August 29, 2012

Shocking Adventure!

Yes, I shocked mama the other day.  Someone camed to the door to deliver something boring (not for me stuff), and I WENTED OUT THE DOOR AND STARTED TO GO DOWN THE HALL. Imagine! I've never been that brave before! Ever! I always stay inside, sometimes by the door, but INSIDE.  What was I thinking?  Of course I got picked up and brought back inside where it's nice and my foodies are and my treats.  I was almost at Lizzy's old partment.  Remember Lizzy the poodle? She always camed to visit me, not the other way around.  Did I smell woofie after all this time? Prolly not. But it was worth trying, anyway. About as exciting an adventure this senior citizen cares to have.
Maybe I'll try again.  Someday.

Lizzy. *sigh* I miss having her around and hearing her cute bark and her guardian's gruff but loving "Lizzy!" when he wanted her to listen to him.  And her cute french coat and beret in the wintertime. And the bow in her hair when she camed back from the groomer, looking all cute. And the fact that, like me, and a lot of us here, SHE WAS A RESCUE!
There are some really cute woofies here, and LOTS of rescues. Cats included!
love and good thoughts to all,
(and yes, Cotton, we have not been blogging as much as we should. So thank you for asking, as mommy felt bad about neglecting her duties around here  being my typist)

August 25, 2012

Saturday Sweet

Hello! Yes we are still here.  We had a busy week.  The  new doctor mom saw yesterday she said was very nice.  She has 4 rescue kitties! 4 paws up! 
This week we started documenting all mom's levels and shots and stuff, to see if she needs any gigantic changes in intsulin. And did you know, as soon as a couple of big issues were solved (cleaning stuff and pill changes  and meeting the new doctor), I think her levels already wented down! So she might be okay!! Stress does affect glucose levels, after all. Now all she has to do is worry about ME!
I think she has to go downtown next week sometime to get more cleaning supplies.  So I will try not to mess up (much) the next few days.  A clean place is nice on the footies and noses, after all. And she has the dreaded laundry to do.  She hates it, cause her back hurts when she folds everything. Sometimes Traci helps her, but she has not been around.  I think the Great Get Together has something to do with that. That is the State Fair.  Apparently lots of people go more than one time. Mom doesn't go at all. Between work and the Fair and family Traci must be very busy!

Today we are just going to NOT DO ANYTHING. Right, mom?? You can read and watch movies and I will take lots of naps. Or I could watch the Animal Planet. I think Jackson Galaxy is on today, and I am especially fond of him.  Like a lot of other kitties! And moms!
The only big thing with mom is taking me to the doctor (well, really, if I had nasty doctors I would tell her to forget that, but I loves my doctors). And affording it. Which is one reason we have the chip in.  There are soooo many beans who need stuff these days. It is really sad.  Specially when your mom is one of them.
One of our neighbors is being evicted.  That's scary.  But at least we can pay our rent, and that's good.
You'd think things would be better for beans than this.  Everything is green papers!
Okay, mom, I think it's naptime. I need a lap!! And a blankie!!
Have a lovely weekend effuryone!
Demand the Animal Planet!!
love to you all,

August 20, 2012

Monday, Monday

It was really cool early this morning. Mama only had two windows open.  She still only has two open, but it's a lot warmer.  Low 70's so far.
Mommy made a salad for lunch and let me have some.  Once in a while lettuce and carrots taste good. Does this mean I'm turning into a rabbit?  Wait. I like the ranch dressing. Whew. No offense, bunnies, but I want to remain a cat.
Tomorrow and Friday mom has doctor pointments, so she won't be here for a while those two days.  So I have to have my me time with her today and Wednesday and Thursday.  That is, unless she can figure out a way to get ME to the doctor.
She likes her doctors and I like mine.  So it's not too bad. But I get a whole clinic for myself.  Hers is waayy too big.
I know mom has pizza leftovers in the freezer. Hope she defrosts them soon.  That's the last of the green papers to spend.  Now what's left goes to doctors and medicines and regular foodies. *sigh*
Chip in if you can. We appreciate the help.  You have boughted us foodies and paid a month's intsurance so far.  That's quite a relief in itself.   But there are a lot of others in need, too, and we understand.
Anyway, have a lovely Monday and I hope the weather is cooler for those that were still too warm over the weekend. 

