December 31, 2012

Last Day of the Year

you almost got to see my belly

I'm resting up for tonight.  I hear there's fireworks, and I'm not sure how I will like those. Mommy will protect me, though, so I'm not too worried. My new year's wish is that all animals may find warmth, homes, and love for the new year. 
It is very cold here, so mommy has been keeping this warm blankie on the bed.  It's so soft and comfy, too.  And there is always that grey "throw", too. It is nice and warm in here, anyway, but you know you can't have enough warmies in the winter.
Mommy forgot to defrost her turkey, so she is going to have something else for New Years.  At this rate, she might not get her turkey Christmas dinner till next year.  Wait! That's tomorrow! And, folks, it isn't happening tomorrow!
I want to thank Mommy for letting me pick her as my mommy, and you all out there who have helped her out this year. I understand brandi's health was  hard on mommy and letting her go to the Bridge was very very hard, but necessary.  Brandi has told me she is much more comfortable and pain free and she has lots of space to run and play with all the other little kitties, and she loves watching over us.
We are going to start a new chip in, and it will be for mommy and me.  We need to pay for doctors and vets and mommy's medicines and insurance (we promise, she is almost up to date with that!), and Angel brandi has yet to get a decent vase, and mommy has other bills, and we live on what's called a "fixed income".  Whew.  We are so glad there are people who can help us out. I certainly know how hard it is for humans to survive (after all, I was dumped at the shelter cause someone decided they couldn't keep me), but thank goodness there are those who manage to keep us in their hearts and prayers and can help out a little bit financially, too. There are way too many needy ones out here, and that is sad. Don't feel like you have to help us, or get us to the goal or anything.  The goal is just a number.  Anything will help.
Mommy told me I have said enough, but hey, I haven't gotten to say anything for quite a while! Oh. Oh, yea, I think she means it is massage time.
Gotta go,
oh, yea, and
from Quinn, Mommy Carol, and Angel brandi

December 30, 2012

We're Back!!! Easy Sunday!!!

I know. Christmas is done.  And we didn't have it here.  But mommy was very very ill and now she is better and we get to have Christmas for New Years! I'm not sure when we will celebrate New Years, though. It has been awfully weird here, with mommy either in bed sleeping or in the human litter box room doing disgusting smelly loud hairball  things. And I snuggled close and purred for her and made sure she was warm and comfy enough, anyway, cause she couldn't help being so yucky.
So now I finally get an Easy Sunday.  Mouses, I finally get a day off!
Glad to be back here, though.
So is Mommy.
Happy New Year, all!
Any parties I can sneak off to? I am anxious to try teleporting!

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

We hope you all are enjoying the holidays. Mommy has been very ill, so I have been playing nursie like Angel brandi told me to do.  We will be back soon.

December 23, 2012

December 22, 2012

December 21, 2012

So This is Christmastime

Mommy showed a movie last night called "The Christmas Card". She said it was a very nice Christmas movie.  Afterwards she took a picture of one of the Christmas trees on first floor (there are at least two every year apparently somewhere on the lobby level). Just to the right of this picture is the little "conversation area" where mommy and I spent the day when the nice men here were working on our apartment.  To the left is the community room where mommy shows the pictures. She said the reason the picture looks so yellow is cause the walls are painted yellowish and the new tiles are green and yellow and brown. The old lobby tree (before the remodel):                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
And now the new lobby tree, with a nice snowman (the deer ran away):

We also would like to share this to get everyone in the mood for the holiday (as if we all weren't already): Please know that this is long, so sit back and admire the beautiful music and amazing light show:


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Have a blessed season.
from QUINN (and Mommy Carol )

We will peek back from time to time with more Christmasy stuff for your enjoyment thru Christmas.

December 19, 2012

December 17, 2012

An Award to Share!

Mommy finally got around to my first award! Hoo-ray!
I got an award from Cotton over a week ago, and I am so proud of it. Cotton is proud of it, too, cause his mom helped him make it.  The reason he made it is cause everyone has been so kind and friendly on the blogosphere for new bloggers.  And it is so true for me too!
You all have been so sweet to me at my new home this last month, and sweet to my mommy.  We are supposed to (in Cotton's words, cause it is easier on mommy) tell you this:
  • You may choose to pass it on to any number of friends. I understand some of you find this inconvenient, but if you wish to keep it without passing it on, I don't mind that as well. 
  • You may edit the logo to suit yourself, but please ensure it is still recognizable.
  • You may receive the award multiple times, the more the merrier. :)
  • It is optional if you wish to credit the person/animal that gave you the award, but I hope you do :D 
Now, Cotton went on to list all sorts of new friends and why they were so friendly, but you know mommy.  She's kinda lazy so busy with other stuff, and it took me over a week to get her this far. And truly there are so many of you lovely, friendly, encouraging, witty, smart, generous, unique, did I say amazing and adorable bloggers out here (have you looked recently? Hundreds and hundreds of us overtaking the blogging world!) that it would wear out her fingers and probably bore you to death if I made her list all of you nice bloggers.  So please know that you are all making me very welcome, and you ALL deserve this award.  So please take it, pass it around, bring a smile to your blogging friends.
I hope I have.
Thank you, Cotton, for being your sweet funny cute self.

