July 30, 2009

Celebration Day

It's my Gotcha Day!
In 1994 I was about a year old. I lived on the streets, and somewhere I think I had some babies, but that was too long ago to remember. Anyway, I was rescued. I had just gotten my shots,my ladygardenectomy and was on doption day duty, hoping to find someone to take me home. I was still a little skinny, and small for my age, but I was enjoying getting foodies without fighting for it, and plenty of it. Then I found my mama, and we have been together since, through thick and thin, as they say. So today I got my floor washed, and my litter box cleaned, and Dentabites. We don't have any hamms, but mama gived me chck-hen florentine from Fancy Feast. And my sweetie came to give me snuggles on my special day.
A special thank you to all of the mamas and daddys who dopt. You love, and you are loved in return, and the world smiles a little at each rescue.
Go see Mila's new kitties!! New Siberian kitties! Babies!

July 28, 2009

Hello, there

Mama was home today, but she was gone yesterday afternoon. She straightened out her medicine insurants, but lost her dental insurants. Uh-oh.
But everything else is okay with us. She is feeling better today. I had lots of naps inbetween checking on her. She made me a little mad at lunch cause she had something in a can called Glucerna, which is a special meal replacement drink for diabetics. I know it makes her glucose levels better, but I don't like it. So she can't share.
And dinner wasn't shareable either.
But I did get Dentabites.

July 26, 2009

Nice Weekend

A bunch of beans with uniforms were here Friday night and mama left with them on a bed. And she didn't come back til late Saturday afternoon. She left me all alone (okay, with plenty of food and water, but still). I was afraid it was going to be for days like when she wented to the hospital last time.
Well, she wented to the hospital, but was only in overnight. Whew. She was having chest pains and light headed, but it wasn't a heart tack, and they observed her overnight. Her blood pressure was up.
She goes downtown tomorrow to do some straightening out of her insurants, and pick up some more medicines. They increased her blood pressure stuff.
One of her sisters called her today, so that was nice for her. Her sister didn't know about her hospital visit, just called. Pretty nice timing though.
My sweet Sugar Pie is over today, so mama gets extra kitty snuggling. Well, and so do I.

July 21, 2009

We're Still Here

We have been all discombobulated (mama's word) for the last week. Sorry. We have had to move a lot of stuff around for more of the remodel. Our loveseat is in the middle of the living room, which isn't big in the first place. I can't get any time next to the windows cause we had to move everything away from them. Oh, and yes, The office chair is sitting in front of the pantry. Mama decided she better let everyone know what is going on, so she is sitting sideways on a folding chair, which is the only thing that fits by the computer. So we won't be on line a lot for a while. But, my Sugar Pie wants to come over on Sunday, so we can do a lot of investigating the new situations with the furniture.
It won't last long, this re-arrangement. We have new radiator covers and blinds coming.
Mama has been standing by the windows a lot this afternoon, watching a storm come in. Watching nature is kinda cool for beans. We know it's cool, but sometimes we have to remind our beans. It makes them happy, too, just like us.

July 14, 2009

He's Here!

Joel William, my Sugar Pie's baby brother!
Go concatulate them, if you haven't already
mama is going squeeeee!

July 12, 2009

Sunday Stuff

Kinda a lazy Sunday. We heard from mama's friend who had a stroke. Her voice sounds better, and she has a hand that still doesn't work, and she is in a nursing home recouperating. Thanks for your purrayers and thoughts!
We found a cute blog about a famous cat, and are waiting to hear back from them to see if we can link to the site and their store. We have to be polite, ya know.
We hope they let us.
Mila, who just turned one, is expecting. Concatulations! Alternate website: www.mysiberiankitties.com

July 9, 2009


Some of you have asked who Maggie is. She is my "friend of another species". Recognize the couch? That's ours! Maggie comes over with her mommy Robin (that's the bean in the picture). She has a kitty sister, so she is very well trained and very nice to kitties. She plays nice with my toys, cause she learned how to share toys with her kitty sister. Her mommy works as a volunteer with a rescue schnauzer organization, and Maggie does doggie trials where she jumps over and through things.
Mama and I think she is too cute for words.

July 5, 2009

After the 4th

I hope efurryone was safe yesterday. Our day started out with the fire alarm going off (and some pretty mad residents, even though mama and I had been up and awake for quite a while). Of course it was nothing, but it was kinda irritating. I don't mind the alarm in this building. It is loud but not too bad on my ears. The last partment's alarm was so shrill I couldn't stand it, and hid in the back of the closet behind the laundry basket! But I suppose some people wanted to sleep in a bit. Anyway, like I said, it was nothing. I don't even hide when it goes off.
Then last night we had fireworks across the street and all over. We have a panoramic view of the east part of the Twin Cities, and mama said it was really pretty. I happen to NOT like fireworks. Even if they are far off and not noisy. I hid under the bed. I got Dentabites after.
Mama has cardio rehab tomorrow and a pointment, so I'm thinking of asking Mr. Hendrix, my Sugar Pie, if I can come keep him company.
my mama is very proud of the 4th of July. She said that she is 2nd generation American on both sides of her family, and is very happy that her relatives came here. We wish for more tolerance for immigrants here, because, as my mama says, lots of beans come from families that were immigrants, and need reminding.