December 25, 2015

And Now

 We hope all your wishes and dreams came true!
Mommy Carol
Angel brandi who oversees them
 Angel Sasha, who came before, and was black and beautiful and a sweet cuddler and LOUD purrer and looked exactly like her daddy and
Angel Suki, the healer who was a real nursie, absolutely definitely and oddly looked like Sasha's Mommy, but was no relation other than as the adopted sister of Sasha, but Suki came first!
and sweet Angel Nicki, Mommy's college roommate's fluffy grey kitty a long time ago, who kept them warm and mousie free! (got a little chubby, too, the mousie free-ier the place was!)

December 23, 2015


Mommy, Mommy, Angel Sister, Internet friendz, guess what? Guess what? No, GUESS!
Look out the windows. Look, look, oh, Mommy!
For Christmas!!!! 

We are so lucky! Santa's gonna just be so happy, and the reindeer. They get to land on nice soft snow!


December 22, 2015

A Modern Christmas Story

In The Market For Some Christmas Cheer

| London, England, UK | Holidays, Theme Of The Month
(I’m a cashier in the food hall. We’ve been busy with older customers as it’s the last ‘pension day’ before Christmas. A husband and wife come and stand close to my till. The husband begins cherry picking older customers, those with ‘lonely’ looking trolleys, and directing them to my till.)
Wife: *to first customer* “Merry Christmas!”
Customer: *huge smile* “Merry Christmas!”
Wife: “I hope you won’t be offended, but my husband and I would like to pay for your shopping.”
(The customer is stunned and can only stammer a thank you. The wife helps pack the shopping and pays on her card. They stand in the store for almost two hours and must have paid for about thirty people’s shopping. They chat with everyone and even hug people who ask! Watching customers leave with big smiles on their faces made me tear up more than once. My manager came over before they left to thank them for their generosity.)
Manager: “I have to ask, why do you feel the need to do such a thing?”
Husband: “When you give money to charity, you never know where it’s going. This way we know we’re helping the people who need it most.”
(Before they left they bought a case of wine which they left behind for the employees. From everyone they helped, and from all my colleagues, I’d like to say a massive thank you!)
from: No Sale, Not Always Right

How's that for a sweet heartfelt couple!

December 21, 2015

Monday, Monday Christmas is Coming

Just a quick post as Mommy is going to the hospital. No, not because she's sick (strange, sometimes but not sick) but because she has her semi-annual checkup with her heart vets. Ever since her heart attack a few years ago she is supposed to go twice a year, and that's where her heart vets are, not at the clinic. Since that's where she went when she had her attack she's sticking with those doctors for her heart.
I'm trying to get her to post every day at least through Christmas. Cross your fingers!
All Mommy wants for Christmas is a way to pay all her debts off and a day with someone called Jackie Chan. Guess that means any little thing will make her happy, cause she isn't getting those two things! Except maybe some Jackie Chan movies. MOL I know she has dvr'd a few!
All I want is mommies and daddies everywhere to be healthy and have warm homes, and furs everywhere (and fins and feathers) to have safe homes with them!A little catnip couldn't hurt. I mean for all the kitties, of course.
(I know, I know, but may the force be with you AND live long and prosper!)

Mom--The REAL Jackie Chan! LOL

December 20, 2015

The Mad Russian

The Mad Russian! South Minneapolis home.
ps. The Mad Russian is what the music is called!

December 19, 2015

Saturday Lights

This is quite long, so sit back with your peeps and let them drink hot chocolate while you enjoy!

December 18, 2015

My Favourite Time of Year

You don't have to donate or anything. Just enjoy this English group sing this lovely song!

December 14, 2015

Monday, Monday

As you can see, Mommy started trying to change my blog. The frosted glass is an old picture from where Mommy used to work (too much time on her hands at work?). We changed the font style (isn't it prrurty?) and color. And we got a Christmas header/card from sweet blogger friends and took out that old Christmas one from a couple of years ago (!). We were going to change the header, but we like what we have and couldn't quite push that button. So the card is in our sidebar. We're still thinking about that.
That took all morning. And part of the afternoon.
Well, we did get a couple of packages TODAY. One was Mommy medical stuff. The other was CHEWY! Hooray for CHEWY!
And this weekend Mommy got a package from other sweet blogger friends filled with Mommy stuff. She is amazed that so much stuff filled that box, but they mostly were little things. Drinkables and some chocolate and stuff.  And some pretty shower gel (now, how did they know we don't have a tub and Mommy loves shower gel?) And oh, yes, I got some monies in my PayPal account. So thank you one and all! We don't feel so forgotten!
We know we don't have a big following, but that's okay. The ones we have are super special.
Thank you, thank you!
Love ya,
QUINN and Mommy

December 12, 2015

Christmas is Coming!

Sorry the video isn't great. But this is my very favorite version of one of my very very favorite Christmas songs. That's what counts!


It is Sweet Saturday!
Mommy's home!
I've been getting lots of lovies!
Someone save me from being overloved!!
What am I saying?????
More, Mommy, more!!!!!!

Have a happy Saturday, all! Here's to everyone getting more lovies, too! Mommy doesn't have to go back to the human vet for one whole week! So I have my week planned. Lovies, lovies, lovies, and more lovies!
See ya,

December 6, 2015