May 30, 2007


If I have to be fostered, mama knows someone who may help with that. A person she met who works with the place that originally rescued me! So, maybe that's covered.

Well, mama called the senator this morning, and that got the ball rolling for a bit. She had a meeting downtown with several people, and some stuff accomplished. We think by next week she will have medical insurance again and EBT (like food stamps). Hooray!

It's not much, can't pay the rent or utilities, but it is a start.

I was happy to see mama in a better mood. And her glucose levels dropped A LOT, just cause of the stress level dropping cause someone is really trying to help.

That is good news, I think. Still have to deal with the rent and utilities, and that is a lot of worry. But the food and medicines will help a lot. And she got in to a doctor through these people, and there would have been a three month wait without them. She gots an appointment next Monday!

Thank you for all your help. Prayers (and US Senators) help a lot.


May 29, 2007


We are stopping in again. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. Very quiet here. Mama is not doing good, but I am helping by snuggling and stuff.

I am afraid we aren't going to be together much longer if we don't get some help. Mama has been everywhere for help! Even our Senator. We cannot pay the rent or much of anything.

So please understand if we don't blog much. Sometimes we just can't cause it's too much to handle.


May 24, 2007

Favorite things meme

My favorite things. I was tagged by my sweetie, Mr. Hendrix

Time of Day: Anytime I can snuggle with mama or eat, or have time to dream about my sweetie.
Day of the week: Whenever mama's home.
Season of the year: I am an indoor kitty.
Holiday: Christmas. And any time mama gets to stay home extra.
Beaches: What are beaches?? I am an indoor kitty.
Song: Don't have a favorite song, but my sweetie likes the Who, and so does mama.
Flower: Not crazy about flowers. Mama never gets any, anyway.
Talk show: Tonight show? That's the only one mama sometimes watches.
Movie: Don't have one. One of the ones who went before me liked Superman, cause he rescued a kitty from a tree and she liked the other kitty's meow.
Soaps: I like the British one mama likes. Eastenders. Except the whistling on the theme song.
Beverage: Water, of course. Soup juice. Tuna juice.
Fruit: Nope. Although lime yogurt isn't bad....
Snack:Temptations! Once in a while bits of popcorn.
Food: Alley Cat, Hamm, Chicken, Meatloaf, Turkey, hot dogs, muffins, Boccaburgers.
Restaurant: Anyplace that delivers hamm pizza or meatball sammiches.

That's my favorites. I tag anyone who wants to participate.


May 22, 2007

Tuesday morning

Just to let you know that mama was back in the hospital cause of her diabetes and all the problems we have been having. She gotted home at dark this morning, like the middle of the night. Anyway, I am so happy to see her back home.

This has not been fair for her.

She said there was a lady complaining about being in the ER for two hours, and she wanted this and that and refused this and that, and argued with the doctors about lack of care, and mama had been in there for 5 hours by then.... She was thinkin, lady, I've been here for 5 hours and no one has changed my Ringers for an hour. Shut up and let the doctors help people who have been here longer and need more than an asprin. The lady had a headache!

Anyway, she gotted some medicines and stuff, and is better, but, gee, now we gots another bill to pay with no money!


May 20, 2007


Oooh, cooler weather here today. Lots of snuggles. Mama hasn't found a lot of jobbies to apply to, so this is scary. The interviewer Friday said they had over a hundred applicants.

Yesterday she spent time with a friend of hers, and today I think she is still thinking about taking a walk.... I started turning my nose up at some of the foodies she bought me. But she had something called Spam that is made here in Minnesota, and it's pretty good. She shared it. She tried some vegi burgers that were pretty bad....

That's it, here. Take care efurryone.

love, brandi

May 17, 2007


We have not been ignoring our friends. We have not been able to access Blogger at all the last couple of days. What is with that??? Anyone else been given "timeouts"???

Anyway, thank you for your kind messages. Mama has an interview tomorrow morning, and then she gives her blood away again in the afternoon.

I don't think anyone would like to boycott a publisher of children's books, but....

Mama wented by there the other day to go talk to a place that might help us with housing assistance. Then she wented to a fast food place (she says they have really good salads that are cheap), and got to overhear some really nice stuff. It seems there was a guy there counselling a lady, and it was a Christian counselor and he was saying a lot of nice things that mama really agreed with. It was so uplifting, she said, that when she left, she said nice words to them back (like Thank You!). Yesterday she would have been going on the building tours. Today our landlord checked to see if we needed any plumbing help. Tomorrow she has an interview, like I said. This time at a commerical real estate place that said they would teach her a NEW computer program.

It has been snuggly weather for a few days again, but tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 80's again.

Oh, and I think my Sugar Pie looks hansome with his new white whiskers. *blush* they kinda match mine.