August 19, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

Off to see mama and make sure she takes it easy today! You do the same to your beans today! They love biscuits!
Ah, yes. All we need is mom. Here mommy, mommy!

August 18, 2012

A Nice Surprise

We gotted an award.  Thank you, Cherry City Kitties! Oh, my! Thank you, thank you!
 Made my little old chest puff up just a bit, and me smile. How wonderful  to receive such a nice surprise!
We are supposed to tell 7 unknown things about me. Gee, I've been around several years here on the Cat Blogosphere.  What don't you know? Well, okay:
1. I don't purr. Well, not much and very quietly.
2. I don't have any front claws.
3. I like black olives.
4. I like Friskies, and the more expensive stuff I could care less about.
5. Now, Fancy Feast is a whole nuther experience.  I love it!
6. I lost my red octopus when we moved here. He was my friend.
7. I haven't gotten to make friends with any squirrels like in my last place.  We're above the trees!

Now to nominate 15 friends for this award? Oh, my. Where to start! There are so many lovely friends I could nominate. So I think I will nominate efurryone.  And that's a lot!! Even my woofie friends!
I can't be more generous than that, and you all deserve this award.  So take it as yours if you wish!!
I love you all. Really. You bless my life with your stories and pictures and your lovely beans. I don't know how long before I  will hear the Rainbow Bridge call me, cause I am 19, and that's pretty old, I guess. But you all have given me such joy these last years. And been so giving.
Enjoy your weekend!
With love and gratitude (can't say that enough!),

August 16, 2012

Thursday Thanks

Mommy's home today, and there is a movie for tonight's viewing downstairs. Hooray! She was gone too long yesterday.
It was really muggy when we wented to bed last night, but mom just opened one more window.  And this morning it's cool and comfy.  I think it's sposed to be this way for days.
So that makes two things to be thankful for.
And then there is all the love and hope going around the blogosphere for all the sick ones (bean and four footed) and the sweet memories of those who have recently passed over the Bridge.
We're thankful we have such kindness around.
Mom is hoping for a little more green backs in the chip in.  We know lots of  you are in need at this time, but I need some attention from my vet.  This time is going to be a little more $$.  I am 19 after all, and my health is not what it was.  I have lost weight and  I've been wobbling a little.  Oh, I am still me, but this kinda worries mom. You know moms. So any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and we thank you a whole lot. Don't mean to scare anyone, either.  It's just time for the vets to step in a little. Mom has to go in next week for her blood pressure check, after all, and she's ancient. older too.
Mama tells me every day that she loves me.  And then she says "I know you don't like mushy, but I do". Well, I sorta do like mushy, too. Kinda. A little. And that's another thanks.
Hope you all have a good Thursday. 
We have leftover pizza, too. Thank you, mom! In advance. (I hope).

August 15, 2012

Wednesday is Late

Late post better than nothing.  I have to talk to my bean.  She wented on her errands today and spent the whole day gone.  She didn't even buy me anything.
And I had to pay for the pizza. Boy, did I have to pay for the pizza! Since I'm not as limber as I once was, my pantaloons get a little dirty from time to time.  This meant BATH! It really wasn't TOO bad, cause mom had my special beach towel ready to cuddle me in, and give me a good all over rubbie, and then she used the fur drier. And boy does that thing feel good on the bones!! But still.  That's a high price to pay for bacon on a pizza (not really hamm, but it comes from Canada, so that's okay, it tastes like hamm)!
Well, at least we have pizza leftovers.

