March 31, 2016

Thank You

Mommy is posting this on Wednesday because she won't be home to turn the puter on on Thursday morning as she will be going to her little operation. So thank you for your good thoughts and purrayers in advance.
Friday she has to run some errands, and she can't avoid them. she wishes she could just sleep the day away with me, but these errands are strictly for medicines. As you know, or maybe don't, she has to go to two different pharmacies for her medicines. One delivers, but she won't be home Friday to accept the delivery of that one (they only deliver three times a week) and that is for her regular meds and the other is for her insulin and instead of $$$$$$ they have a special price for $$. That one is Wallyworld, and she needs her insulin, like really she's almost out so she has to use her MetroMobility ride as Wallyworld is in a suburb and they don't deliver.
So anyway, we might not do an update until the weekend. Depends on how Mommy feels.
Anyone want to deliver a pizza tonight or  Friday feel free! I think I will be awfully busy being nursey, and besides, I can't cook for her!). Pizzas we can share. Jimmy John's delivers! Oh, well, the pizza places deliver, too. Just thought about that.
Love ya,
and thanks,

March 27, 2016

Egg and Chocolate* Time

May your Easter and spring celebrations
 be happy and joyous.
QUINN Makayla
and Carol 
*chocolates for human consumption only.
Maybe you'll get some hamm or
chicken instead!

March 23, 2016

Weather Report

They are saying winter is coming BACK!
Quinn and
Mommy Carol 

March 20, 2016

Spring is Here, no Fear!

Someone on TV said today is spring.  Finally!
love ya,

March 10, 2016


Yesterday our sweet friend Lexi left this earth. Hugs to Dezi and Audra for your aching hearts, and prayers for mending it are on their way from all your blest friends and family.

Thorta Thursday

Excuthe me. Bad mannerth to talk and lap water at the thame time.
I meant sorta Thursday.
Let me start again:
Hello again!
New update on Mommy's hand and thumb: operation is on the last day of this month. Now for some humor:
New update on weather: got colder. No, that's not funny.
We'll start again:
New update on me: sleep, wake, eat, litterbox, sleep, wake, eat, litterbox.  Oh, yeah, somewhere in there is drink water, bath time, pet me, Furminate me, PAY ATTENTION TO ME and DO NOT WAKE THE SLEEPING KITTY EVEN IF YOU THINK IT IS CUTE. Do I wake you? Oh, never mind that one. I do occasionally wake you. TO PAY ATTENTION TO ME!
Somehow I don't think I will make a comedienne.
Or are YOU laughing?
love ya anyway,
Moooommmmmy, more water please!
Thank you, Mommy.
thlerp, thlerp.

March 9, 2016

A very Nice Tuesday

Well, the news is: we have to schedule an operation for Mommy. They are going to cut a tendon or something in her thumb. Ewwww! We will let you know when.
But she had some good things that happened yesterday.  She had an awesome taco salad at the hospital attached to the clinic she went to.  And she met this awesome awesome curly haired black woofie that was almost as big as a miniature horsie. She was Sofie, and she was one of those lovely visiting woofies! Sofie was so gentle and sweet, Mommy said. Mommy was asked if she liked woofies, and of course she said yes. She got to pet this dear woofie, and Mommy told the nice lady who came with Sofie that Mommy grew up with a family woofie, but right now she has ME. QUINN. She would have loved petting this sweetheart more, but Sofie had patients to see! Mommy was very honored to meet Sofie. 
It got up to 75 degrees most places here yesterday, but it is not going to be quite as warm today, but Mommy gets to stay home with me. Oh, winter is still not gone for good.  But Minnesnowtans will take any warmth and sun we can get!
That window is not closed yet!!!
love ya,

March 8, 2016

Short Update

Mommy's eye thing went very well. No needles this time! She doesn't have to go back for a couple months!  So today it's the hand and thumb thing at the hospital. Crossed paws on that.
Thanks for all your crossed paws. It's been really helping!!
Now if Mommy would just stop falling out of bed....just kidding!
The weather here has been amazing. 65 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday! Mommy is going to leave the window by my bed open today! Lovely window whiffies! Even if it rains. Lovely, just lovely! Spring!!!???


March 6, 2016

Don't Forget Us, Please

Dear Friends, I need to update you on happenings. Mommy is typing this with one thumb and hand in a sort of hard wrap, so it is kinda hard for her to type so I won't let her type too long.
Monday she goes back for another eye treatment. She says they will probably put more needles in her eyes. Eek. Tuesday she has to see the hand surgeon at one of the hospitals. Another eek. Good stuff: Next Saturday is her birthday. Oh, and she has to get her State ID renewed this week, too, and has chosen to go back to a place she's been before, and is hoping for a nice day so she can sit outside, as it's quite pretty there.
I am doing fine. When Mommy goes to bed at night she takes the wrap off her hand, so I get extra scritchies then. Lovely.
I have to let her stop.
Check in with you soon.
Love ya,