December 16, 2012


This morning mommy gave me two massages.  For a long long time.  Actually, I was so happy with the first I even asked for the second.  Mommy says I am spoiled already.
The weather outside is nasty. So mommy is definitely home.  I don't know about her working on my blog, but I will try to make her.  She has promised some pictures around the building, but I don't see her going anywhere for a day or two.  Her little toe is a lot littler now, and giving her some pain.
Really, mommy.  I am declawed and you talk about pain! One toe versus two paws! You'll survive!
Yes, I'm still being nice to her.  I'm just saying...
We wanted to say thank you for helping us. We know it is a hard time for a lot of people.  And that there are a lot of needy people around the blogosphere (and elsewhere). Mommy has almost enough monies to pay the phone company up to date now.  She still has internets to pay, insurance, food, and she still has to get me some "rooster shots", whatever they are.  But whatever you can do, we are grateful.  Like I said before, it is a hard time for a lot of people. But Angel brandi needed to be taken care of, and I needed monies for my adoption and foodies, and mommy needs her medicines and things happen.  She says we are on a fixed income, and she says it's just like when she was a college student. No monies for anything. Especially hard at holiday time.
And we also wanted to say lots of prayers and purrayers for the families affected by the Sandy Hook shooting.  Hug your kids (fur and otherwise) extra, too. We have been blessed, and these families need lots more blessings because of the pain and emptiness they are going through.
Mommy said this is sounding like a sermon.  I apologize. I didn't mean to.  Maybe I need another massage to mellow out some more on this Easy Sunday?
Quick, before I fall asleep again!
Massages are purrrrfect any time, any day.
I think I picked the right mommy, don't you?

December 14, 2012

Not Good News

We have not been around the last few days.  Mommy has been ill and sleeping a lot. Last night she sliced part of her toe off (yucky blood all over). Her phone has been cut off so she couldn't call for help. We were up til 3 am.
She made arrangements for the phone to be turned back on, but still owes monies on it, and she paid what she could with all the rest of her monies. If anything happens this weekend, well, nothing better happen!
Lots of peoples are having hard times right now, and I hate to see mommy in this situation.  She still gave me my morning massage today, and foodies and stuff. But if anyone could help, we would really appreciate it. There are some other bills she has to pay, and more foodies she wants to get before Christmas.
Oh, and she got me a box yesterday! She was better enough to pick up her Holiday basket, and it was a box with a frozen turkey and some chicken and stuffing in it, so I got the box.  It's kind of fun.  She said we don't normally have boxes here (they hide bugs) but she'll let me keep it as long as possible. Yea.
This weekend we are expecting yucky weather again. So maybe mommy will have some time to do some work on my blog. I have an award from Cotton (my first award!) to take care of.  Mommy, before she was ill, started a page for Angel brandi and her awards and stuff, so I can have mine on this page. She's not quite done with updating stuff, but, as I said before, she has been sick. So maybe we'll get to catch up.
I even snuggled with her this week.  Angel brandi told me it would be the right thing to do for her.  And mommy did like it.  Especially this morning, with her hurt toe.
Hope everyone else and efurryone else is doing better than we are.

December 10, 2012

And Now the Cold!

10 plus inches of snow outside from yesterday's storm. Whew! I am totally glad I don't have to be in it! Plus the fact that the temperature has taken a nose dive and is about 10 degrees F out (that's -12 C!) this morning! Oh, I hope all the homeless (animals and peoples) have found places to keep dry and warm!
Even though it is warm in our place (ours!--I have an ours!), and just because the temperature is horrible outside, mommy decided I needed this:
She said something about "snug as a bug in a rug". Whatever. Anyway, it is kinda snuggly. And I'm going to take a nice snuggly nap. Or two. Or more.
Take care, stay warm!

December 9, 2012

Progress Report

I have been here a month already.
Progress report:
Now this isn't the fanciest (or biggest) place I've been, but it has its advantages.  Like good kitty food and fresh water.  Like nice hidey holes (like my very own Quinn Cave). Interesting sounds coming from under the front door (and nice smells). And lovely massages every day. Did I say lovely massages? OOOhhhhh how lovely.
So today, in honor of my first month here, the weather did this (the little black speck by the last truck with an open and snowy bed is a human! Biggie-fy and you can sorta make him out by the right side) and Mommy tried to get some of the window ledge so you could see the snow more up close. Yes, it IS snowing!):

And I am safe and warm inside with my new Mommy.  In fact, she did this:
I sorta moved a little.  But you get how nice Mommy is. A nice "throw" that has a bit of Angel brandi  woven into it's warmth. Oh, and she has even served me breakfast in bed before.  Just not today.

I love it here. Yup.  No place like a furrever home. And lots of love. Even if I am a messy eater and my deposits in the litter box sorta stink up the place for a few minutes when I make them.

Progress Results:
A-Okay with me.

December 5, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Yes, it's sunny.  And yes, I seem to like the shower hidey hole.  I don't play in it, I just think it's a nice quiet place to curl up and sleep.  Away from everything.  See, Mommy is awesome and everything, but sometimes she can't stop petting and massaging me and I found out it's kinda nice but kinda tiring to purr for hours and hours.  I need my sleep!  I also need my quiet contemplation time. I am an independent girl!
Oh, I still make appearances.  I DO like it when she snuggles with me.  I DO like my nice daybed.  I DO like to be by the windows sometimes. And, okay, I DO like the massages and I DO like to make my mommy happy by purring to her. 
So this is my gift today:
And we solved the hiding names on the reading list.  Thank you Katie Isabella and our cool blogging knowsters!
Now back to my Quinn-cave! Hey, I named it! How about that. I have a Quinn-cave!

December 4, 2012

Sun, Finally?

Yup.  After days of gray and white outside (not exactly snow, just foggy), the sun is shining!
So I hide in the shower.
Go figure.
Katie Isabella (isn't she the cutest girlcat besides Katie and me?) brought up a question today.  Her mommy has hidden some blogs on her reading list. And she wants to know how to unhide them.  Is this a tuxie mommy thing? My mommy did the same thing on my bloggie! So, anyway, how do we show our mommies how to fix this?