That's all our news. Love you all,

May 14, 2007

The Lord Giveth...

and the Lord Taketh Away. After her first month on her new jobbie (a month!) mama wrote most of a department manual for one of the departments, created new excel spreadsheets for the department, learned a nifty new computer program and ran spreadsheets from it, re-organized one of the supply areas, and took minutes and published them on a "share drive" (they had only ever posted the agendas) and although she was promised training to assist another department (little happened except for a lot of filing projects to complete) she was told she didn't fit in last Friday. She feels used ( after all, she created almost an entire department manual and set up new reports for that department)and lied to ( how can you fit in to a department if you are not trained in and only told to go file?) and she left with her head held high. But now we are jobbie-less again!

She has been jobbie hunting again, and today went out in the neighborhood and did some free marketing stuff for one of the local coffee places. You never know.

This has hit us very hard. This was kinda nasty. We were trying to get back on our feets.

Please purray verry verry hard for us.

Although we might not be blogging a lot right now, we will try to catch up on efurry blog, and post comments when we can. No more pizza for awhile.

Bless you all,

brandi and Carol

May 6, 2007

Sunday Snuggles

Ooh, snuggles! Lots of snuggles this morning. And then mama left for a walk this afternoon. It was really breezy and I think there are wind advisories out, but it hasn't rained yet. And she's back, so I know there will be more snuggles. Yea!

Then she goes back to work tomorrow, and I will be snuggling with my Sugar Pie this week so I won't be lonely. *blush*

Mama asked me yesterday what I had gotten into cause there was a gooey clump of fur on my back. I didn't say anything, but I was really patient while she got it out, and my furs were all pretty again. Mamas are good at that, sometimes. But I'm not telling what I did!

Love, hugs to all, headbumpies, and smoochies to my Sugar Pie!


ps. 5 blogs that make me think: The Cat Blogosphere, of course. I go there to see what's happening, and who I should be thinking of and purraying for and cheering for. The Pet Prayer and Praise blog. I go there for uplifting messages and also to add to mama and my purrayer list. Millie's blog because it makes me glad there is such a good family for her, after such a scary start, and even though she has lost dear Gizzy, she had him for the transition to a happy home and that was soo wonderful for her. Proof positive that there are good beans and kitties, all the help she got and the good home she has! Edsel's blog. Because his mommy is such a courageous and wonderful purrson, and has inspired and encouraged my mama in so many ways thoughout our ordeal these past months. And the last one? Hmm. All of you are good and kind and funny and wise. I just can't name one more. You all deserve huge blessings! Mom Robyn, of course, has done so much for us all. And all the reporters on the Cat Blogosphere. And Beau, and Max, and Skeezix, and ..... you all are so special in your own ways!

May 4, 2007

Friday Already

Gee, I needed mama today! And I told her all about it when she came home! One of her sisters called her to see how the new jobbie was going, and mama wasn't paying enough attention to me!

It was wet and gloomy all day. I nappied a lot. The lady came and looked around, and said okay. That was the whole day. I just needed my mama. Ya know???

At least I got her to finally turn on the computer! And she told me she has to go out tomorrow morning and run some errands. Phoey! But it is supposed to be all stormy on Sunday, so maybe we'll just snuggle....

Love, headbumpies, lots of hugs, and a sweet smooch for my sweet Sugar Pie!

May 2, 2007

A Nice Day

When my mama camed home I asked for extra scritchies, and we snuggled for a bit. It was so nice out today. I had lots of sunbeams to sit in in the window. YEAH! Another great sunny day.

Mama gotted lots of new stuff to learn again, and she still likes both halfs of her jobbie. We aren't up to date with some of the utilities yet, but it will happen.

Mama says we are getting inspected on Friday, so there will be a lady here and I shouldn't be scared or anything. It's just a routine fire thing. But we have lots of boxes here. Hmm. They probably wont like that, but will probably understand. Right?

Anyway, I hope you all have gorgeous weather and nice sunbeams and lots of birdies and squirrels and stuff.

Love, headbumpies and hugs for all, and a sweeeeeet headbumpie for that hunky Sweetie Pie!

May 1, 2007

Hey, it's ME

Happy May!

Mama is working hard this week, and I am napping a lot. Yesterday it rained a little, and last night you could hear thunder, but it was sunny and nice today! I needed some scritchies early this morning, and i woke her up. Not happy about being woke up early, but she did nice scritchies. I also demanded that she turn on the computer when she got home and do some more scritchies and let me update this.

So, there. That's the news. Haven't caught up on bills yet, but I think mama is working on it with a little help from friends (including YOU).

More scritchies, mom!

Love, headbumpies and purrayers for those in need, and a special smooch for my sweet Sugar Pie!