December 31, 2006

Happy New Year's Eve!

I guess it's time to wrap the old year up and throw it away. For six months of it we were a normal household. Mama had a nice birfday, she gotted to go on a boat ride, she worked hard at her jobbie, we even started blogging. Things were going along pretty well. Until.

In June mama said goodbye to her jobbie and started staying home more and doing a lot of jobbie searches on the computer and interviews and messing around with insurants and stuff. This has not been a happy time. I have spent many hours playing nursie. Although.

We have been so honored to make such nice friends out here on the cat blogosphere. They have encouraged us, sent us help, made us smile, and made us remember that there are others out here who need help too. We have entered a pretty wonderful world where beans and pets really care about each other. And we don't have to live in the same town, state, or even country.

This is the year I also gotted a boyfriendcat, my special Sugar Pie, Mr. Hendrix. I never had one of them before, and he is soo cute, and soo sweet. I get to send him a nosekiss tonight at midnite his time. And maybe I will let mama remind me to send him one once an hour till then. *blush*

There are no resolutions at this household, usually. Just new year wishes for a new job for mama and some of the things she wants. I promise to keep blogging, though. What ever happens.

Love, peace, headbumpies, and hugs for the new year,

I think I can convince mama to go to the chat cat party tonight. See you there.

Oh, and a special message for my sweetie: blogger has not let me comment on your blog for a couple days. I have not been avoiding you or something mean. It is just mean blogger! I really liked your blushy picture, too. You are soo sweet!

December 29, 2006

Friday Finally

What a week. And now another holiday weekend! Don't think mama is going anywhere, but you never know. Maybe she will be invited out.

Mom: Yeah, like that will happen!

Well, anyway. Maybe we will wax poetic over the new year this weekend. You never know.

Mom: Wax what??

So I picked up a few things from you. You are college educated, and majored in English!

Mom: And you say things like gotted and wented??

I am a kittycat. We do have our own language, too. And what makes you think you can write in purple. That's my pretty color.

Mom: *sigh* Whatever. I do your typing.

*sigh* Beans. Only good for scritchies and opening cans.


December 28, 2006

Mark this day

No, no, mama didn't get a job. It started out kind of nice (I snuggled on mama til she had to get up, and I think I must have laid on her hand for squillions of nappies). Then she wented downtown with one of her friends who had a birfday today. They had lunch and mama gotted to get her hair trimmed so it is pretty for interviews, and they shopped at Target. Mama just gotted milk and bread and juice and cheese and soup and stuff like that we needed. Then, when she gotted home there was a lot of heavy bags (milk and juice are heavy, and so was the soup and stuff).

Here's where you mark this day: Our nasty neighbor actually helped her inside with her stuff and was nice all the way down the hall! Wow!!!! I hearded him!!!!

I still don't believe it!

Left over Christmas spirit? Turning over a new leaf (mama says that's like a do over kind of thing)? Whatever, we will take it. Mama was very nice in return, of course.

Maybe there is help for the beans after all. He normally is pretty nasty, and he hates me.

And when mama camed home there was scritchies for me and one jobbie to apply for.

Love, purrs, headbumpies, and a special hi for my Sugar Pie,


December 27, 2006


Nice quiet day. No jobbies. 38 degrees right now, so that makes it nice and warm. Mama is going to run some errands tomorrow. She's gotta go to the bank and then buy some milk and stuff and I think she is going to get her hair trimmed. She wants to look nice for jobbies.

Mama tried those sonic things for scaring mousies away, which worked last year, but this year I think they are all deaf of something, so mama had to resort to poison. No, she puts it where I don't go, and I don't like it anyway, so it's purrty safe for me around here. You heard I am scared of real mousies. So this is what she has to do *sigh* They have already eatten one bag of my organic litter (?) and a whole bag of cat food (whew, I have more, but still, it was MINE). *see p.s. Okay, mama?

So that's it. There are sick kitties and humans out here who need some purrayers and good thoughts, so I am sending a bunch of hug baskets out ti the blogosphere. It's a lot of work, so I hope everyone who can will help.

love, headbumpies, purrs, and a special nosekiss for my sweetie,


*ps. Okay, they ate my mama's instant oatmeal, too, and some ramman noodles, and the labels of some cans of soup.

