December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve at Last!

Mama spend hours and hours and hours at that party last night.  And didn't bring me a thing back!  And I smelled  roast beast on her.  I know I did! *pout*
She said that they had something called hitches, and it was two hours before they got to eat anything but little pieces of bread. Good thing mama likes bread, I guess.
Then, because she is the projectionist for the movies, they made her one of two "keeper of the keys" at the last council meeting, and the other person wasn't there last night.  So she had to get the microphone out and do the radio. And just when she was going to lock everything up, they said leave the radio on while they cleaned up.  So she had to stay.
See the microphone part of the system is on the right , and the dvd side can also play the radio and cd's is on the left. She hasn't figured how to play the cd's yet (no sound comes out for them) and is sposed to get some actual training someday. So when everything is running, she has to be the one to shut everything off and lock up.
So that meant staying later.  It also means staying later at council meetings, now, where they use the microphone part.
That part wasn't fun last night.  And she didn't even get foodies to take home!
It is wonderful that she is so trustworthy, but it can be a pain.
She brought home a pressie.  It was a little white bear with a little pink pillow that says love.
Bears. Not that she doesn't have zillions of them, and the white ones always freak me out.
Tonight mama's staying home to watch the new year fireworks, and I have been given permission to go to my Sugar Pie's house for a party.
My turn!
Hope you have nice plans for tonight like I do!
Stay safe.  Don't drink too many niptinis.  You might have to put your beans to bed!
And kittens, milk only!!!

December 29, 2011

Thursday Thhstuff.

Well, the news today?  Tracie finally camed over. We missed her a lot, so it was nice to see her.  She has the habit of always filling my water bowl when she comes, even if it was just filled.  And she always talks to me.
Tonight is movie night.  The movie is Letters to Juliet, or something.  Anyway, when mama gets home she gets to cuddle with me.  That's the important thing.
Tomorrow night she has a dinner to go to.  An early New Years's Feast.
Wonder if I get some of her foodies?
The rest of Mr. Turkey is now in the freezer, waiting for another day.
So's the hamm.

December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day

Well, Monday is Boxing Day in the UK so Happy Boxing Day to our Brit friends! I hope efurryone got lots of foodies and toys and good stuff for Chrissymouse and Hannukah.
Yesterday started out with Cimmomon Rolls. Mama let me have some bread parts of one. Ooooh! Noms!!!
And of course we had turkey for dinner!  Mama doesn't carve very well, so the kitchen got a little messy. The turkey was very very good, and I helped mama clean up!! I got to eat anything that accidentally fell on the floor. Or on purpose (tee hee).  And we gots lots of leftovers for once. We usually don't have a whole turkey if we have turkey at all.  Sometimes we have Christmas hamm instead. 
Dessert for my good mama was an apple. Yup. Didn't even have pie.  And her levels (she's a diabetic) were very good at bedtime. She coulda had pie!  I like pie crust and I don't like apples! Oh well, we had pie for Thanksgiving.  And hamm. So I gotta be grateful, huh?
It's awfully quiet here today, so maybe some people are still celebrating with famblies. And, it being Minnesnowta, we should have snow, right??
Wrong.  It's almost 50 degrees out!
Not very Chrissymouse-like around here!  But traveling to see famblies was a lot safer for beans because of it. So we are grateful for that.
Hope you all are safe and warm and happy, and all our sick friends are feeling a little better.
Ps.  I am soo sorry I didn't get to the Hotties Chrissymouse Eve Party at the right time. I did get there, though.  Seems as though somebean didn't read her emails.  Wonder who?

December 24, 2011

Our Chrissymouse Card!!

Merry Chrissymouse, efurrybody
brandi and Mama Carol

December 23, 2011

ChrissyMouse!! It's COMING!!

It wasn't sposed to snow.  That's what they said on tv. A brown Christmas.
Guess what, kitlets and wooflets.
I hope it doesn't melt.

and for you Minnesotans (and others):

December 22, 2011

A New Award

How sweet.  We gotted a new award! It has been a while, but we love every one of them!
We were very honored to find out that we were given the Liebster Award by Sheldon the Cat. You should check out this blog from our Polish friend. We love our international neighbors!
Just as the word "liebster" suggests (it's German for "dearest"), the award's purpose is to acknowledge wonderful new or lesser-known blogs, and to help spread the word about them. We wanted to continue the chain of this award, as we are so very thankful for all of our  friends in the Blogosphere that have inspired us and have supported our blogging efforts! The following are the unofficial "rules" for how to accept and keep this award going:

1) Thank the blogger that gave you the award and then add a link to their blog.

