julia Child died August 13, 2004.
If you are a Christian, the day you die is a celebration, so these people were lucky and got to party in heaven that day.
So, Happy Friday the 13th. Make it YOUR lucky day.
and no, I am not hiding today, either!

July 12, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

The week has zipped by! Thursday already! It's starting to get humdidity again, too. I hope beans remember their furry families and make sure we are well hydrated!
And woofies, I don't mean hydrants. The stuff that comes out of them!!
Mama was looking on PetFinder last night.  She only found one kitty from my rescue place, but there were a lot of babies and lady cats waiting for homes. There was a pair of litter mates who had lived together for seven years and would only get a furever home if they could both go! How sweet! I hope someone falls in love with them!!
I don't mind mama looking at pictures  of kitties (and woofies, too).  It makes her preciate me more! She held me last night as we looked through the pictures and she said, "look at all the little ones who are looking for homes! I hope they all find one. Wouldn't that be nice if they all got furever homes just like you did?" Yes it would!!!
She also asked if I would mind helping some of them find homes and would I be jealous. No, I wouldn't!!! Nice beans helped me find my furever home!
Maybe mama can do some volunteering.  She can't foster, cause of the rules here about registering animals and paying fees for us, but she would love to.  I, however, don't know if I could take a little baby running and jumping and playing.  I'm too old!!
We love living in this building, cause it's so animal friendly.  Lots of nice woofies and kitties! I do feel sorry for the woofies that have to go for walkies in the winter here. Brrrr. I'll take doing my business inside, thank you very much! But several of them have little coats, so maybe it's not too bad for them. One of mama's sisters has a dachhound (named Molly) and she has some sweaters and a coat.  She refuses to wear booties, though. And they have to shovel a path for her in the winter cause she's so small. And spoiled. They live in the country north of here. They live by a lake, and they have loons on their lake.  Feavers!!! Country tv!!!
The movie tonight is a family picture about a girl named Akeelah and her bee.  Mama said it isn't a pet bee, it means a spelling bee. Why would anyone keep a bee anyway?? Just cause it spells??? Or is it a wizard or something???
Enough thinking for a while. I caught up on my favorite bloggies and now it is nap  time.  Maybe a head scritchy first, though. Mommmm! I'm comfortable.  Come skritchy me before I fall to sleep!


July 8, 2012

Sunny Day for an Award

 Look! We gots an award from Katie Isabella! She is such a sweetheart!!

Now we have to tell seven things about me. Well, let's see.

1. I never jump on the table or the countertops.  Ever. Never have. Although the bookcases have been fair game.
2. I have never played with the red dot.
3. When I was younger I did follow a flash light around like crazy. Low tech, ya know.
4. I lost my red octopus when we moved, and I still sort of miss it.
5. I no longer care for playing with mousies. I leave that to the younger ones.
6. I used to jump over "pillow walls" when I was a bit more agile. You have your bean stand a bedpillow on it's edge, and you jump over.  I was pretty good at it. And at getting treats when I did it.
7. I love cheese popcorn. Who knew? It's a new favorite!

Now 5 friends to nominate.  Now that is hard.  Let's see. We need to find some interesting ones (not that you all aren't interesting):

Billy Sweetfeets. Cause his Tuesdays are dancin fun! Cheerful! Happy!
Brian's Home Well, all his fambly are sweet.
Little Cat Feet Cause they are our neighbors across town and they have a neat mom and a beautiful house to play in, and, well, they all are sweet, too.
Purrchance to Dream cause their blog is colorful and upbeat, and they do lots for us all.
Sweet Purrfections cause, well, the name says it all, doesn't it??

There. I tried to pick out some lovely blogs that don't get honored a lot and should. Now go bisit them and you will see how lovely they are.

Yes, I gotted pizza last night. Yummmmm. Did you hear the thud when I fainted from  all the lovely pizza smells????? It's been a long long time. This Twins thing is neat.  But they lost last night.
Oh,and left overs for lunch.  Then a chickie dinder! Thank you all for making the pizza possible. And, go Twins!
Score! (well, them AND me)

July 7, 2012


It's cooler today! Yea! And the humdidity is lower, so that means open windows this afternoon! Yea! And mommy ordered some groceries (including a couple packages of Denties!)!
She didn't get a very large order, but enough to tide us over till we gets our check. And the food shelf helped out. Mommy wented yesterday. We gotted some chicken! And some fresh veggies (well, I don't care, but mom does.  I'm not particularly fond of onions and potatoes and sweet potatoes) and fruit (still, don't care for raspberries) and yogurt (why can't they make plain yummy yogurt?  They always add dumb fruit). But it helped our grocery list a lot.  Especially the chicken. I think mommy might make the chicken tonight. If I am nice. And I'm always nice!
 And Thank You to those of you who helped!! Mama was getting pretty low on everything. Now mommy won't be standing at the pantry door going "what can I possibly make?" We have some choices besides cans of vegetables, soup and canned fruit! I noticed she didn't get breakfast food, but she said she has enough oatmeal till she can shop for other stuff. And of course, there's nothing like Pringles (I never get much, but I loves them!) on her list.  Isn't that good foodies??
She says the only thing she has lots of is kitty litter. Funny, mom. I saw the Friskies! Can't fool me!
Well, it looks like the temps might be cooler this week, and at least no rain.  Bad for gardens and grasses. But no upper 90's, and less humdidity! Open windows!! Outdoor smells!!
Oh, and the bestest news? I think there is enough green papers now to pay for a pizza. If you hear a thud from this part of Minneapolis, it's me, falling over in a faint from pizza smells. Cross your paws, efurrybody! I know there's lots of stuff we need need, but a hamm pizza should be on the list sometimes, right?
Hey, mom, the Twins won against the Rangers last night, and one of the pizza places is selling half price pizzas today!! Hint, hint. Much better than even chicken!!!
ps. Maybe you can even catch up on the insurants, mom!
ppss. WE GET PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUD

