June 30, 2012

Saturday Sizzles

Another hot one, today.  Mama saw a tv program about Kansas City (near where she grew up) and they were telling a story about a normal summer day. And they showed a bank thermomoter that said 107 degrees!!  That's normal?? I am sure glad we live here! I don't think either one of us could stand that on a daily basis.  And to think she grew up down in that place!
Sort of makes me glad if it only gets up to 90 some degrees here. And that's crazy, in my mind!!
And if you are where it is that hot, oh oh please, please, stay in the shade, catch a good breeze, drink lots of water and, if at all possible, tell your beans to let you back in the house and turn on the air coolie thing!!!! Or at least a fan!!!!
Fur is definitely not our furiend in this heat.
Cod, am I grateful we moved to this nice building with working air coolie things in the windows!
Be safe, all!

June 29, 2012

Hot Friday!

It hasn't been too bad, being an inside kitty in this weather. But I miss the cool weather. Hey, I'm a Minnesnowta cat!
Mommy wanted you to know that she's thinking about taking some of the chip in green thingies out this weekend, and buying some foodies -- for her AND me.  Two days ago she had a big purrscription bill and it was only one of her insulins.  She takes two kinds and lots of other pills! So it sort of was sad.  Most of  the bills are paid (well, the insurance is still three months behind) but there was nothing left for foodies. Not if she pays for the rest of her purrscriptions and rent and stuff. She's been saving the chip in thingies for something, like when you can't buy lots of foodies or pay bills.
A back up plan, she says. But, really, back up to what?????? What are we going back up to????? We live on the 16th floor!! Are we going to the lounge on the 25th floor again??? Beans are weird!!!
Anyway, that's why she's been making casseroles and stuff. To stretch the foodies and be healthy for us. You should see our freezer. About three things in it. Counting ice cubes. So to those who could share a little bit, thank you, thank you, thank you! There is still more insulins to buy this month!! Mommy will figure it out. But you are helping!! Thank you again for whatever you can spare.
Maybe we'll have pizza. What, NO???? Oh, yeah, we're only doing essentials. Regular cat food. But isn't hamm pizza cat food????
I guess only in my kitty dreams, now.
And I am going to suffer in silence and take a nice long nap. Or fifty. And dream of pizza.

Nice thick, with lots of cheese and hamm. And pineapple for mom.
Can we have some shrooms, though, please?? And I hope they have Denties in stock!! I HAVE to have my Denties!!! Last time you said they were out of Denties at Target. Tempies are OKAY, but I miss my Denties!!  And, no I am not being picky.  I have an addiction!!! Like you and your green tea in bottles!!! Okay, so you haven't had any in a while.  That's not like not having Denties!!! Do I have to dream of those, too????? Darn!
Stay cool in the heat, all.  Drink lots of water!  Be careful out in the sun. Try to stay comfy.
Think kind thoughts for Traci. She's having lady surgery today, I think.

dreaming of pizza and Denties

June 28, 2012


One of mommy's sisters lives in Colorado Springs, so this is very special in our hearts. She usually comes to visit in the summer, but this year she's staying close to home. Just in case she has to save stuff and evacuate, or one of her children's homes is affected. The fires are not that far away from where she lives, and the smell of smoke is making it hard to breathe for lots of beans and animals (as well as scare-y).
Thanks Ann for your lovely work.

Mommy's medicines are very costly this month, so the chip in  is very needed so we can pay green papers for her insurance and medicines and foods for us both.  Mommy is on a "fixed income" and we don't get stuff like hamm pizzas any more, and some of the good stuff we used to eat. . We hope beans can help us, but there are a lot of us  needing help these days, and that is sad.  Let's hope the fires don't destroy homes and lives, leaving more of us in need!

Late news: Please help if you can!

June 27, 2012


You know what?  She gaved me a bowl of juice from the casserole last night. No, not a big one, but not just a taste! And it was warm from the crock pot, still.
It was NOT hamburger, it was ground turkey, but it was really really really good!
I am going to be extra nice to mommy for a while. Promise!!!
I even ated some of the veggies. Really really really!
And now she doesn't have to cook cause it is going to be hot the next couple of days, she will just have to pop casserole in the microwave thingy.

June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Noos (as kc would say)

It's sposed to get very hot here in the next couple days.  And humid (our friend Pat says humdidity). So the windows are gonna be closed, and the air coolie thing on, and we will take life napping a lot.  Mama is getting the crock pot out today, and I will be in misery all day smelling hamburger casserole. She's cruel! But she probably will give me some when it's done. She better give me some when it's done. Or this is really really cruel!!

It's KC's birthday and Jan's birthday and everyone should wish them lovely thoughts! Go on, now!