Thank you, Sheldon the Cat.  It is wonderful to hear from our international friends! You are very dear to us, too.

2) Reveal your top five picks.(they must be up-coming blogs with fewer than 200 followers).

Our nominations:
They are a wonderful blog, and their mommy is dealing with a very sick Tucker.  They are all being very brave and sweet, and very "dear" to us!
We enjoy following this sweet blog and watching Jasmine growing up and living with Simba (not always harmoniously, but they try).

Brulee and Truffle are very young and very sweet, and live at the Cosy Cottage of  our dearly departed and missed Sweet Praline.
This library cat is very dear to my mommy, cause she loves libraries and even worked in a couple, herself. Tober is a lovely addition to this library, and is quite a character! We wish our neighborhood library would adopt a cat!
Fairly new to us, Callie is a very sneaky (and we say that with smiles) kittie who makes us, well, smile.

(3) Copy and Paste the Award to Your Blog (check out our side bar).

4) Let them know about their nomination by leaving a comment on their blogs.

5) Hope that they pass the love on to other deserving blogs!

We want to express our thanks for the blogging world and everyone we have crossed paths with. You all mean a lot to us. We also want to extend our biggest purrs and good healing thoughts out to all kitties, woofies, and beans who are in need of them right now. We send you all love and hugs and thoughts of health. And we have our paws crossed for all of you. And to those who have helped us in our time of need, you are our angels on earth. We never forget.
Check out these lovely blogs if you haven't already.

And pardon our dust.  When we put the award in our sidebar, we erased everything and had to start over.  Stupid mommy.  Stupid mommy. Stupid mommy.

December 19, 2011

Monday, Monday

Mama had to remember to fill my water and her water bottle and the teapot so that we have water today.  The city is turning off our water from 9 to 3 pm today.  No one seems to know why, but we are complying.
Mommy had a hard time getting up this morning, but I reminded her that it was important to do stuff like wash the floors n stuff. Before we had no water.
My job is done for the day.

love and peace,

December 18, 2011

Sunday Sunshine

We just had to go visit some of our friends before we blogged this morning.  And leave an encouraging message at kissabull . Hope some of you leave a message there, too.  Sunday is usually easy, but it is also so bright and sunny today:

Have a sweet Sunday, all,

go here to get SNOW on your Blogger blog

December 17, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Ahhh, Saturday.  The day that I make sure mama doesn't sleep in.  The day I demand an early brekkie and fresh water.  And I mean really early. Tee hee.
Then I get this:
Mine, all mine.

love, brandi

December 16, 2011

Finally Friday and Good News

Last night mama said the memorial was very very nice. She helped set up and also clean up at the end.  People told funny stories about the lady, and remembered her with lots of smiles and a few tears. They showed pictures of her throughout her life, and played her favorite song, and showed off her drawings.  The memorial card was filled with her own drawings, which mama has on the fridgeator.  There was a very beautiful prayer, and poems and it was lovely.
Earlier in the day we gotted our Holiday Basket.  So now, sitting in our freezer is a turkey, some chick-hen  breasts, and we have all sorts of stuff for our holiday dinner.  Yummy.
It is bright and sunny today, after being gray for several days and really windy yesterday.  Of course, that means it's colder, again.  *sigh*
Oh, wait.  It's nice and warm in here! I am very thankful!
Speaking of thankful, yesterday I forgotted to mention some things I am thankful for.  I forgotted to mention my Denties and my Tempies.  What was I thinking????? And now there's those birdies in the freezer to be thankful for.
I thought this was appropriate.
So we are in the final countdown for Santy.  And did you know the nice thing beans have been doing for others in several states?  They are paying down on other beans layaways at KMart so that children will get their presents and clothing, and parents don't have to struggle so hard.
What a wonderful thing to do.
Chrissymouse.  Good things happen!
We are sorry about sweet Admiral passing, but think of all the lovely friends to play with over the Bridge!
And we are horrified for the Pittie Pack's family.  They lost their home and five Pitties to a fire. See here for the terrible story and leave a message at the Pittie Pack's blog. They need lots and lots of hugs and help.

December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I think it's time for me to do a Thankful Thursday.  So here is part of my list:
I'm thankful for my mama.
I'm thankful for my lovely home.
I'm thankful for all my blankies.
I'm thankful for all my friends on the internet.
I'm thankful for my Sugar Pie.
I'm thankful that my litter box is changed as often as I want it to be.
I'm thankful that my mama feeds me and gets me fresh water before she does anything for herself.
I'm thankful for living all this time.