December 26, 2006

Season's Greetings to all!

What ever you celebrate(d), we hope you have/had a lovely time!

I got some lovely food, and mousies, and some other toys, and ornaments (the unbreakable kind), and my special sweetie's mom even made a blankie for me! She also gave my mama a hat and scarf. And we gotted another bear(!), only this one is a special Chrissymouse bear angel from the Meowers, so that's okay.

Mama went to a special lunch on Chrissymouse Eve day with one of her friends, and I got special Stinky Goodness (it was from my sweetie!). And we even gotted to go to the fancy chat that night hosted by Robyn and the Hot(M)BC's. Little Persephone is sooo cute and sooo young! And there was even romance in the air that night. How sweet!

So now comes New Year's Eve. Hmm. Wonder what kind of stuff is going on for it? Wonder what food I will get? Hmmm. Hamm???? Please, mama???? *purrrrrs*

Mama applied for one jobbie today. She hasn't found anything else for at least a week. Doesn't make for a really good holiday, but we try our best.

Thank you for all the greetings you left us. And all the cheer. We hope others had a good time. We had snow before the day, but it melted by Chrissymouse, so our part of Minnesnowta did not have snow for the occasion. But Santa came anyway. He's always prepared for what ever weather comes. Thank goodness.

Chrissymouse, and Hannakah and Kwanza Feast and Solstice and all the other celebrations at this time of year are all celebrations of the positive, the good, the wonderous. There is warmth, peace, love and cheer at this time of year. May they grow with us and continue in our hearts throughout the coming year. And be for efurryone all over the world, and every bean.... Not a bad wish, huh, Persephone?

Love, purrs, gentle headbumpies, and a nosekiss for my Sugar Pie,

December 22, 2006

To All Our Friends

Thank you all for your support during this trying time for us. We wish you the best for the coming year. You have brought many smiles to us. We thank the Divine Master for your unselfishness and hope.

For those who are ailing or going through your own rough times, we understand your pain and sadness, and have prayed for you and will continue to.

For all those who have passed on, we pray for your families, that they remember all the lovely times and keep them in their hearts forever.

As Tiny Tim said, "God bless us, everyone!"

December 21, 2006

A Snow Day

Yup. This afternoon the yucky rainy day turned into a snow day. And mama gaved me the fancy stinky goodness today and I had to take a loooonnnng nap afterwards (From the Lone Star Purrs--thanks! We like the ornaments, too, and I hope you aren't snow bound!).

Maybe it was because I curled up on mama early this morning and didn't wake her up. Maybe?

And we got boxes in the mail today. One we haven't opened. Mean mama. Oh, I understand, it's not Chrissymouse yet. Another had presents in it, so mama didn't let me see or open them either, but it had a card in it, and it was a really purrty card with hansome Edsel on it!

No jobbies. No calls from jobbies. Nothing. But I am going to check out the bloggies, and and maybe the next story installment....

Love, headbumpies, purrs, and Seasons Greetings,
and of course a special nosekiss for my sweet Sugar Pie,

December 20, 2006


Ok, mama left midmorning. She wented downtown with a friend. She didn't get back until midafternoon. She gotted lots of phone calls which interupted my nappies when she was gone. I have been ignoring her since she got home.

Next, signing on to blogger took me a squillion minutes today. It insisted I should have a google account first, but didn't give me any option of converting.

Enough to make me crabbie.

Love, headbumpies and purrs anyway,

p.s. I like Miles' and my sweetie's wish lists! And go visit "and then there were" for a nice storytime. After that, who could be crabby?

December 19, 2006


Hmmmm. If mama and I could buy the mansion, I could have several rooms just for me. Mama could hire a housekeeper to cook and clean and change litter. And we could have other kitties, maybe the ones from Saint Cloud's Barking Ark, come live with us. And we'd have a flat screen puter, and high speed connection, and mama would have a jobbie and a car and new furniture, and maybe I could have a daddy. Hamm. Crunchies. Fancy Feast. Lots of cuddle cups. Stairs to run on. Lots of windows. Birdies. Alley Cat delivered. Hamm pizzas. Ice cube water all summer long, air conditioning, too. Nice heatie places to sleep in the winter.... parties for my friends........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


December 18, 2006

It's Monday again

Well, Santa time is getting closer. Mama filed two letters of interest at her old jobbie for two administrative assistant jobbies. And I was on mama's lap a lot today. More hamm sammich! Woo hoo!

