July 28, 2008

Monday, Monday

Mama made it through work today. But she losted her puter programs she needed. Her puter kicked her at 3 p.m. What mama? Oh, kicked her off her programs, not kicked HER. Thanks mama.

It is hot and muggy here, but we have a/c this summer, so it is comfy inside.

You might notice we took the weather update off this weekend. It was never correct, at least 4 degrees off, so we switched to the weather pixie. Let's see how that one goes.

love to you all,
and thanks for the company, my sweet Sugar Pie, mama says you can come over any time! You are such a gentlemancat!!

July 26, 2008

Saturday Stuff again

Mama has been doing okay. Going to lots of bean vet appointments, and resting. We get our snuggle time. A lot of snuggle time. And I am staying off her pillow. It's the least I can do.

The water is back to normal again. I don't know why it was so smelly and yucky. They just told us on the news that it was safe to drink when it was like that. Bleah! We didn't think so!

But I am still getting my bottled water. Yes I am!

Mama has to go back to work Monday. Waaaah!

We even had hamm pizza....


July 19, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Can you imagine? This morning I was yelling and yelling at my mama. No, I didn't want skritches. No, I didn't want cuddles. Or new foodies. I WANTED MY BOTTLED WATER. Gosh, I think maybe I'm addicted!

Anyway, Tuesday she has her nother surgery. On her nother eye. So I am going to be nursie Brandi again.

I hope she doesn't forget my water again....


July 13, 2008

Easy like Sunday Morning

We haven't gotten the camera problem solved, but this is an acurate picture of what is going on today.

Mama says I am really spoiled getting bottled water to drink. But it sure is good!


July 12, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Just a quick one. We may update later.

It isn't me that is smelly. Or my litterbox. It is the bean litterbox. They announced on the news that some of the water in our city smells and tastes bad. Oh, it's safe, it just stinks to drink it or smell it. Whew. I thought my taste and my smell was off or something. Mama puts down the seat on her litterbox and the smell doesn't get as bad. It was the open toilet bowl and the smelly water from the city. She started giving me bottled water.

Oh, yeah. We had really bad stormies last night with lots of flashies and boomies. I mean lots and lots of flashies. I hid under the bed and came out when it was over.

Lots of love, see ya all later,

July 9, 2008

Wednesday Update

Nothing much to report, of course. Mama has been catching up at work, and coming home and being loud. Well, only when she finds me on her pillow.

We have a problem with my litter box. It stinks. Even after mama changes the litter (not just scoops, I mean all fresh). She thinks it's me, but I think it's the litter box. Hmmm. We use the Arm&Hammer odor stuff that changes colors. We have been using it since we moved here.

maybe it is me....shhh. don't say the V word!

Anyway, I hope everyone had fun at the par-tay, and is having a good week.

love to all, and nose kisses for my Sugar Pie,

and a sad farewell to our hero Mu shue. Our hearts are with mama Laura and her sweet family.

July 6, 2008

Hey, Par tay at my Sugar Pie's place

Today I am heading over to my boyfriendcat's house. There is a partay there. Only don't tell his mommy and daddy. Shhh!

I need to leave this place for a while. I am on my mama's bad list today. I did a "no" thing. She caught me on her personal pillow today. Twice. And I was told I have control of every other thing in my partment, but not where she puts her head at night.


Come to the partay!

I am assuming it is still going on. Maybe I will have to rescue my sweetie!

And oh, yes, even I had to hide under the bed for the 4th. We weren't here last year, and found out that the neighborhood does fireworks. They were really close. My eyes openeded really big when the first sploded and shimmered all over the sky. Then I wented for cover.


July 3, 2008

Hello, there!

My mama can see sooo much better out of her eye they did surgery on. She said colors are much brighter now. The thing now is...to do the other one. It will be in a couple of weeks. So far I have kept by her side or on her. She is doing fine, but she has to put a zillion drops in her eye every day. And the scription in her glasses is WAAAAY off, but in a good way.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Stay safe and away from fireworks. And if you have to, hide! But if your parents are home (or pets), they will probably snuggle with you. Like mine does.

love to all,

p.s. from Carol. She tried verry verry hard, but she did leave me one hairball. And she keeps track of where I am and what I am doing. She is a sweet girl