Thank you for reading this, too.

December 13, 2011

A Foggy Day

Yes, we have no sun. No sunbeams. And this evening, no mama.  She has a resident council meeting to go to. Thursday there is no movie, cause there is a memorial for one of the ladies who lived here.  Mama knew her.  She was the daughter of the gentleman who used to live down the hall from us with Lizzie the poodle. She had a breathing problem and other matters of ill health, but she was really nice, and mama said she was a beautiful artist.  Even her doodles were works of art!
Anyway, tonight is the monthly meeting. So I will get to have the place to myself be lonely and sad not to have her around. I hope she brings back something nice, like good stuff to eat!
Nice day to snooze and cuddle.
Keep cozy. Practice being nice for Santy! He's gonna be watching really close!

December 11, 2011

Sunday Snooze? Maybe Not!

Oh happy day, ca-loo ca-lay! It is 31 degrees out!  We are out of the frozen tundra effect for a little while!  And even the sunbeams this morning feel warmer!!!  And I have just had my morning Denties!!! We are certainly starting the day off right!!!
Last night, of course, mama broked her Swiffer Wet Jet, which made her mad.  That's how she cleans up around my litter box between floor washings, and the floor when I do whoopsies. And we can't replace it for a couple of weeks till we have green papers again. Oh, wait, that means extra dirty feet for me.  And baths! Heellllllpppp!!!!!
Really sucks when you don't have those green papers! BIG!
Glad she got my Tempies and foodies before she ranned out of green papers.

December 10, 2011

Temptation Alert!

Bright shiny sunlight, nice sunbeams, mama's home, she found big bags of Temptations yesterday (I gotted a salmon flavor) which is not Denties, but a really tasty second best. It is huge! HUGE!!! OMG!
You Tempie lovers out there (specially multiple cat homes) have got to get your beans to look for these!
Instead of 2.1 oz bags they are 6.3 Megabags!
If efurryone knows these already, why haven't you spread the news???
Still meowing over this,
 p.s. it is 10 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. Woo hoo.
fyi: mama scored the Tempies at Target!

December 9, 2011

Friday Update

Okay. Yesterday I was sicky. I threw up. I accidentally sat in it and walked in it before mama could clean it up.  I guess I deserved what I got.
A bath. Yuck.
But you know something?  The hair dryer was nice and warm.  Kinda liked it.... And I am so fluffy now.
Don't please don't tell mom.
It might give her ideas.......
Today she goes downtown.  It is supposed to be really really cold.  Like in the lower teens. And it's because I need more food.
Revenge is sweet?
sorry, mommy.  It was 5 when we gotted up. Brrrrrr! But I do look pretty and all floofy.
And don't forget more Denties!!!
And it's now a fur dryer.  I claim it.  If I have to go through another bath, it's mine.

December 8, 2011


If you aren't smiling now, why not??

December 7, 2011

Serious and Not

This is the 70th anniversary of something called Pearl Harbor. Mama told me it was an attack on US soil that brought us seriously into something called World War II.
It seems to me (as you can see on my sidebar, I think I must be a pasifist cause only animals should fight with each other, and even then we should think twice) we shouldn't celebrate this. We should only honor those brave soldiers who defended us and some even gaved their lives for us to be a free nation.
I think we should honor our brave soldiers every day of the year.
Just sayin.
On to other news: mama's rides yesterday went very well to and from the doctor.  And she got a prescripshun adjusted.  And she now has something called Vertigo.  Do not understand that one, so don't ask me to explain. 
Tomorrow if they have enough food, the food bank will be here and mama will volunteer.  And then tomorrow night is the movie.  I don't know if Tracie will be coming around this week or not.  Efurryone is running around and busy this time of the year!
Sorry to be so serious in the begining of this post.  But I am going to say one more serious thing.  A lot of us on the Cat Blogosphere have been sickly lately or gone over the Bridge, and we all are pretty good at sending hugs and thinking of each other.  So I will try to be not so serious on my blog, and start spreading more serious NICE. I  think we all need smiles....