The VanDusen mansion (remember the pictures in October?) has been on eBay, and apparently there is a deal in process for more than $3 Million Dollars. That, mama said, is squillions and squillions of money. Wish we had the money to buy it. Wouldn't it be neat to run around all the rooms in a mansion? I could have several rooms just for me!

Oh well.

love, purrs, headbumpies to all,
especially for my Sugar Pie,

December 17, 2006

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Oh, my Sweetie Pie wrote a song for me! All for me! And he sented me two packages, but my mama won't let me open them til Chrissymouse!

How unfair is that? But I have two packages! And a song! All from my sweet Sugar Pie!

Mama let me send my own thank you card, though.

Oh, and the only jobbies this weekend were at her old jobbie. She applied for both of them. Silly people, you know how hard mama worked when she was there. You know she was well liked by the students. Hire her back!!!

Love, headbumpies, soft purrs and healing purrayers for those in need,
(and nosekisses for my wonderful Sugar Pie)

December 15, 2006

Friday Update

I had to hide from mama a little while ago. She was very very mad at her computer. She was in the middle of applying for a job when her computer got stuck. She had to turn it off and reboot and go back to the application. Thankfully the company saved most of it, so she finished. But she was very very man, and yelled. It's her anti-virus protection that keeps doing this. It's just one of those things we put up with, but in the middle of important stuff it makes her mad.

Well, she's calmed down, and now everything is okay.

No interviews set up for next week or anything. And that makes mama very sad. She says she has a headache now, so we are going to snuggle for a while.

Have a good weekend.

love, headbumpies, purrs, and purrayers,
nosekisses to my brave and sweet Sugar Pie,

December 14, 2006

Thursday is Quiet, Too Quiet

Once again, nothing going on. Mama is getting very worried, as unemployment is going to be ending soon. She applied at a medical place today. They have several clinics and a hospital, and she now has an application on file there.

We have been having some problems with neighbors being mean and nasty, so that's no fun, either.

I did have hamm today for lunch, though. Mama shared her sammich!

Love, headbumpies, purrs, especially to my sweetie,

December 13, 2006

Hi, there!

Sorry we haven't been around for a few days. It has been warmer out, and when I can, I lay in the sunbeams. Mama hasn't been finding many jobs to apply for, and she is not very happy. She still can't figure out where she put the camera.

So there is no news from here. Although she did get to go out to lunch last weekend. For free! And she didn't save me anything.

I wish someone would give her the chance. *kittysigh*

Love, headbumpies, purrs, purrayers for those in need, and nosekisses for my Sugar Pie,

December 11, 2006


Sweet Libby passed away this morning under her Christmas tree. Christmas time is full of love and light, and she fell asleep gently, under one of our beloved symbols of the Season, to wake beyond the Rainbow Bridge, where her pains are no more, she plays with all the others who have passed, and she waits for those she loves to join her. Here is a light for her remembrance.

December 8, 2006

Friday Update

Actually, no update. Nothing happened. Except it got in the low 30's today! And supposed to be warmer tomorrow. Hooray! Nice sunbeams for napping!!

Early this morning I came and snuggled with mama, and purred so hard I fell sleep with my head in the bendy place of her elbow. She was awake, but let me sleep. Isn't she sweet?? When I woke up she fed me!

Mama putted the batteries in the camera, but I didn't feel like a picture, so I just ran in the other room. Then she put the camera down, and silly her, can't remember where. Mama is weird sometimes. She wanted a picture of me in my lounger. I just wasn't in the mood. Don't we all have days like that?

Course, she said it was for a special picture for someone special. Hmmm. My sweetie??

To be continued, I guess.

Love, headbumpies, purrs to all, and a kiss for my Sugar Pie,

December 7, 2006

The Letter

Nothing much happened today. Again. Right now it is 10 degrees outside. But I have been snuggling, either with mama or with the blankies, or in my lounger. One of mama's friends is going to give me a little blankie for my lounger, I think. I overheard them talking on the phone today. I think it's sposed to be a secret though.

Lots of nappies today, dreaming of my Sugar Pie.