July 6, 2012

Friday Finds

Friday finds us--internets and tv-less for several hours.
Friday finds us--happy that the internets and tv camed back.
Friday finds us--still worrying about all those who still don't have power, much less tv and internets.
Friday finds us--wishing for pizza.
Friday finds us--hoping mama hurrys up and orders groceries.  At least some.
Friday finds us--sorry about the pizza wish, mama, but it has been wayyyy too long.
Friday finds us--grateful that we have a air coolie thingy that works.
Friday finds us--wishing that everyone else did, too.
Friday finds us--hoping that we get to snuggle and cuddle this weekend.
Friday finds us--wondering what efurryone else is doing this weekend.
Friday finds us--still wishing for the pizza. Hamm, please???
Friday finds us--saying sorry again to mama about the pizza.
Friday finds us--with lots of thoughts.
Friday finds us--sleepy now.
Friday finds us--finding a comfy place to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Wait.  Did somebody say pizza???????
Then don't bother to wake me up, unless we have Denties!!

July 5, 2012

A Special Request

Last night was pretty good.  Not too loud or long across the street. And the windows were closed and the air coolie thing on, and that helped.  Most of the pretty firework displays were too far away to hear but still pretty for mom to look at. Hope your 4th (for the Americans, anyway) was safe and reasonably quiet.
I am linking to Alfie's  blog today, as he has a special request. Now he is one of our friends across the water (England), but this might work for our shelters and rescue places, too. The Battersea place is looking for used tennis balls for the woofies to play with to keep them entertained while they wait for their forever homes. If you are across the water (in England) you might be better equipped to help.
But, hey, even I liked tennis balls when I was younger! Nice to bunny kick, you know. If you are in some other place (like Australia or Canada or even America) you might check with your own shelters to see if this would be something that they could use.
Bounce this around in your heads! Thanks! I thought this was a lovely idea!!

July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

The USA celebrating it's birthday.
 May we respect the flag and what it stands for, One Nation of many, defined in it's fight for Liberty and Freedom and Justice as a Great Nation and nurturer of  like people. Defender of the poor and oppressed. Land of many opportunities. No matter your religion or political bent you are a citizen of a land that has fought for it's freedom and the freedom of many others. Embrace the wonder and glory that is America. Celebrate and be joyful.

written by Carol

July 3, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Yesterday's high temperature beat all records for the day at 99! So glad we have the air coolie thing and it is working!
Tomorrow is, of course, the 4th of July.  Our neighbor across the street set off a few firecrackers last night (only 2 or 3, not a fireworks display). So I can pretty much say we're in for it on the 4th.
Please don't take your woofie or kitty to a fireworks display.  That is absolutley cruel.  I don't care if it is outside. It hurts our ears!!! And scares most of us!!! Leave us at home.  Please.  It really is NOT cool to take your animal to a park to watch the fireworks. Take us in the daytime.  When things are quieter and we only have to watch for sticky finger little beans and listen to them cry.  When the woofies have space to run and play and not wind around a bunch of beans.
And if you grill, you gotta share!!
My, getting old means lecturing a lot, doesn't it! But we have to  share our wisdoms.  Especially us really mature woofies and kitties. And hope our beans are sensible.
Whow.  I gotta stop this age thing.
Hot out isn't it. I'll take one brat, please. Indoors where it's cool.

July 2, 2012

Monday Meows

Its really crappy when mom gets up in the morning and it's already in the 80's! And we're talking early, not noon or something. She left the air coolie thing on all night cause of the humdidity, and was cold this morning. Hah! I warmed up in the sun puddles! She was plain dumb. Well, she IS a bean!
This morning she did very wel, however.  After she gotted up she cleaned my water bowl and filled it, and made sure I had foodies and  my treats before she did anything else! It took years of training, but she's pretty good at it nowdays. So keep training your beans, little ones.  Someday you will reap the rewards!
It is going to be hot hot hot all week, and I am so glad for the air coolie thing. Mom also leaves the fan on in my room. Isn't she good? Be sure to tell your beans to do the same. And lots of water!!
Mommy's worried about foodies again this week. Not fair, but that's life here these days.  Mommy is always worried about bills, foodies and medicines. We so appreciate any help we can get.  She can't get to the food bank for a week or two (she has to rely on rides) and the food shelf has a crazy schedule for the holiday week. She transferred green papers from our paypal account, but it takes a few days to be recognized at our bank, especially with the holiday, and she didn't know that.  She keeps watching, and as soon as our bank finishes doing what ever it does to get green papers in our bank she will be getting green papers out for foods. And some medicines again. She's due to get more insulins. And my Denties and my foodies, don't forget. And my litter stuff. And we could go on all day listing stuff we need....and the bills that are behind. There's just so few green papers!
I leave her alone when she worries. Well, for a little while, anyway.  Then I come and remind her that we are two, and not one, and she should not worry so much and give me treats to make me her happy.
I am a very good girl. I try to take good care of my mom.
Keep safe, keep cool, drink lots of water, and if you are in the US, find a nice quiet place for the 4th.  Like maybe a bathroom or something. Shower stalls work really well. I should know.