August 14, 2012

Tuesday Tails

It has been beautiful out.  The windows have been open for days, and I got sun puddles! And yesterday mom took some of the chicken she made in the crock pot a while back out of the freezer and made sammiches.  And she accidentally (on purpose, of course) left me some on the floor. What a nice mom! She put a lot of it in little plastic bags and froze it, so we can have it whenever we want.  It is sooo good.
I think she's going to go downtown tomorrow and leaving me.  The weather bean says it's going to be awful tomorrow. I think she should stay home, but she has errands she has to do.
She has to go to the bank beans and hope they don't have another bomb scare. She wented through two of those a long time ago, and doesn't want to go through another one. The company she worked for for 21 years had an office downtown in a big building and somebody threatended to blow it up (there was a Federal office on the main floor). Then in their new building with just them in it somebody didn't like the adds her company was running (somewhat controversial) and threatended to blow them up (the adds weren't made in her office at all, or even in this state).
The Twins won last night, but mama hasn't had news of if they are going to offer half price pizza at one of the pizza places here. There was an offer last weekend at another pizza place, but they wouldn't deliver. I think we may have enough green papers. Well, if not, there's always the chicken.
We have lots of different cultures represented in our building, and just now someone from somewhere else is making something and the hall smells delish. Better than chicken OR pizza!
That's the Tuesday Tails.
love to all,
BREAKING NEWS: we have enough green papers and they are offering 50% off pizza DELIVERED today. Mommy said yes!!!!
She gets her social security check tomorrow!!!

August 11, 2012

Saturday Sthuff

Mama didn't feel good yesterday.  But Traci camed over to cheer her up in the morning. Mom really hasn't felt good all week.  She's been seeing  Aunti-Biotick and an allergy medicine (no, she's not allergic to me!).  So she's been wanting to sleep a lot.. She gets up, checks her email, checks the blogs, reads for a little while and then goes back to sleep for a while. Repeat repeat. She missed National Night Out, but did show her movie Thursday night. It was the Last Song, which she had seen before, but is a nice movie. The president of the council camed and he sniffed through the last half of the movie. Miley Cyrus reminded him of his own daughter, I think. Men beans! At least lady beans bring tissues (and mom wasn't going to share the only one she brought)!
She gotted an email about a belly rubbing class, and I thought she could go, but she said it was a belly dancing class, and she didn't feel like dancing her belly (and thankfully not MINE, either).
The windows are open, and have been the last couple days.  Oh, the smells. No barbeque (phooey) but it was cold enough last night that she had to shut the window by the daybed.  And yesterday I smelled somebody's fireplace! What a change from dying from heat to having to shut windows and  smelling lighted fireplaces! And blankies!

Now we are off to visit some of you, and mom will probably take another nap. All right for me! Oh, she has to visit the library on line. Big hardship.
Oh, by the way, yesterday there was a bomb threat at our bank. I am so glad mama stayed home!
Have a slow and beautiful Saturday.
Blessings to all (we all need a few) and (((hugs))),
And maybe someday  I'll have enough green papers for hamm pizza.  Too bad we don't have a couch anymore to search, and mama won't let me have the laundry money!

August 8, 2012

World Cat Day

Hug your cat. And a nice piece of fish wouldn't be bad, either.
And treats. Don't forget the treats!