Chrissymouse is coming. Everyone is putting up their trees and decorating and stuff. Santy Claws just has to be good to us this year. Here is my letter to him:

Dear Santy Claws,

I don't need anything this year. I just want a jobbie for mama. I promise to be good. Well, maybe some hamm. And mama gives that to me anyway. So, I guess that's all we need. Santy, can you help those furry ones at the Barking Ark in St. Cloud all get furrefer homes? And help all our furends who are sickly, or out of work like mama? Maybe all you can do is a little pressie for each to cheer them up, but that's okay. It would help. Oh, and maybe a special gift for my sweetie. And mama wants one of those cat calendars. And a new long black scarf.

Thank you, and make Mrs. Claws bake you something special for when you come home Chrissymouse, and have a cup of hot chocolate waiting and your favorite cat to purr on your lap. Wait, you'r kinda big, so better make that a bunch of your favorite cats! A nice warm purrblankie!


p.s. Smudge is having surgery on next Tuesday. Think healing thoughts!

And please purray for little Libby. She might have to be helped over the Bridge. We are so sad for her family.

December 6, 2006

Once again, mama had a wonderful phone interview. She is not one of the top 3 yet, but she is one of the top 15. And she did her interview with the owner of the business.

We will see. *kitty paws crossed*

It didn't get as cold as they said today, but it is 12 degrees and probably falling.

I slept on mama last night, even though it wasn't that cold in the partment. I love my mama, and she is comfy to sleep on.

The big fuzzy bear is cute. Hmm. Still contemplating making it my buddy.

love, headbumpies, purrs, and snugggles, sweet Sugar Pie,

December 5, 2006

It's warmer, but the temps are gonna drop again...

Okay, right now it is 28. 20 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. But I hear that the temperature is gonna drop again tomorrow, so we gotta enjoy this! By the weekend it is supposed to be warm again (well, over 30 anyway).

Mama is looking forward to her weird interview tomorrow, and another place that called her today is forwarding her resume to their hiring manager to schedule an interview.

Just somebody hire her!

That's it. Stay warm. No batteries in the camera yet.

Love, headbumpies and purrs, and a special nosekiss (of course) to my sweetie,

December 4, 2006

Even Burrier

Hate to tell you this, but right now it is 8 degrees. At 6:30 pm. Sitting on mama a lot. Sitting in warm places a lot. Even the sunbeams this afternoon were cold!

Mama had a pressie for me, a t shirt that a certain frootbat would like. It's edged in pink! Me? I got out of it as soon as possible! I think I prefer blankies to cuddle in and mama.

Mama has a phone interview Wednesday. That silly place called her back, and said that now they wanted the phone interview on Wednesday, so she must have risen to the top three fairly fast. Or everyone else told the bean he was silly, and to go away. A jobbie is a jobbie.

If there are benefits.

Mama hasn't put the new batteries in the camera yet. *kittiesigh*

Lots of love, headbumpies, purrs, and a special nosekiss for my Special Sugar Pie,

December 3, 2006

Another Brrrrrrrrr

Mama had to go downtown and run a quick errand today. So she was gone for a while. Meanwhile, my new little lounger..... well, I tipped it over. Oops. But I burrowed under a blankie, instead. Oh, and we had turkey sammich for lunch, so my tummy was full anyway. Nappies!! Warm nappies under the blankie!!!

She has applied for several jobbies since she gotted home. And fixed my lounger, of course. And, and, and it is almost 7 o'clock and 9 degrees! There was definately a reason she bundled up to go out. And was not gone long.

The only other thing is that our rent is paid for December, and we paid for all our utilities for November. And we thank you for your help. Even though there is not much left, the important things are paid for.

Keep warm everyone!

Love, headbumpies, purrs, and a nice nosekiss for my Sugar Pie,


December 2, 2006


It is cold! 13 degrees right now! Mama was gone a million nappies today. She camed home with a visitor. A little calico kitty which will go to a friend's house soon. It is a toy one.

One of her friends really wanted a stuffed calico kitty, and mama saw one at the second hand store she was at today, and it was $1.69 or something, really cheap, so mama got it for her. AND, mama gotted a nother bear. Mama, you are not supposed to buy any more! Well, he is cute, sort of. With a little hat and scarf for winter. But enough bears!!

