August 30, 2007

In Remembrance

For all the ones who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge, we post this tribute. We were not able to copy and paste the tribute that others have used, but we wanted to do something. For those who have lost dear ones, our hearts send you healing thoughts. You will never forget, but the pain will lessen and soon the memories will help keep you warm.

August 29, 2007


Mama was not able to pick out the furniture yesterday. The storms that went through the Twin Cities made a mess in places, tearing down trees and pulling down power lines, so the place she went to yesterday was dark and they said to come back on Friday. So that means no furniture today, we have to wait til after Labor Day.

Mama changed things around again, and I found the purrfect sunny spot in the mornings. Now if she just leaves the thing there! It is a really nice place, her wicker laundry thingy with a top on it, just the right height!

Love to all, and snuggles to my sweetie,

August 28, 2007

Good Morning!

We had a thunderboomer again last night, but the sun is peaking through this morning. Mama gets to pick out her furniture today. Yes, it's used, but I want a couch back, and she needs to stop sleeping on an air mattress on the floor.

Alas, my Sugar Pie, the box is no longer by the window. I'm waiting for the couch so I can sit on the back of it in comfort and stick my head through the blinds that way! We have vertical blinds, so it's not hard to peak through.

Last night I even slept with mama. That's something I normally don't do. It was nice for a change. I was careful not to wake her. Well, until morning, anyway. Then I gave her head bumpies and demanded to be snuggled and petted for a while.

Mama found out with the records that I am about three years older than what she thought. We don't know my birthday, but I was got in the summer of 1994, and at that time I was approximately a year old.

They thought I probably had babies at least once, but I can't remember that far back. I was living on the streets, and I choose to forget that time and remember my mama walking into the doption place and me picking her out. That is when life really started for me.

Have a good Tuesday, all, and enjoy being loved!


August 27, 2007

Checking in

Sorry I haven't been here for a couple of days. Mama has been busy sorting stuff out and getting ready for our furniture. Every day she moves stuff around and I have to find new places to put my stinky on. And she threw out a bunch of boxes, too. And the bookcases are almost done (a major operation with us). And sometimes I hide in the bathroom when she does this, but that is where she put my litter box and my food and water, and she has a thick towel on the floor by the shower and it is just right for laying on, so it's not so bad. Those tile floors can be cold!

She put some stinky candles out, and some poe-purry stuff, so it smells nice in here. She had them where we used to live, so it smells homey, now. And my sweetie helped her get some cleaning supplies, so we now have a much cleaner (and not so dusty) floor, and some bathroom cleaning stuff.

Tomorrow she goes to pick out some furniture.

We are busy!

And, oh yes, mama found some of my pet information from my vet, and do you know I am older than we thought? Hmmmpphh. Maybe I should get more Temptations! I deserve them!

I hope my sweetie won't care that I am a little older than we thought...

Take care, everyone (and yes, the rain came back!),

August 24, 2007

Sunbeams are BACK!

This morning the sunbeams are pouring in the partment. Lots of them! Yay! I've been sittin on the floor catchin the wonderful beams! After so many foggy days, this is a celebration!

More later, if anything else exciting happens!

Hope the sun is shining on you, too!

Love, and sunbeams to my sweetie,

August 23, 2007

In the Middle of a Cloud

There is nothing to look at this morning. We are in Foggy Middle! Fog, fog, fog, phooey!
Mama said think of it this way: We are living in a cloud.

But I don't want to live in a cloud, I want to live with sunbeams!

Mama heard that beans living in one of the other buildings have started to get apology letters. If we get ours, we will let you know.

More later, maybe.

love, and bunches of smooches for my sweetie,
p.s. Well, mama said it rained just as she was getting off the bus this morning, and rained until she made it home. Our furniture will be here by the middle of next week, so mama will have a real bed (instead of an air mattress) and we will have a little couch. Yeah!

She still has more boxes to unpack....

August 22, 2007

Foggy Middle

Mama says we don't live in Foggy Bottom (that's in Dee Cee), and we aren't in Foggy Top (that's the top of our building), so we must live in Foggy Middle. Fog, fog fog.

