March 31, 2011

An Important Note from Mama Carol

I just read Mr. Hendrix's last comment to brandi. Just take it slow and I'll be there like when daddy takes mama's arm when her back is hurty. I have just finished reading Making Rounds with Oscar by Dr. David Dosa, and that comment really got to me. As Oscar visits each dementia patient before they pass over and offers purrs and comfort to them, even if they don't really understand or know, it is also important for us to do the same for our animals and other loved ones before they pass over the rainbow bridge. Be there. Remember all the times they were here for us, and be there.
Our animals are family to us. Brandi is getting older. She's already 18. I love her til death parts us and will remember her til I can no longer remember.
This is very important for everyone in the cat blogosphere to do for our animals and our other loved ones.
Mama Carol
and purrs for all from brandi
next entry on this blog will be from brandi, I hope and promise.

March 23, 2011

Uh oh

Last night the rain was coming down and smashing into the windows hard.  The wind was howling. It was a perfect night for mama to crawl into bed and me to jump on top of her!
And when we got up this morning? Snow. Snow. And more snow!
And so we both went back to bed.
What happened to Spring is Coming? Remember, this is Minnesnowta!
I was done with winter.

March 22, 2011

Tuesday Stuff

The last couple of days it has been really foggy here. I mean deadly foggy! I mean we couldn't see anything out the window except white. Now the wind is howling, its raining, and *meow* they say there is snow in the forcast. So much for spring for awhile!
I have been kind of  "under the weather", but relax.  It's just my age. It creeps up on all of us. I just take life a little slower now.
My mama has been doing well. She's still doing the Thursday night at the movies thing in the community room.
I haven't seen Traci in a while.  She was sick last week.
That about sums it up.  I curl up a lot and sleep.  But that's my job, right?
That and testing Denties.
So far I haven't found any bad Denties.  They've been doing a good job.
The daybed is still comfy.
A + for both.

March 16, 2011

Furrizens! Spring is coming!

This morning the sun shone bright on my daybed and it felt a little odd. A little too warm. Then I knew! Spring!
Open the windows, it's 50 degrees out! The snow is melting! Sniff that breeze!  It's saying spring is almost here!
Now, when the snow melts the grass will begin to green and the trees begin to bud. Spring!
It better not snow again!
Oh, wait.  This is Minnesnowta.
Cross your paws, efurryone! Let's all wish for SPRING.

March 11, 2011

Friday Stuff

The doctor was happy with mommy's A1C test.  It was two whole points lower than last time (that's good). The "team" has told her to lower her insulin. And remember to eat.
Mama made a casserole last night and guess what. It had tunies in it. And I gotted some! And I still got my sammon Temptations!
Mama says I am very spoiled.
Mama goes back to the doctors Monday, but it is a different kind, and they don't take blood. And she better take something with her to eat!
Since she has been eating healthier she doesn't need as much insulin, but she can't forget about eating or making sure she eats enough carbs.
Don't worry. Mommy has been a diabetic for many years.  It's just that eating healthier changes things.
And I have a secret. Mama's birthday is Saturday!  Don't tell. She's old.
ps. What the heck is a carb and does it taste good????

March 10, 2011

A Scary Evening

Yesterday my sweetie camed over!  That was the nice part of the day.
When mama camed home, disaster hit!
She didn't make any sense.  She kept saying she wanted to go home.  She tried to call her friend but couldn't remember the number. She was way crazy!
She somehow got through to her friend, and the next thing she knew--I left the room when the good guys camed in. That's right, the paramedics!  When they arrived, I knew it was time to let the professionals work!  They put a needle in her arm and gave her dextrose.  They found her apple juice and made her drink several glasses.  One of the paramedics made her a sammich.
It seems she almost didn't have a glucose level at all! I almost losted her. Good thinking on her friend's part! And of course, as soon as the paramedics left, she called her friend back and then called her doctor (she was just there!)to get an adjustment made on her insulin for the evening.. And of course, there I was, back on the daybed making sure she wasn't alone!
Then she had to have another couple of meals. And I got some. And because I was such a good girl, I got SAMMMON Temptations!
Diabetes is scary.
Mommy is okay this morning, waiting for the doctor to call her back today.
I don't want another scary evening like that, EVER!

March 8, 2011

Tuesday Stuff

Here it is, Tuesday, and I get to blog! Nice going, slave mama. Anyway, it has been pretty quiet here. A little cold, but that's cause someone forgot to turn the heat up. She was told to fix it immediately and so I once again curl up in a catserole, not to stay warm, but just cause I like to.
Tomorrow mama has to go out to the doctor (I know, she goes a lot) but this time they are taking her blood away and I hope they leave her enough to go home with! Better her than me! Now, don't worry, this is just a routine checkup for her diabetes. She has a test called a A1C about four times a year. And it's time.
But the worst thing is, guess what? It's supposed to snow again tomorrow! So I have the afternoon free. I think I will teleport over to my sweetie and suprise him.  Don't tell!


March 6, 2011

Sunday Again

Wooo! I haven't been able to get my bean to help me blog for a whole week! Bad Bean!
We had a nice week.  Thursday's movie was The Chronicles of Narnia by special request. Mama said there were grandchildren in the audience.  Mama said it was a good movie, and pretty music. She read the series about elebenty seven years ago when she was in college. 
Tracie camed over on Friday. I like Tracie. She is always talking to me.
And since this is Minnesnowta, yup, you guessed it. SNOW today.  I couldn't wait to get mama out of bed so I could have it all to myself! She can never not make the bed because I insist she does! My chores are never done.
We had hamm for lunch today. 
I got some nice nappies in today.
Now it's nappie time again.