We will be cuddling a lot, it is so cold.... Mama and me, not the bear. Although he is furry furry. Hmm.

Love, headbumpies, purrayers for those in need,
and sweet nosekisses for my sweet one,

December 1, 2006

Friday News

Mama was gone a loonnng time today. But I stayed comfy. As soon as mama puts new batteries in the camera, I think she should take a picture of me in my new little cat lounger that a certain Charlotte sent me. It is fleece on the bottom! Thank you, thank you, I love it (the catnip on the bottom doesn't hurt, either)! So now I have two fleece things (one of them is flat, but it plugs in), and we have a flannel lap blanket, 2 comforters, and another blanket that mama (and me) love to sleep under. No snow yet, here, but I hear it is coming! And right now it is 19 degrees.

Mama enjoyed seeing her sister today. On the way home she said she waved at Olivia (the nice office cat, remember?). Oh, and her sister has a new little woofie. So I now have a woofie cousin. It is a little dachshund. Mama saw a picture and said she is cute. And her sister said the woofie never barks at all unless she says "no!" to her. Then she barks back. She has lots of toys to play with, so that she doesn't put the bitey on stuff she shouldn't. So far, that's been working.

That's all the news right now. Hope everyone is doing okay. I will now get to catch up on the news. And, Mr. Hendrix, my Sugar Pie, I'm sending special snuggles to you. Just because.

Love, purrs, headbumpies to efurryone,

November 30, 2006

File under Beans are Crazy...

This is what happened today: Mama gotted two calls. One was to set up an interview next
Tuesday. That was fine. But about an hour later the lady bean emailed and said she couldn't meet with her then. And would contact her soon. Huh???? What about another phone call?? Then a gentleman bean called about a job mama applied for over a month ago. He said that they narrowed it down to 25 applicants. Would she be home for a call next Wednesday to set up an interview, if, after they narrow it down to 10 and then the top three, she makes the cut? That is plain weird.

Today she also applied at a place that is across and down the street from the school she got laid off from.

I have been bugging her today, cause it is cold. So mama has been putting up with me all day. There was some work going on in the hallway of the building this afternoon, so it was kind of noisy, but I stayed on mama's lap. She fed me part of her sammich for lunch, too. Hammmm!

A little while ago, I gotted a lot of energy and ran through the partment, back and forth from the windows in the different rooms. Mama said, "are you crazy?" and then laughed at me.

Hey, it keeps me warm!

Tomorrow one of mama's sisters is coming to town, so she is going to meet her. Saturday she is going to be with a friend. So, I will have to stay warm by myself.

FYI, it is now 13 degrees! Brrr. Glad we have comforters and blankies!

love, purrs, headbumpies, nosekisses for my Sugar Pie,


November 28, 2006

Help Needed

A St Cloud Animal Shelter is closing at the end of the year and that means dozens of cats and some dogs need a new home.The Barking Ark Animal Shelter is closing because it's losing its contract with the City of St. Cloud, which is opening its own animal shelter in January, 2007.The Barking Ark is a private shelter that takes in stray animals. If the animals aren't claimed after five days, they are put up for adoption. But any animals still not adopted by the end of the year, will be euthanized because the new city run shelter won't keep animals up for adoption for more than three days. If you'd like to give one of these animals a home, go to and click on shelters in St. Cloud MN or call (320) 251-1242


November 27, 2006

Rainy Monday

Rainy day here. I have been sleeping a lot, but no sunbeams to lay in! Mama applied for a jobbie today that is kinda far away, but she has applied for jobbies in that area before, and even though it may be a long travel time and maybe a bus transfer, she could catch up on her reading. She's thinking positive. They have a lake in the area and walkways and stuff.

Mama gave me some of that good stinky goodness for breakfast that Max sent me. She said that I made snorting noises when I ate it. But it was GOOD. Its the Fancy Feast Gourmet with the greens in it and Salmon. I don't care. I'll snort if I want to. Nummy!

That's about it. Nothing else new. Just spending time dreaming of my sweetie and purraying for lots of beans and furbodies.

Purrs, headbumpies to all,

November 26, 2006

Quiet Sunday

The new woofie sent me a comment, but it disappeared. Hope you come back and visit!

