October 29, 2014

Wordy Wednesday!

Hi, there! Guess what, guess what?? The SOUND is fixed on our computer!!! We had a gentleman come and clean all our floors (he moved stuff like the freezer!!) and he also figured out the sound on our computer!! He and his wife live here in the building, are owned by a cat (!) and are very helpful people. We are blessed! I went back and visited all the videos on the blogs to hear them, too!
We got our free cell phone, but the charger is broke, so we tried Amazon and spent around $5 to replace it, and should have it by November 4th. That's not bad. Now if Mommy could figure out out to use it! She can't figure out how to create a contact list or access it. I suppose she'll figure it out. After she fully charges the phone!
Mommy went to the clinic Monday, and Tuesday she had to go run an errand downtown. She is home today, supposedly doing laundry (ha!) and picking up stuff so that the bug guys can come tomorrow (again, ha!) That means she will be up early tomorrow cleaning the litterbox again, and sweeping the floors and taking the garbage out.
Oh, and one not so nice thing about the gentleman that helped us? He's the one that carried out my condo!! Hisssssss!
I splatted the downgraded box she left for me, but I am also using it under protest.
Now you are all caught up.
Now my friends, Halloween is coming. And I am one of the lucky ones there. No costume to wear! And we don't get trick or treaters, either. They come to the main floor, and if you want to go down and give out candy and see all the cute costumes, you may. Nice idea for those who can't afford to buy stuff, and a nice idea for those who still want to see the little ones in their costumes. And nice idea for the animal residents here! Peace!
And Happy National Cat Day! As if every day wasn't Cat Day!
Love ya,

October 25, 2014

Caturday News

Mommy did a horrible thing yesterday. Horrible!!!! She threw my condo away!!!! I've been evicted!! Oh, she left another box, but it is a horrible downsize! What's a girl to do??
I'm holding fast to our broken bed. She's not taking this away, is she? I've heard rumors! 
Oh, and see our pretty cover?  Mommy doesn't like it, but I think it is just comfy enough! That isn't leaving, is it?
Oh, and the new phone should be here next week sometime. She can't wait to use the free long distance! And Mommy got a pressie from someone very nice! A Keurig! Thank you! That made her happy! Did you know you could make tea or cocoa in one? Not just coffee! Cool.
Mommy has to go back to the doctors on Monday. *sniff* I wish she would get better.
We still haven't figured out the computer sound. Mommy misses her videos!
Last night the tv table crumbled to the floor, but mommy caught the tv and propped up the table again.
Thank you to those of you who left a little pressie in our paypal account! Mommy is saving for some furniture (we need some!) and paying her medical stuff with it. Oh, and I need some Cat Attract litter, which we are totally out of. I do not like Tidy Cat! That's what we are left with!!
Hope you have a beautiful fall weekend (or spring for those Down Under). We even have window wiffies today, with windows open!!
Love ya, 

October 22, 2014

from Quinn

Hi. We are sort of back. Lots of medical problems and mommy's heart is I guess not doing what it's supposed to. Lots of stress right now, from broken heart doctors to broken furniture (the bed frame broke the first time mommy came home from the hospital, the tv stand is propped up cause mommy fell against it, the kitchen table is wobbly, the plastic bookcase that is probably at least 15 years old is bending in the middle) and now the sound doesn't work on our puter. Can anyone help?  Pay for the Geek Squad, at least?
We can live with the broken furniture (well, the bed isn't fun) but we can't watch videos on the puter except silently. No movies, no cute kitty sounds, nothing. Mommy has worked for two whole days to try to figure out what has happened. It all started with a broken modem. We gotted a new one and it was okay, but the cable company screwed up mommy's account. Then they hung up on her. She has called them probably a dozen or more times. They claim the sound is not their problem. And mommy can't afford to call someone to help fix it. I can't be in the same room with her when she is all tense and upset. It makes me too upset. I don't get many scritchies this way!
We understand. This is not a priority. Thanks for letting us vent. There are lots of doctor appointments right now and furniture problems and the puter is only one thing. But it means so much to mommy. She has not been eating right, or taking her medicine correctly. Too much worry.
Even her free government cell phone is dead. Whew. But she might be getting another. If the government says she can.
So we will try not to complain again. We'll get back to nice blog posts.Everyone has problems and we'll try to be more positive in our posts. We'll try really hard. We are hoping mommy won't have to go to the hospital again soon.
We love you all, and thank you for your prayers.
Send the Geek Squad if you can????
and Mom Carol
ps. We did get my new Chewy box!
And Update: the government said okay to the phone! So now we wait!

October 4, 2014

Caturday Update

We have not been around the last couple of days. I mean, I have been around here, but Mommy hasn't. She ended up in the hospital. She is home now, and recuperating.  I'm not going to stress her out too much making her catch me up on all the posts we usually read. We'll read some whenever she feels up to it.
Have a good weekend, ya'll. And take care. We missed you. We'll get back to normal shortly. Now I'm going to snuggle and purr and make Mommy feel even better.