October 25, 2008

The Weekend

This was a very nice day today, so mama wented out for a while. Then she camed back and smelled like coffee again. I guess I am glad, cause she was very happy and I got lots of scritchies. Mama does have to go in for some more surgery. On Halloween, too. But we hope she will not have to stay in the hospital overnight or anything. Otherwise one of her friends will come over and make sure I have foodies and water.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be cold and windy. So mama and I will get a lot of snuggle time in.
Of course, our partment is nice and warm, but still it will be nice to be together.

love (and sweet nose kisses to my Sugar Pie),

October 23, 2008


Ok, mama hasn't turned this puter on in days. And now she did something really bad. She deleted two of our comments! Bad, bad, bad, mama.

Thank you Derby. HTML. That's what this is. Wow. What did we know?

Hope we will get to work on this again this weekend. Mama is SOOO busy lately.

We HAVE to catch up with all the bloggers.


October 19, 2008


A beautiful day. And the windows were open. And mama was home.

Still stuck on working on the blog. Anyone know Basic? We think that's what that weird language in the template is. Mama thought this was cute:

this is nothing like Skeezix, so I don't get it.
Mama just asked one of her brothers. He doesn't check his email a lot, so I guess we have to be patient. And we think we gotted Skeezix confoosed, or he is verry busy. We vote for the verry busy. After all, he is soo popular. So we aren't unhappy or anything.

We just have such plans for this place. Color. Balance. All that good stuff. Patience is hard.

Well, I have plans anyway.


p.s. we sent the article about the rescuer to a local friend (see Jan's Funny Farm or Best Friends ) who is part of a local rescue group. Who knows. They maybe can help.
Mystery is at Cat on the Keyboard

October 15, 2008

Wednesday Update

My sweetie gotted his present.

We are still working on changing the blog.

Mystery lives on our floor, and we gave her mama help getting a blog. They don't have a puter. And her mama isn't around in the daytime--so she can't use the puters downstairs. The place closes really early.

Mystery is a real snooty cat, but hey, that's catitude.

Mystery saw a picture of Mr. Hendrix and she got all strange. Is the love cafe up anymore? She would make a perfect match for somecat.


October 14, 2008

Hi there

Sorry. We are currently working on a new look for my blog. Under construction, here, so to speak.

Hey, my sweetie got his present! I put my smells all over it before mama mailed it. Just for him.



ps. I am currently sharing with Mystery, a new lady cat in my neighborhood. So if my comments on your blog show up as her, well, I cant get the two separated. My picture is gone on my blog, too... If you know what I can do, let me know.
Mystery has quite a catitude. She's a bit snooty. And.. hey, she has a crush on MY boyfriendcat! And this is NOT Mystery. Even though it says so below!!!

October 7, 2008

Tuesday News

Hey, this weekend I hear we are going to be busy. Mama has a shopping trip (not very far from our old neighborhood) with a friend. When she goes to this shopping place, they have a really neat bread store, so I think we will have some good smells around here Saturday night.

Speaking about neighborhoods, the street where mama used to sometimes walk down at night on her way to our old yucky place? There was a robbery today, and someone gotted shot. Another really great reason to be well away from that place! Although mama misses the old coffee shop, and still moans that there are none around here within walking distance that she likes. There is one, but she doesn't like it there. And, oh, yes, the shopping trip is not that close to our old neighborhood, so she should be safe.

Here we hear lots of sirens and stuff, but it is because we are close to a fire department and a police department, and we feel very safe hearing those noises.

Oh, and yes, mama is going to make a new bloggie. No, we aren't leaving! We aren't even moving! Our bestest friend Skeezix is helping us get a new look on here. So it's just a speriment blog. Thanks so much Skeezix. Especially if mama survives and I don't here a lot of bad words!

A note to the blogosphere: Skeezix has never done us wrong. Yea!

last but not least:
I love you my Sugar Pie!

October 6, 2008

Monday Stuff

The window is open, the wind is blowing, but we have to shut the window soon and go nappies. Cause it is gonna RAIN. Yucky. Lots of nappies tomorrow cause of rain....but I have a sneaky thought. Hey, Sugar Pie, ;-) busy tomorrow?


October 5, 2008

Hi, on Another Sleepy Sunday

Very grey today. Lots of sleepy naps. Mama took lots of them yesterday with me, but she was doing stuff today around here. She did open the window this afternoon and let in the fall air for a while. I was on my special pillow by the window. My red heart shaped one that I got from my sweetie.
Breathing in the cool air. Softly dreaming of my Sugar Pie. What a sweet life.

Our neighbor is doing fine, now. And Davy is being very good, as always. He used to bark when he went for walkies, but now he doesn't. When he goes out with Arthur, Arthur has a walker with a seat on it, and Davy jumps in and rides down on the walker to the lobby very quiet and good. When Arthur's family does walkies, he still is a good boy.

That's all the news. Just a quite weekend.

love to all,

October 2, 2008

Thursday update

Did you see me in my Sweetie's Halloween Village? I had such fun. But you know what? Just being with my Sweetie is fun. Mama had to work late last night, so I had plenty of time to hang out and be my Sweetie's queen.

Imagine, me a queen!

*sigh* all because of my Sweet Sugar Pie.

He's mine, ladies! (even though he's a Bengal's fan the color works for Halloween)

Mr. Hendrix

love to all,