I hope you all have heard of hug baskets. I sent little KC one for the weekend. It is a basket that is in your mind, and you fill it with hugs for someone. I squished a lot of them in the basket and teleported it over to KC in the hospital. I am also sending one to Tilly's family, cause they need one, too.

No jobbies to apply for today. I think that is because of the holiday weekend. We hope.

Sposed to be rainy the next few days and then really cold again. Yuck.

Mama gave me more treaties today.

I am going to catch up on some bloggies and if there is any news I will add a p.s.

Love, headbumpies, purrs, purrayers, and a nosekiss to my Sugar Pie,

p.s. Be sure to visit Lily and Iris 's new blog. They are the sisfurs of Mu Shue. Sisfurs unite!

November 25, 2006

Honesty is Still Alive

Ooh, we has nice news! Mama wented to the grocery store to get me hamm and Alley Cat dry food (my favorite!) and a couple of other things for herself. And went she was done, one of the clerks camed up to her and said that a couple of weeks ago when mama was there, she rang her up wrong, and the bookkeeper found it (it was an employee perk she rang up instead of produce), and she remembered mama. So she gave her $10 back, AND her supervisor handed mama some purrty flowers!

Some beans are really honest, huh? Is it any wonder mama likes shopping there? This was after mama had given all her spare change to the bell ringer outside the store.

And that's the nice news.

Love, headbumpies and purrs, especially to my Sugar Pie, and thank you to the nice grocery store for being honest, and for the purrty flowers,


p.s. Daisy Mae Maus has a woofie cousin with a new bloggie. Visit him at Shadow Saluki and say hello.
Sweet little KC is doing better. Please continue to send healing thoughts to her.
And please check out the wonderful tribute to Tilly at And then there were and remember your tissues when you read it....
Oh, and William has a cousin who has a new bloggie! Kindly check out Shilgiah the Huntress .

November 24, 2006

The day after

Well, we had turkey, hamm and chicken yesterday! Whoohoo! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Today's goodies included some more turkey and some chicken treaties from a certain southern gentlecat and his mama. Don't get jealeous, Sweetums, they were just being nice to me, southern style.

Anyway, no jobbies. No shopping. Just a nice snuggly day today.

Be safe,

love and purrs and headbumpies for all (including my Sugar Pie),

BIG p.s. Please go to the Pet Prayer and Praise Blog tonight at 8:30 EST. Little KC has complications from her ladygardenectomy surgery and needs our help.
Also, Brendan of Caturday needs good thoughts, too.
And we mourn the passing of Tilly of the Tower Hill Mob who gave thanks for her life and her family and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Thanksgiving.

November 23, 2006

Thank You


November 22, 2006

Almost Thanksgiving

What mama wanted most to be thankful for was a new jobbie, but that hasn't happened. She is scared and unhappy, and purrs don't always work to make her feel better. We searched yet again today, and did apply for another jobbie, but no one has called her back this week. We hope it is just that everybody is busy with plans for Thanksgiving. At her old jobbie, they got to go home early on the day before Thanksgiving, and didn't come back in till the following Monday.

So, here we are. A sort of quiet day. The phone was knocked off the hook for an hour or two (sorry, mama) and we missed the mailcarrier, but that was it.

Hope efurrybody and bean has a good Thanksgiving.

We are going to be thankful for all of you. And that's a lot to be thankful for.

love, headbumpies, purrs and purrayers, and sending sweet thoughts to my special sweetie,

November 21, 2006

Another quiet day...

Okay, another one. No phone calls, mama nappied with me, nothing else happening. A few little sunbeams to lay in and dream of my Sugar Pie.

Love, purrs, headbumpies to all, including my sweetie,

November 20, 2006

Another quiet day...

Yup. Mama applied for only one jobbie today, and got no phone calls except from friends. I have been sleeping a lot (dreaming of hamm pizzas and my sweetie, *kittysigh*) There was some sun this afternoon that was good to nappie in.

We had chickies for lunch, and mama shared. We played catdancer this afternoon. We snuggled. Mama's stomach doesn't feel good after she jobbie hunts....

Thanksgiving is coming!

Love, headbumpies, purrs, and purrayers for beans and non-beans who are in need,
and a special purr and headbumpie for my Sugar Pie,

November 19, 2006

Hi, there!