December 6, 2011

Giving Season

Gee, already snow is getting old.  Imagine the next several months!! It's snowing again!
Mama has to go to the doctor again today (another one).   She hopes the trip will be less stressful than Saturday's. So that's really all that's going on today. 
I know she's worried about green papers and affording stuff this month, including her medicashuns and food (and my food).  Wish I could do something to help besides cuddle with her.
A lot of beans and animals have a hard time this month.  Please think of them (and us) and donate to a shelter or a charity near you if you possibly can or volunteer. 
That's why mama volunteers.  She can't afford to give.
So the next time you hear the "bell ringers" or hear of a fund for a family in need or a animal or bean shelter that needs funding, give if you can, and volunteer even if you can give!
You don't really need another sweater or toy. 
Someone else  really does.
Chrissymouse is about giving, after all, right?

December 4, 2011

Oh, it's Magic out There

The scene outside my windows before mama camed home yesterday:
Well, actually, it was worse.  It started snowing and then the visibility became less than half a mile ( couldn't see hardly anything) and it snowed 3 inches total for the day. I couldn't wait for mama to get home!
She said she haded two rotten rides, one going downtown where the guy couldn't figure out how to get anywhere, like he was maybe a tourist and drove round and round trying to find the IDS Center middle of downtown, and the Y (which is pretty easy to find) and the one coming home that insisted mama was on the wrong side of the IDS Center (pretty big place) even though she was outside under the address sign, and he maded her walk all the way across the Crystal Court and she pointed out that the address sign he parked by was not where she requested to be picked up at.
But she said she gotted her stuff done downtown, and she even had something called a Skinny Peppermint Mocha because she had a coupon.  And she was by the Love from Minnesota store, which was busy and decorated all up for Chrissymouse, and she wented in and looked at some cards there that had kitties on them. I guess she was missing me like I was missing her. So she needed a kitty fix.
Oh, she said, the IDS Center and it's Crystal Court were pretty too.  They had their fountain going, which is always pretty (pretty thirsty making if you ask me), and a big Chrissymouse tree and a Menorah ( a very nice thing to do so as not to forget our Jewish friends who also celebrate this time of year), and lots of sticky little beans looking cute (hmmm, really?) and famblies to go with them (to make sure they don't attack any strangers).
So when mama gotted home we snuggled a lot.
She didn't share her roast beast, but she broughted home some banana bread, so I forgaved her.
Today we can hear the sound of shovels.  And we get to snuggle all day. *sigh* A very very nice day even if there are no sunbeams. Hope you have a sweet Sunday.

December 3, 2011

Saturday STuff

Well, here we are at the weekend.  And mama has to run an errand this afternoon so she will be gone for a while.  This morning was sooo cozy when she was under the quilt and I was on top of her, but eventually I had to be fed and needed fresh water, so I had to let her up.
You remember my pink quilt?  It's been put away for a long long long time, but it is back.

Not a very good picture of it, but the only one mama could find.  There are prettier ones, but you get the idea, anyway. I love to stretch out on it and curl up on it and just LOVE it.
I must say, though.  I was getting a little fluffy in this picture, and have slimmed down a lot.
Yes, mama is going to be gone part of this afternoon.  But she promised to be back before it starts s***ing. Those big fluffy white things, ya know. What Khyra likes.
The rest of the weekend is mine!!! I get her. Me.  No errands.  But maybe a hamburger or two?? Or that leftover hamm in the freezer would be nice. Hint. Hint. Or some tuna??  Or... at least a lot of scritchies, please.
love to all,

December 1, 2011

Wednesday Woes on Thursday

Downtown as seen from the lounge upstairs

We are back home.  It was very very boring upstairs.  Also, they didn't tell mama that the microwave was gone, and all she had was a package of cheese and crackers that she was going to use as a snack, and that became her lunch. So no soup for us.
They do feed you at the senior place next door when you can't be in your partment cause of work being done, which is very nice of them, but she can't bring me in there so that wouldn't work. She also is not allowed to just leave me while she gets the food and brings it back to the lounge.  Whew!
I had food. And Denties. But poor mama with her diabetes. Cheese and crackers and some glucose tablets.  She didn't dare take any insulin. If you are a diabetic you know why. Definitely not enough carbs for insulin to work on.
We had 8 hrs of this prison.  She had a book and a phone, thank goodness, and when I gotted crabby she took me out of my PTU (which is illegal.  All cats have to be in PTUs when not in their partments here) and cuddled me. And of course, cleanned up my pee after I went in the PTU (well, Where Else was I sposed to go??)
When we got back to our wonderful partment (and had to clean up after all the people who worked in it) we ated the soup. 
Not a nice day.
Mama is still cleaning up the mess here.
At least Tracie is coming this afternoon. It snowed overnight, but only a little bit, so she should be able to get here with absolutely no problems.
I need more cuddles.