July 15, 2019

My Weekend

what a wonderful weekend I had.  My mommy gave me a whole body massage. Well, it wasn't hours and hours, but almost one! Almost every inch of my body. Even my toesies! And my ears and my tail!
I was so relaxed afterwards I just fell asleep. Heatwave?  What heatwave???
I recommend my Mommy!

June 29, 2019

Saturday Stuff

We are in a heat wave the weatherbeans on tv say. Well, we got a new a/c coolie thingie last summer, and we are comfy. Still gotta keep drinking water and keeping cool. And remembering our less fortunate friends. Please be kind.
Mommy has done a marathon watching thing with North Woods Law. 6 seasons. Took over a week. We love the woods and the animals, and really learned to appreciate those Fish and Game Wardens.  They are really dedicated. Mommy particularly likes a Sergeant Glen Lucas in New Hampshire. He, like other wardens, not only takes care of wild things but also goes on searches for lost people.
This weekend is a part of the 4th of July celebration. We heard a couple fireworks go off last night. But they don't bother me much. Hope you all find comfort if the noise bothers you.
Mommy is spending the next couple of weeks with lots of medical stuff. Sigh. Tests and ppointments and stuff keep her running okay. Well. not running. Wheeling?
love y'all.

June 16, 2019

We are ALIVE

Somebodies remember me!  We've been gone along time!!
We haven't caught up with everyone yet, but we'll try. We're really SORRY.
Mommy and I have been real sick for a while. Both of us.  Mommy said I was sick because I was upset that she was sick.
Well, anyway, we're both on the mend.
Then the 'puter DIED. We lost everything!!!!!
We went to the library a lot, but that was mostly to pay bills and get books for Mommy's Kindle.
So now we're on this silly laptop and here we are.
Apartment stuff has been really bad. No we haven't found any thing.
Our insurants peoples messed us up big time so we no longer have meals delivered. And Mommy is hurting for foodies. And our credit rating has been ruined. Not good when you are home hunting. But, hey, we're applying once again for a lectric wheelchair!
So there you have it.
Somebody pleeeeeeeze send a pizza!!

June 12, 2019



This is Quinn and Mommy!