October 31, 2015


 Happy Halloween!

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October 25, 2015

Easy Sunday

Hey, this isn't me! Mommy just thinks it's cute.
Hello again. It's Easy Sunday around here again. Well, we've been easy for a while, cause of my Mommy's been sick. She still wishes someone would come and deliver hot meals, but that's not happening. And she checked out the meal delivery plans for seniors and they are much too expensive for our budget. But a couple who live here in the building have come over and cleaned the floors and taken out the garbage, and that is a big help!
The weather has gotten cooler here, but we still have one window open a little in the living room. Fall whiffs are certainly interesting!
One of Mommy's old school friends (from way back in the dark ages) is sending us something, but isn't telling us what.  Wonder wonder what it is???? Probably a silly thing from their school or something.
Mommy is on some new medicines now, but the doctor said it will take a while to notice anything, and if there is bad stuff happening, let the clinic know immediately.
That's all the news we have, really. Thank you all for your patience and good thoughts and prayers. We will try to keep up with my blog. Anyone know if those Dragon things that you can talk into and it writes what you say in your puter  speaks Cat??? Wow, that would make a lot of us do happy dances!!!
Love ya,

We apologize for our linkie saying Caturday Calling. Our USB cord   connection to the keyboard  in the back of our computer refused to work this morning. Now we have a second keyboard, but when that wouldn't work either we switched USB ports.  This has happened to our sound once before so we thought of this right away. Mommy hates this keyboard but didn't want to change it back cause she got tired.. This was sposed to be an automatic publishing, and that worked, but the keyboard didn't work this morning.
Computers are WEIRD!

October 17, 2015

Caturday Calling!

Meow again. Mommy said I could blog today!
She had two human vet appointments this week and new medicines to take (and an old one to NOT take). She is still very tired all the time, but some friends in the building came and cleaned the floors and took out the garbage for us. And, yes, they are Quinn Approved! They have a sweet kitty of their own!
Speaking of foodies, my Chewy order came today! We like Chewy delivery days! I guess humans don't get this kind of service. Mommy orders foodies to be delivered to her, but they come from the grocery store and you have to cook them yourself. I mean the humans do, not me.
I wish somebody would bring Mommy some prepared food, but everyone who lives in this building is a senior and on a fixed income themselves. But she says it would be nice.... Can you mail dinners to humans like you can kitties and woofies? MOL Incoming! One pot roast dinner! MOL Incoming! One fish dinner! And don't forget Mommy loves meat loaf! And salads. And mashed sweet potatoes. And lots of veggies (we love spinach stuff). Sometimes I crack myself up!!
My new tree is fine. Mommy is thinking about moving furniture around so that I have "easier access", but that's Mommies for you. They mean well. Mommy has now moved my SleepyPod in front of the little table which is by my chair and in front of my tree. That way I can always have some place to hide and be comfy (and play with my pink Tickle Pickle). Either in my SleepyPod or the cute little home on the bottom of my cat tree. Or my linen closet shelf. Or my bed. Or "mommy's" bed. Or the shower stall. Or the pantry (that is if she EVER lets me in there! Tee hee)! For now everything is pretty much staying where it is cause Mommy is too tired.
Mommy needs another nap. Yes, you do, Mom! So let's curl up together!
love ya,

October 11, 2015

Simply Sunday News

We have been gone a long time (for us). We need to explain. You see, Mommy got very sick and I have been taking care of her. Since I'm the only family she has (the other members are too far away and/or simply do not care) I have to do a lot of loving her.
She has two more ppointments this week and has to pass some tests at her human vet's office. She is lots of tired all the time and other stuff. And I am the only one helping her.
She has several medical bills and we are always short of green papers these days, but too many others have needs, too, so we are kinda lost and bewildered.
There have been a couple of good things along the way. At least for me. When we were told by management here that the boxes have to go someone (who chooses to be annonymouse) has seen to it that I finally got a cat tree. It is great for stepping down off my chair (works like stairs) and the little house on the bottom is comfy. I fit! Mommy tries to get me to stay on the second step so she can pet me easier, but we're still working on that. For now it is another spot to look out the windows! Hooray! Thank you, thank you. This is lovely!! I don't even miss my box!
As soon as Mommy figures out how to get pictures downloaded on this weird puter we will show you. It has blue steps and they are furry blue, and the top of the house has a white footie print! And although I do have white paws, I DIDN'T DO THAT!
Oh, yes, the other good thing. Mommy had a nice chat with a lady at Chewey yesterday. So you know that my foodies are coming, no matter what!
And that lady reads my blog. Woo-hoo!! I feel special. Chewey peoples are so special and their service is fantastic! Lots of us use them, and if you don't, check them out!
Time to go.  Love ya all,
QUINN Makayla
and her mommy.
Oh, and all the windows are open today and it is sposed to be 80 degrees or better today! And it is autumn! Nice gift, Mother Nature!