August 6, 2012

August 5, 2012

A Sunday Trip down Memory Lane

It is very pretty out, and the windows are open and it's Sunday and no one is barbeque-ing! At least yet.  Come on, beans, we want those good smells wafting up here while the windows are open! What are you waiting for? Christmas?? Actually beans barbeque all year round here in Minnesnowta, but now the windows are open! Don't they get it?
Here's some lovely scenery from our windows:
and here's our old kitchen. Like when we were moving in (the black thing is  one of  mom's purses):
Pretty boring and small, huh?
Here's me on my old couch:
Nice to be by the windows, too.
Then there was the lamps that mom broke (they were a pair):
She liked them.  They were old, though.  From way before my time, and I am 19!
Even my Squillion Sisters liked the windows:
And the couch. That's Fraxie and Maxie above. Maxie is my littlest sister. Paxie is my virtual sister. Check her out on my sidebar.
To continue my trip:
The couch left, and the bed,  and the daybed appeared:
Then the year long remodel camed, and the new kitchen:

Mom said it felt like she really had a kitchen at last, so I guess it was worth it. Notice the Denties on top of the frigiator! Mom said, look at all the lovely cupboards! Whatever.
Most of the pillows got put away cause they were a hassle for mom every night:
And that just about brings you to sort of now. 
Thank you for coming with us on our Sunday trip.
I think I deserve Denties and a nice nap.
Hopefully with nice barbeque smells, neighbors??

oh, and ps.  Not only do we have 100 followers now (thank you, thank you) we have more green papers on our chip in.  Enough for another intsurance payment! Hooray! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

August 4, 2012

Good Stuff/Bad Stuff! In other words, LIFE

Here it is, lunchtime for mom and it is 70 degrees here! Wow!  Not 92, 70! Course it's rainy out and gray, but who cares? It's 70.
Great thing to wake up to this morning.  That, and mom curled up in a blankie.  Yes, of course I was on the corner of the bed! I love blankies!
Wish we had newer pictures to show you, but our camera is still dead, and intsurance, medicines and foodies have priority over buying a new camera. So mom is digging into her file of old ones. And, no, we don't have a cell phone that takes pictures.
Can you believe August  marks 5 years here in our beautiful partment? My, how things have changed here. Daybed instead of bed and couch, a room of my own, hundreds of books now in storage, and broken down bookcases in the closet (they snap together), Christmas stuff in storage (whoops, mom), new kitchen. And of course, heat in the winter and air coolie thingy in the summer that works. We are minus two lamps (mom broke them, not me!), the big stereo and records are in storage, my footstool and bed and heated sheepskin and one of my favorite blankies are gone (decision of management, not us). Mom gaved up on ironing the stupid table cloth (okay, it is pretty and was a bargain at the neighborhood thrift store for a whole dollar), and just uses placemats, now. Actually, mom sorta gaved up ironing much of anything, any more.  There are a couple of things she irons, but she doesn't wear them that often.  Wonder why? And of course, mom is home, now unless she has pointments or meetings or errands or movie nights or such. And we have more bugs (!), and are getting new elevators in the building (the ones we have shake, rattle and have minds of their own sometimes), and they haven't washed windows on the outside since we camed here (yuk, but it's expensive, I hear, and budgets are tight all over).
All in all, good stuff.  For the most part, right? Except for the green papers we need. Mom's still behind in intsurance, and knows they are gonna start complaining more, and we haven't seen yogurt in quite a while, or a lot of other foodies. And mama needs new clothes (I don't understand that one, beans should just grow furs then they wouldn't have to worry about clothes unless they feel like dressing up), and new shoes (duh), and a camera. And I need a vet visit and some medicines, too.
Whew.  I'm really wordy today. Nuff!  Mama's getting tired of typing and needs lunch. I hear it's soup. Maybe chicken?
Have a lovely Saturday. Pictures tomorrow, maybe. And less typing for mom.

August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I would like to say thank you to all who camed to my party. Hope you all had fun. There was soo much food and so many Olympic things to watch, and so many THoE and snuggles and hopping off to other parties and coming back for nappies, and mom chipped in a sausage pizza (not hamm! and only the frozen you have your mom cook it in the ovens kind).  And there was lots of gossip and, and, and
Thank you, thank you.  I need to nap now.
love to all,

August 1, 2012

Still Partying

Those youngsters are tiring me out!
I'm taking a nap.
We're not done partying yet!
Carry on!