May 29, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Here it is! Mommy's Mommy Day Pressie!
You didn't think we'd forget you wanted a picture, did you?
Mom! You get the camera!
I'll pose just this once. Happy Mommy's Day!
 They are called Soft-Fit, and are adjustable so that Mommy's foot that is always swelled up can be comfy.
 The picture was actually taken after Mommy opened the box (!) it came in. And it was really sunny that day. So this is part of my Thankful Thursday. I thank the blogger who gave me green papers so that I could give Mommy these new slippers and she could do away with the hole-y old ones that kept falling off her feet (she scooted a lot so she could keep them on. Talk about noisy!). I hope I can give Mommy some more pressies, soon, but that's up to you (hint!). She still needs things.
Now my other part of Thankful: It is absolutely really sunny today, too. And the breezes are sooo nice. No need for the a/c cooly thing today!
Thanks again for help making Mommy happy! 
Love you all,
(It's a lot quieter around here!)

May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Last night we had fireworks (far enough away to not be loud, but just be pretty):
  Lots of flags waving today:
Lots of honoring our fallen troops for defending us through the history of our country:
And lots of thank yous to today's military, coast guards, firefighters, police, emergency workers, and many more unsung heroes for making our world safe for us and future generations.

May 24, 2014


 My day has started out wonderful! Beautiful warm weather! Three windows have been open all night! Yes, I hear that it is going to rain later on this weekend, but who cares? We live in the NOW, kitties!
Mommy is getting some groceries this morning (my foodies, included). And then she better plan the rest of the day as MINE. MOL. And all weekend. NO PROJECTS, PLEASE! And some good food and excellent ME time!
Yesterday, dear friends, the Mothers' Day pressie finally arrived in the mail! Mommy's new slippers!
Now she can throw those horrid old ones away (I would have had her taken a picture of the old ones, but I don't want to frighten anyone--seriously).
So, whether you have a four day, three day or just a two day weekend, tell your 'rents to relax. Do like your kitty does. Enjoy the NOW!
And lay off the fighting, you with sibs! Really, why waste a good weekend? Go to your corners or something! CHILL!

May 21, 2014

May 18, 2014

An Easy Sunday

You might be wondering where we have been. Well, Mommy had some projects that she wanted to finish last week. And did a good job finishing them, I might add. She did her volunteering in the computer lab, too, and attended a VERY long resident council meeting. By Thursday I had the sneezies. And Mommy was, of course, worried.  But now I am much better in the sneezy department, but still kinda recouperating.
So I am taking it easy on this Easy Sunday.
And I am glad it isn't Sneezy Easy Sunday. Still sneezing ONCE in a while, but not nearly like I was. Whew. That was horrible.
And guess what? Some kind blogger put monies in our PayPal account, and I got to order Mommy's Mothers Day present (a little late, but it IS the thought, right?). No package has arrived yet, but when it does, Mommy will have new slippers (finally, I might add. Now we can throw away the holey old ones). They will be black, like most of me! And then I ordered from the same place some special diabetic socks.
Aren't I thoughtful?
Aren't bloggers the most wonderful caring group you will ever ever meet? Thank you for your kind thoughts and sometimes green papers. We need both. Thank you, thank you!
There are still some stuff on my Mommy's "If" list. But I have her toesies covered! With your help, maybe we will get to work on more stuff.
Have an Easy Sunday, all,
Love ya,

May 10, 2014


Thanks for all your kind thoughts. You all are truly sweet. Mommy and I really appreciate the way you have all been so helpful throughout our blogging.  It's been several years now. Gee, longer than I have been alive! 
We are on a fixed income for the rest of our lives. Financially it won't get any better. That's why Mommy has her lists. If we get ahead. If we get some help. If Mommy can juggle her monies one more time. If. If. If. So if YOU can help, yes we do have a Paypal account. Purrayers and kind thoughts (from woofies, too) can also help. They already have been helping us!!!! And we will continue to help others that way, too.
But wait! There's more!
Time OUT!
This weekend while all the 'rents are at the Blog Paws Blowout, it is time to party! It is time for some serious house trashing!
Mommy has said I could go. So all you who are parentless this weekend, invite all of us left behind to a trashing party! We need lots of parties!
Love ya all,

May 9, 2014

Finally Friday

Well, it has been a few days. Tuesday we wanted to post but didn't. Wednesday we wanted to post but didn't. Thursday we had survived a nasty storm overnight and wanted everyone to  know we were okay. And then Thursday night we had bad weather, but it blew over quickly. So here it is Friday. Mommy has no excuses this time!
Wednesday/Thursday's storm was very scary and loud and flashy. I did the brave thing and distracted Mommy as much as possible. Went back and forth rubbing up against her. Let her pet me and talk sweet to me. See? I was really brave! I took care of Mommy!
Lots of bloggers are at the conference this weekend, and a lot of kitties haven't been lucky enough to go. We should all have a "progressive party". We should go from house to house where the Mommies and/or Daddies have deserted their furbabies. And enjoy trashing the homes!
Of course, my mommy is home. But I don't mind traveling!
Mommy has not left home for years (except, I understand, to go to the hospital). She doesn't have enough money to do that. Sometimes she doesn't have enough money for essentials. She actually has a list of things she wants "someday". And it isn't like a million dollar home or something that dumb.  It's stuff like a new watch, a rollator/walker, a new bed, a love seat. Why a new watch? Hers doesn't keep good time any more. A new rollator/walker? That's self explanatory. Why a new bed? Cause our daybed is broken and being held up by bricks. Why a love seat? We have one wooden rocking chair, one office chair, and a folding chair. And of course, new shoes, a new pair of slippers, new glasses. Stuff like that. And we are on a fixed income.
Well, if I get sick we would be desolated.
Everyone needs stuff. It is sometimes a little hard to listen to others who get to go on vacations, or get new homes, or furniture, or even new toys for furbabies. But we are very happy for them, and really love their good fortune. It does happen for nice people! There is hope for us.
Isn't there??
love ya,

May 1, 2014

It's May (and still cold and rainy)

Internet and TV connections have been spotty at best the last couple of days. We THINK we are back. Mommy couldn't even monitor computers on Tuesday.  They closed the lab down. So like I said, we THINK we are back.  It has been iffy. Mommy has spent  a long time reading. And I have been right by her side!
Still rainy here. Maybe that interfered with stuff.  Sill cool enough to not open the windows.  And Mommy isn't going to be here on Friday.  So we are going to be cuddling today, too. Friday she is going to be at the clinic for lunch and a check up.
I love my mommy. Even if she made me say that. She says I'm on a diet, and cut my noms to next to nothing. Send help! [Mommy here. Cut that out! You are not starving, little Quinn. Actually, you're kind of big Quinn right now.  You need to lose a pound or two!]
Like I was saying, I love my mommy. She does show how she loves me in strange ways sometimes. Like starving me. [Quinn, stop complaining!]
I am still going to sleep through all this rain. She says I need more activity.  So, Da Bird, please. THAT is fun activity! I'll wake up for that! 
 See, I'm not big. [Just not showing her tummy!]
Love ya all,

Question: We scheduled this for early this morning. But when we checked, it wasn't posted and said "draft". What are we doing wrong? Or does Blogger just not like us????