June 24, 2012

Sunday Sweet Sun Puddles

It's an old picture. I know.  But it is exactly what I am doing today.  SUN PUDDLES! And the air coolie thingie is already on! Best of both worlds!
Have a wonderfully lazy day, all.
 Blessings and hugs to all who need them (and those who dont').
Hot off the internets:
We rule, of course, but it's SPARKLES BIRTHDAY!

June 22, 2012

Celebrating Ann from Zoolatry

Look at what our dear Ann of Zoolatry has done to celebrate 5 years of blogging (and we got one,too, so we are VERY honored--We love Ann and her wonderful fingers and imagination!):
There are no words for what genius Ann has.
But lots of meows and barks!!
with lots of love,

June 19, 2012

International Box Day.

okay, mama's late. But she has a good excuse. A wedding and a guest today.
ps. Mama doesn't allow boxes. Well, management here doesnt, cause they can attract bugs.  But we do have plastic bins!!

June 18, 2012

Thunderboomies other Sthuff

That is how we wented to bed last night.  Not just rumbles but boomies! And flashy skies! Of course, I had to sit close to my mama so she wouldn't be scared.  That first boomie was LOUD and not expected at all! She gasped and called for her little baby to come protect her.  So I just had to do my duty. Keep her safe and help her through all that flashy stuff and the boomies. 
I gotted extra Temptations as a reward for helping her.
More boomies today?  Not yet, anyway.  But it is getting pretty muggy and mom might have to turn the air coolie thing on.
Traci was sick all weekend.  So I didn't get to see her. Hope she feels better soon.
One of mom's bean vets gotted tired and left the clinic.  And she can't get a pointment till August with a new one. And she is not happy about this????
Beans are crazy sometimes.

June 17, 2012

Happy Daddy Day

To those of you who have daddies, be nice and sweet and appreciate them today.
Remember, some of us are daddy-less. But we'll be nice and sweet and appreciate the thought of having a daddy today.
We can always raise heck tomorrow.

June 14, 2012

Thursday Sthuff

Here we are at Thursday.  Stormy day.  Will it ever end? It has been thunder bumpering all morning!
Not that I really care.  Cause I am safe and warm and dry at home. And it's not really lightening, just rumbling once in a while.
Tonight mom told me we are buying a zoo.  A zoo??  Unless it's for rescue animals, I am not for it! OH! mama told me that is the name of the movie she is showing: We Bought a Zoo.
Just so she doesn't get any ideas.  This place is too small.
Or would it be bigger?  Mama, NO moving!!!
They had their last resident meeting for the summer.  Mama spended all evening down there.  Well, she did spend some time talking to one of the other ladies down there.  A real sweet lady who's really old (in her eighties, mama said), raised eight children ( a feat even for some kitties) and is still absolutely gorgeous. For real.
Mama wented downtown this week for a day and then the meeting that night.  Wented to the clinic this week, wented to the food bank (no longer in our building), and Traci is coming tomorrow.  Unless the weather is just too yucky.
It is sposed to rain like this for the next several days.
Nappy time! A LOT of nappy times!
Oh, that reminds me. 
It's nappy time again. Mama's idea of a joke..
Ps. We know things are difficult for lots of beans and kitties.  They are very difficult for us, too. If you can help, we would appreciate it.  The food shelf and the food bank don't provide a lot of food, and mom is still behind in some bills, and I need my Denties. Thank you to all who can help (we know it's hard) and thank you to all who can only purray for us. Purrayer alone can do lots for all, and we purray for lots of kitties, ourselves. Kitties of the Blogosphere have powerful purrayers!!
special love, brandi

June 10, 2012

Sweet Sunday

Sposed to be hot and humid today, and I don't care.
I used to suffer in the summer time in our old partment, but here the air coolie thing works, and since our whole partment is smaller, efurrything gets cool.
Have a very "Snoozie Sunday".
Drink lots of water and stay cool.
Or drink lots of water and stay warm, if you're "down under"!

