January 28, 2017

Saturday Situation

🐾Oh, good morning. I have been letting Mommy give me tummy rubs ( I don't often get in the mood for them) and cuddles this morning.
Last night she threw all the bedclothes aside (down to the mattress protectors) and curled up with an afghan, cause all the sheets and stuff were dirty. I put my head in her hand and there we were, sleepin' away. I was so comfy and my Mommy felt so warm and comfy there were no worries till today.
Today one of the neighbors is going to help do some of the dirty laundry so that Mommy has clothes to wear and we have fresh sheets and a clean comforter for the bed.
Mommy can't decide what to wish for. Delivery pizza (and BBQ chicken), a nice double quarter pounder with cheese and bacon (!) and some Mickey fries, or a thick malt or two. Doesn't hurt to wish, she says.
Mommy has already gathered some loose dishes to wash, and plans to clean the fridge of any old foodies inside today. She is also going to read some of the 1700 emails she has gotten since she went to hospital.
We really wish someone would come over with some tasty casseroles and foodies for Mommy so she could have some nutritious foodies to just heat up, but that won't happen.  We do have Meals on Wheels starting again on Monday. That will help.
Mommy says she wishes she could go to the store and get a few things, but we don't have the transportation. And she would be tempted to go for that hamburger, too.
This is a gloomy day, but Mommy is here, so it is a happy day for me.
love ya,

January 27, 2017

Happy Friday

😻Last night Mommy just crashed and slept till Morning. Now, that's without waking up a lot! When I heard her stir a little this morning I jumped up on her and she petted me and said good morning. Now, I never did that before, but every once in a while now I jump up on her and she pets me and says she likes that and hey, maybe I do too. I want her to be happy and stay with me all the time!
She's busy trying to find a housecleaner. So many made promises that they would help her find someone and didn't that she is really tackling that herself. No wonder she crashed last night! It seems to be hard work!
The hospital stay was very nice, she said. The OT and PT was okay, she said. Very hard, though.
The nursing place she went to was hell. She couldn't eat the food, kept really strange hours (she had to wake up at 5 in the morning and breakfast was at almost 8 and they wanted everyone to go to bed at 8:30 in the evening, woke people up at strange hours, wouldn't give the right medicine, claimed that the doctor saw her (never saw him, ever) and tried to keep her there. And all she had was her cell because the phones in the rooms didn't work.
Now the building is saying they want her to clean up her act, so she's trying to find a good housecleaner. She found that a lot of stuff she was trying to do when she was sick was off, like paying bills and stuff. Any smiles you can send (as well as the usual prayers and good thoughts) would be appreciated. Green papers and little things for her to eat and stuff, too.
She dropped her Kindle one too many times and it died, so she has to find green papers to buy a new one. Help, anyone?
We are looking forward to sometime in the near (?) future this home clean and shining and one that nobody bothers us in.
Happy Friday, kitties and woofies and beans. We missed being here and all of you.
love ya,

January 25, 2017


MOMMY is HOME!!!!!

Yes, my Mommy is home! 

She came home last night and I greeted her at the door and I have barely moved from her side....or her lap. Yessss! I said LAP!!!! I got lots of scritchies and love and gave her oodles, too. First thing this morning I buried my face in her and I am purring and purring!
My neighbor friends who were watching me even gave me their cat's special canned food as a little treat when Mommy was gone, but MOMMY'S HOME! They took care of me really good, but Mommy is HERE!
Thanks for all your prayers and kind thoughts. They really helped.
Mommy has oodles of stuff to to so I am cutting this short.  But be assured, I am glued to her!!!!!


January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Thank you for your assistance in 2016! I know it is awfully hard for lots of people (and furfriends) to help, but you won't believe how your gifts, kind words and prayers  lighten our hearts. They let me order the food and cat litter that are healthy (i LOVE cHEWEY). Quinnie has been so attentive and sweet to me through my illness (although no is still not in her vocabulary much but she IS a cat). actually trying to comfort me when she senses my pain radiating, or reminding me that we haven't eaten or I haven't taken my meds.
She loves her pink Tickle Pickle, but doesn't really play with toys much (except she has this sudden obsession with one of my land phone coils).
I have been really ill and dealing with a lot of people trying to ignore me or plain being annoying or rude. When I think people are finally helping me they "sign off" my case. Were they surprised when I finally reported one of the maintenance people here and fired someone who was supposedly "working my case" by telling me what to do instead of offering real solutions?
There are lots of bad stuff going on.all over the world. Christmas was very hard for a lot of people. No presents? No tree? I had to not watch the Christmas specials to survive.And Christmas is my very very favorite time of year! Imagine what natural disasters and war and poverty are doing to lives everywhere!
I hope this year brings us all a lot better healthy and happy life. We certainly have the love down pat in our little (growing) family on the internet.
Thank you all for being here. I hope this year I can get healthy. But I also want to remind you all that if you can't help financially with those of us who do need help please send your best wishes and your prayers. THEY are also very precious.

Peace and love for all of you,
and my sweet lady cat,