September 19, 2015

Merowwww! Ahoy!

Oohh, Ahhhhh! Argh!
Pass the milk grog and the nice kitty foodies! Merowwww! And somone to pet me and make me purrrrr!
 00 TCC Talk Like A Pirate Day 9_19_2015

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day
love ya

September 13, 2015

Simply Sunday

Have an Easy Sunday!
Love ya,

September 9, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

We will be needing a new secretary if this keeps up!  Of course, this is wordy Wednesday!! We haven't been blogging on a regular basis! Mouses!
Mommy and I watched movies on the long holiday weekend.  It has been hot and humid lately. Yesterday Mommy had to go downtown and it was lovely out, she said. A little rainy looking today, but you know weather. It can change whenever it wants to! At least it is cooler and not as humid out! Mommy said she can get back to her coffee drinking! It was just too yucky out for her to want any the last week! Yesterday was a coffee day, and so is today.
Last night Mommy fell to sleep in her office chair. I had to meow and paw at her forever to get her to put her jammies on and go to bed.  Finally happened around three dark o'clock! What we do to protect our pets! Things need to be organized and run smoothly! Mouses again!
Friday we think Barb is coming over.
And the worst news? We need help.  Management says we need to get rid of BOXES! I really and truly need a cat tree or perch or something! We can't have boxes!! WE CAN'T HAVE BOXES! Anyone have a spare perch or cat tree???? This is serious!! 
Well, Mouses! I think I am ready for lots of scritchies and naps today....
And yes, before we forget, today is Mommy's brother's birthday (the one that passed over the Bridge this spring). And yes, yes, it is

love ya,

September 3, 2015

Anyone there?

Just a quick note for those of you who may be wondering. Mommy has been very busy and our internets went down after we got a new cable tv dvr installed cause the old one wasn't working. I don't count the "busy", but the internet downs have been real. No internets, no blogs, no email, no nothing!  We have had the internets guy in and we needed a new modem. Which we now have. He also added wi-fi to our plain and simple Kindle, and now Mommy can't figure how to download books from the library again. Mouses! She is not good without her books.
The bug guys are coming, and Mommy is just about ready for them (she cleaned before the internets guy came, so there is not much to do).
So we may be back on Friday. Repeat may. Who knows what will happen next!
love ya