June 8, 2012

Pondering Friday

It's sposed to be really warm this weekend.  So summer is finally saying hello to us!! All the rain we've been having has made every thing green!
Wish that the green stuff would turn into green papers! A lot of beans and furry things would be so happy, and no one would have to go hungry or not have shelter!
Now that's a wish everyone should wish for. Ya think if we all put our minds to it we could make that happen???
And no one should have bad things happen to them, either? Why do bad things happen to us?
Last night's movie was a horror one.  Made last year, I think.  And one of the beans here asked if we could have more "current" movies! Isn't it weird that beans are never satisfied with what they got? And got for free (with free cookies last night, too).
Isn't it strange that beans in someplace called Washing-ton can tell us what we can and cannot do? And what our beans can have for green papers??
And what is it with green papers, anyway.  Shouldn't things be free?  Green papers are insanely not "green", either!
I could even ask about why we have to lose so many of our friends over the Rainbow Bridge, but I know the nice man dressed in white who loves us all says it is a good place, and we will all be there someday. But why do we have to lose so many furends to win a reuniting someday in the future?
So much for a kitty to ponder. And even us elders still don't have the answers!
Pondering is tiring.  I think I will go for a nap in a sun puddle now.
Lovely Katie Isabella awarded me the Illuminating award, which I have already recieved. It's nice to be twice blessed! Oh, an illuminating thought about me? How about I am not afraid of the loud monster or the mop or the broom. I am a brave kitty.
My mommy says that's being lazy.
I disagree!!!
And the sun puddles wented away, too.

June 5, 2012

Tuesday Toesies?Talkative Tuesday?

Blurried and old (the picture not me, although I am kinda an older (ahem) feline. I show off my toesies.

It is another gorgeous day out there!  Sunpuddles! Warm. Warm enough to probably turn the air coolie thing on later.Yea!!
Mom is debating on going to the Agenda Meeting for the Council tonight. She might just stay home.  After all she has this wonderful casserole to eat at her leisure!  OMC, she made tuna casserole last night!!!!! I got the cans and the tunie juice!!!!!!! Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now Nerissa gaved me a pretty award and I said I would put in on my blog today and pass it on to a couple of my friends.  This award I proudly pass on to:
Mr. Pip (and check out his new header!)
and last but not least, Glogirly and Katie
Two boys (well really three) and three girls (well four). No that there aren't more out there. There are. And a lot of deserving bloggers, too. And Mr. Pip, I know you aren't a kitty, but you have two kitty siblings, so that counts!

We are so happy that the chip-in is working.  It was hard for a few days. But money is coming through (as soon as they release the funds). Any body know how to make that shorter? Mommy said there are so many things on her list.  Like hamm pizza, mom? Please? Oh, yeah, insurance and medicines, too. Mama has fallen a little behind in some bills. And needs foodies.
Oh, the cell phone thing wasn't because of green papers. No worry on that.  It was something called a bad sim card and "an idiot company" to quote mama. The cell phone lies dead on the desk until we get another sim card. Honestly, this is actually the second phone we've had since the beginning of LAST month. And the third sim card is coming in the mail in about two weeks. Good grief!
All this for a free cell phone.
We are going to be trying out a different kitty litter soon, so we will report back on it. If it's any good.
If I am pleased with it. If I would recommend it. IF.
I should have said Talkative Tuesday, huh and left out the toesie part.
Take care,

June 4, 2012


Hey, it's 80 degrees out.  Nice. We have summer. We have sun puddles.
I peeked in at the ball Saturday.  I felt a little like Cinderella or somecat. But it was beautiful. Truffle looked so elegant and happy. Oh, my!
Since I am older, I'm glad I just crept behind the stairs and sat for a while. Efurry one was busy dancing and eating and talking and snuggling! I missed my sweetie, but, really, these things are for the young.
It seems as though we are going to have a beautiful summer week.  Yea! And more important, I don't think mom has any errands to run.
She was caught up this weekend with a cell phone issue.  Which still hasn't been resolved.  I told her anyone we need to talk to we can blog. She didn't quite get that.
She calls Traci and Lou on the landphone, so she's not totally up in the air. Unless she is out somewhere.
Next week she has lots to do.  I'm glad I have her this week.
At least she stopped falling.
So far.
And I have a bit of flash to show everyone!

And thanks to Nerissa ( who is a mancat, we have to remind efurryone) I have another award to add to my sidebar,  The Illuminating Blogger Award. I think I better pass it on two a couple kitties, too, but stay tuned for that. I will add that tomorrow.
Got to get some Denties (I still have a bag or two left).

June 2, 2012


Oh, lovely furrends, my mama says I can't go to the ball.  I am soo upset.
I think she said something like "you'r too old" which sounded a lot like "I don't have time". So I don't get to see all my furrends dressed up in all their finery and miss the important debut! You only debut once, ya know.  Come to think of that, I wasn't presented to society in the first place.
Now I am totally distrawted. I didn't have my own debut.  And it's entirely tooo late now.
Have a lovely time, sweet ones. Maybe I'll get to peek in for a bit to see all the excitement.
Mama has been struggling a little with the green papers.   With this medi-gap thing she can't buy stuff, and she has fallen again so she hurties, and we don't have any hamm pizzas.  I miss my hamm pizzas.
HMMMPH. No ball AND no hamm pizza.
I am going to pee all over my room.  So there.
Wait! Does that mean no DENTIES????
an upset brandi