And tomorrow mama needs to go out and it's gonna rain. Phooey!

I'm all curled up and gonna nap this yucky weather away!

Love, and hi to my Sugar Pie,

August 21, 2007


That's right. We got a letter about being evicted. Don't panic. Half the people in the Minneapolis public housing did too. Computer glitch, anyone?

That was the scary thing today. But mama wented to the office and they said we were okay.

Oh, the other scary thing was a knock on our door this afternoon. They FINALLY turned the gas on in the stove. Now mama can boil water, she said. I think that's silly, but it makes her happy. She is still putting books away and dishes and stuff, and Thursday she goes to the doctor again.

And oh, yes. Another gloomy day. I found space on one of the end tables (it has three levels) to sit, but mama isn't very happy about it. She said something about it being an antique, and her gramma and granpa would be very upset with me if they knew I was sitting on their table. But they are over the rainbow bridge, so it's only mama who is upset.

But she said she understood that I need new places to be when I want to be alone, so she didn't yell at me. And she gave me part of her lunch, too.

That's the news from here. Except, mama tried to take a picture of me today, and the camera wouldn't work. Wonder if it just needs new batteries? And something is wrong with the shower head in the shower. It won't stay on the wall. Hmm. Got a little wet in the bathroom this morning, and hey, it's my bathroom, too!

Love, hugs, and a special smooch for that dashing reporter, Mr. Hendrix,

August 20, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

Dreary day. Lots of naps. Mama didn't do the picnic thing. She shelved more books, though. We have lots and lots of books!

Nothing else to say. Going back to my naps in the nice rocking chair (it has cushions!).

Love, and hugs for that hunky reporter, my Sweetie,

August 19, 2007

Sunday News

Mama got brave and plugged the monitor in. The colors are really dark, and she can't do anything to change that. She thinks she better make a call to a nephew who knows how to fix stuff like that. Or just put up with the weird colors.

Mama changed everything this weekend. She put up some of the bookcases, found some more dishes, shifted a lot of stuff around, so I get to learn all the hidey holes all over again. She still has lots of books to put away, and lots of dishes and stuff to take care of. Whew. Working hard!

Not ready for company, but she will do more tomorrow. Several boxes are taken care of, anyway, and one of her friends came over today (I hid) and helped her move some of the stuff around, so that the book boxes are all ready to be taken care of, and kitchen boxes are all in one place. The movers just piled stuff and it was really hard for Mama to move around much less unpack much. So now it's easier for her.

We need to do more work tomorrow. It has been a rainy weekend, and tomorrow I think it will rain again, so Mama has to stay home and not go to her picnic!

More stuff tomorrow,
love, and smooches for my Sugar Pie,

August 17, 2007

Hi again

The internet has been down where mama goes to blog in our building, so sorry we have not been here. We only have a few minutes today, cause mama was gone for a while today. She helped a lady shop today, a friend of hers who is blind, so that took some time. And several busses, cause we are farther away from her blind friend.

It is going to rain this weekend, so we plan on spending time doing some unpacking. Mama is going to move the box I sit on in the bedroom, I just know it. It gets the morning sun and I can look out the window if I want.

Oh, well. When we get new furniture, that will be worth it.

Love (and I might not be able to blog this weekend),

p.s. special smooches for my Sugar Pie!

August 14, 2007

Hello Again!

It's a pain having to go somewhere to blog and read the blogs. This place isn't open on the weekends, either. So mama is all moved in, and we have boxes and boxes and it is a real jungle in our place. Not much is unpacked, either. The footstool is back, but my blankie for it is still packed, so mama put another one on it. Yesterday she had to go to pick up some more meds, and she got invited to a friend's house for lunch, then she went to the community center. They had a nice Women's Group meeting that was real relaxing for her. They played soft music, had candles, and rubbed nice smelling lotion on their hands and wrote cards with nice things on them to take home and put somewhere to read when they need nice words. Then mama camed home. She said it was really hot out, but she left the air on for me, so I kinda like hanging out, now. Sugar Pie can come over any time to snuggle ::blush::

I am getting used to the noisy fridge, but still have to do guard duty with the sounds in the hall and the people walking by. Mama gotted her can opener. And let's see. Our monitor is not in good shape, but it wasn't the movers who damaged it, it was one of mama's friends. We still don't have a lot of dishes out for mama to use, but I really like my new litter box. Oh, and the Schwan man found us. Now we have chickens to eat! I really like their chickens! I missed their chickens.

