May 28, 2012


a day to remember and honor many ~
Thank you Zoolatry for the beautiful salute to our heroes

May 24, 2012

Another Goodbye

My friend Parker.
You will always be in our hearts.
See you soon,

Thank you for the lovely graphic, Zoolatry.

May 20, 2012

Sunday Snoopervising.

Mommy gotted up early this morning, so I am planted on my bed.  She hasn't been sleeping real good lately.  Cats definitely don't have that problem, do we? We can curl up and sleep almost anywhere. Right now, however, I am snoopervising her. Yes, mama, you need to write on my blog. Everything I say. Including I want my denties. Now!
Sorry, all.  I need some snuggles.
Mommy wears me out with all her worrying.
No groceries this week. Sigh.
They did come and fix our front door on Friday.  Right when Tracie was here, of course.  Oh, and Tracie seems to think I am too skinny.  How lovely is that? Special noms!
Well, it isn't hamm pizza, but they will do.
No mama, I am not spoiled.
Well, maybe just a little.
But I deserve it!
Now, snuggles, mom!
Let's make sure we all get some, furiends!!

May 18, 2012


Okay, we now have a chip-in account (against our better judgement).  So somebody explain how it works and how we get green thingies. Paypal is involved (choke), so we are crossing paws and fingers. So, thanks anybody that can help.
It is going to be a lovely day today.  Sunpuddles everywhere! Mama even is going to have to put the air cooly thing on later.
Yesterday they were supposed to do something with our faucets.  No one came.  Today they are supposed to fix loose locks. Hmmmm. Maintenance is overbusy these days! There's a back up (of course, emergencies come first).
Last night I think mama had something of a screaming fit.  But for a good reason. And not in here (I'm a good kitty, ya know).  A guy camed in the community room with a lady and I think he was selling her insurants. But it was right when the movie was supposed to start.  Mama told them very nicely that the movie was starting, but they didn't leave.
Mama turned the movie up, but the man's voice carried, it was so deep. So the audience had to listen to him going over the lady's health, children, conservators, etc, etc. After 40 minutes mama went over and loudly told them to GET OUT.  You could almost here her up here (not really).
She said, first of all, the room is reserved every Thursday for movies (there is even a listing of movies showing by the elevators, and the dates), and second, no one needed to know this lady's business.
I bet mama felt better after she yelled.  And she said she didn't use ANY swear words either!
The movie itself was very good. It was Firewall, with Harrison Ford and Virginia Madsen. A good action thriller. The audience didn't exactly like the man's voice over the movie. But after that, and the guy and his customer left, it was much better. Mama told me yelling relieves stress, too.
So mama camed home feeling sort of mellow.  She said she had talked to our security and to the president of the resident council (who is also a friend and a movie lover too) before she camed upstairs. So she covered herself from getting in any trouble.
Tracie is here today. We haven't seen her for awhile.  So I'm gonna go.
Maybe more later?

May 15, 2012

You Haven't Heard from us in a While

I know, I know.  It's been furefer since mama let me blog.  But things have not been going well here, and we just couldn't share.  We have problems with the green papers.  Serious ones.  Mama says there is something called Medigap which makes her upset cause it raises the price of three of her meds to unbelievable heights. So, while I have my foodies and my denties, and important things like my litter, a lot of things mama needs are not getting bought.  Like her foodie budget is cut waaaayy down. Like by a lot. And she's behind on some bills. And trying to figure out how to pay for her meds.  Like ones she can't live without. Like her intsulins. And there definitely is NO hamm pizza. Sigh. And no camera (now, that can't be so bad, huh?)
Nobody wants to hear bad news.  There is enough of it on here, what with furends getting sick and going over the Bridge and other money problems with some of our families and stuff.  So we have been pretty quiet. We just purray hard for our furends in need and for  something mama calls for-ti-tude for us.
We were once accused of being demanding about help, and we don't want to get into that.  We really needed it then, and we really need it now, but mama won't ask, this time. She felt like she was slammed in the face last time, and doesn't want that to happen again.   And doesn't want to bother anyone with more sad tales. And doesn't want anyone to feel obligated to help us when there are others who need help, too.
We really appreciated the help last time.  We were sooooo grateful.  Mama was so crazy with wondering how to survive. And we were blessed. Really blessed. There are some really great bloggers out here! Just imagine.  No, just know.  Cat (and woofie) bloggers ROCK.
But that was several years ago. And this time, mama is just very sad.
So that's what's happening here. We're trying to be brave, but mama just doesn't have the heart to blog when all she can think about is our problems. She has barely let me read other blogs.
Anyway, hope you had some really nice celebrations in the blogosphere as well as sad news.  Like Cinco de Mayo and Mommy Day, and birthdays and gotcha days and welcome home parties and the Movie Premieres (now they are impressive, our Real Housecats.  We are so proud of them!).
We will try to be more cheerful about things, and blog more. And mama will let me go to some of the celebrations, cause it does help me to get out a bit.
It's just very hard right now.  And I have to snuggle a lot with mommy. A LOT.
ps. We don't have any straw hats here. Just a straw basket in the kitchen.  And it's full of serving spoons and other kitchen stuff. But do visit some of the other blogs today and see what they are wearing !