Oh, well, enough for now. Mama didn't share breakfast with me, but that's okay. It was yucky cereal....

Hope to get back here tomorrow,
love, and sweet kisses for my Sugar Pie,

August 9, 2007

Hello Everyone!

We are almost moved in. Last weekend the movers came and moved most of our stuff. It is mostly all still in boxes, although I now have a new litter box (thank you mama), and my lounger is in the old place yet, and someone broke our monitor. We are borrowing a computer in the Senior Place in our building.

So no pictures until we get a monitor (and that might be a while). The county lost all our money for this month, so things are REALLY tight. They say it takes 25 days to get it back.

Mama lets me sit in the rocking chair now (we don't have my footstool here yet), and the frigerator makes loud banging noises and they haven't been able to turn the gas on for the stove. And mama keeps doing a lot of dishes, unpacking them, washing them and putting them away.

This weekend mama finishes getting stuff, cause that's when a friend can help her. Lamps, my lounger, my warmy bed for the winter (somehow I don't think it will be needed as much here), some kitchen stuff, the computer desk. Oh, and in a week and a half or so our furniture will be here. A new bed for mama, and a love seat (a small couch) and a small kitchen table. None of it is really new, but it is new for us. Mama does not like sleeping on the floor.

It's a good think that most of my Stinky Goodness comes with pop tops. Mama forgot her can opener at the old place. That's another thing she has to bring over!

Well, I am going to check up on you all, and try to get mama to go to the Senior Place again and keep you up on the news.

love, headbumpies, and a sweet nosekiss for my Sugar Pie (I've missed you),

August 4, 2007

Just to let you know...

We will be offline for a couple of days. Possibly Monday or Tuesday we will be back on line. The big M word is happening! We might find a coffee shop or something to get on line, but it is doubtful. Mama will be very busy, and I will be snooopervising.

We are off to a new adventure!

Take care everyone!

love, and a special ::nosekiss:: for my Sugar Pie,

August 3, 2007

The Bridge

This is the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis. It is near our new place, but mama has only gone on it once, a long time ago. There is a bridge we WILL take, and that is a little scary. But lots of people pitched in and helped when it happened. That's the good part. Bystanders, victims, police, fire and rescue, EMT's, everyone helped. Restaurants provided food, the Red Cross was there to give assistance, someone even put up portapotties for the rescuers! It's nice to say something good when this was such a disaster! So far none of our friends has been reported hurt or missing or killed!
Everyone take care,

August 2, 2007

A Thursday Update

Well, about a third of the living room and a third of the kitchen stuff left today. Whew! More goes on Saturday. That will give the real movers (whom ever that will be) a lot less to deal with. They will do the heavy stuff like the freezer and stuff.

Mama said there is an older gentleman who had to give his kitty away to a good home cause he couldn't take care of it any more in our new building. That is soo sad. But he made sure the kitty went to a very good home. He loved his kitty very much.

Other than that, mama is tired from all the stuff she did today with her friend. But she feels good about getting some of the stuff over there. Most of our frozen stuff went, and most of mama's fo0d.

Tomorrow she has to make a bunch of phone calls and pack more stuff.

That's what is happening.

love and hugs for all, and a sweet smooch for that dashing reporter!

August 1, 2007

Hello, there

Mama has been putting some stuff in boxes and crates. We still don't have the movers arranged, but we have to start doing something, I guess.

I am a little leary of this moving thing. What if she forgets me? What if I don't like it there?What if I really miss the carpeting, and my special foodie place and stuff? What if I can't find "my spot"?

I think I feel like Buddah did when they moved the first time. I have been here ever since I was one year old! I don't know any other place!

Some things to think about.

A purple heart? Hmmm. *blush*

love, and smoochies for my Sugar Pie and his blue heart,