Nothing happened this weekend, really, so we have not blogged. However, we added some links to our blog, and caught up on reading the many blogs of the cat blogosphere.

Mama went to the store and spent a little on Thanksgiving. She has been giving me treaties a lot (thank you Beau, I love chicken treaties!) and I have been curling up on her lap a lot this weekend.

She is kinda depressed, cause she really wanted a job by Thanksgiving. But we keep on looking.

You will notice a new thing under the Other Sites I Like. It is for They are a real nice place, and Dr. Keith has been on the Today Show (just this last week). This is a place to help beans in a temporary fix. Because some of you have been helping us, we are not eligible for them, but I think mama should help them when we get on our feets and mama has a jobbie.

That's it for the weekend,
Love, purrs, headbumpies, and we are purraying for a lot of beans and furry ones!

p.s. And a special hi to my Sugar Pie. I have been dreaming of you, my sweetie! Purrrrrs!

November 17, 2006

We are Sad Today

Waiting for two jobbies. One never called. *kittysigh* That means they found someone else. One emailed (your skills are exemplary but we hired someone else).

Nuff said. Mama is very sad. I have lots of work to do.

love, headbumpies, purrs to all, and hi to my Sugar Pie,


November 16, 2006

Another Quiet Day

Yup. No phone calls. One more jobbie applied for. Lap time on mama this afternoon. We want a phone call tomorrow!!!!!

Not that I don't like a quiet day on mama's lap. I just want her happy again. And she is happy working. Get that, you jobbie beans???

That's it today. Love, headbumpies, purrs, and special purrayers for those who are ill,
and see you in my dreams tonight, Sugar Pie! I'll ask mama to play cat dancer with me this evening and think of you,


November 15, 2006

Nothing New

Ho, humm. Nothing new. We did have chicken last night, and then afterwards mama got out the catdancer and played with me. But today has been quiet, cloudy, cool. Nappie time nost of the day.

No calls from jobbies, just from friends. Mr. Squirrel wasn't around (embarrassed at his snow prediction that didn't happen???)

love, as always, and headbumpies and purrs and purrayers for those who need them,
a special hi to my Sugar Pie,

November 14, 2006

Tuesday doin nothing...

Mama and I just hung out today. I have been curled up on the footstool in the living room most of today. Kinda cloudy, kinda cool out, and no phone calls or anything. Mama applied for another jobbie, and that's it.

Thank you efurryone for the good thoughts. I hope Max and Buddah don't get taken to the vet cause all their paws are crossed like they have to pee and can't. And if you cross your eyes, too, that really might make you dizzy! So Missy and KC better not do that.

Ham pizza may be coming soon. Wouldn't that be wonderful? A party!!

In the meantime, I hear there is chicken tonight. Hmmm.

Love, purrs, headbumpies and purrayers for those in need, and a special hi to my Sugar Pie,

November 13, 2006

Surprise Interview

Woohoo! One of the jobbies that mama applied for yesterday emailed her last night and set up an interview TODAY! So mama wented downtown this afternoon and did an interview! They will let her know by Friday, and if she gets the jobbie she would start next week! Cross your paws, efurryone!!! That would be a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!

Other than that, we once again missed the snow. It is currently 36 degrees, though, and a cold wind is blowing. Brrrr! But it will get worse, never fear. This is Minniesnowta, and will be much colder by Christmas, and probably white out.

That's it today. We will check out some of the blogs out there (honestly, we can't do it every day, cause there are sooo many of them, but we try to read each one at least two or three times a week, and there are favorites we do read every day, and when there is illness or something going on we check those daily). Ah, the joys of dial-up!

Love, headbumpies, purrs and purrayers for those who need them,
a special headbumpie for my Sugar Pie and his mama who hasn't been feeling well,

November 12, 2006

Sunday and Dark and Gloomy

It gets dark waaaay too early now! Yucky! This morning I got to curl up on mama, and I even let her hug me. Last night we DID have meatloaf, and I got some! Yummy!

Mama did her jobbie search and found two jobs today, and sent another place her resume and information to search.

It's not even bad today, 36 degrees right now. Just was not very bright. I think tomorrow there is going to be sun.

Snuggle weather. *kittysigh*

Love, and purrs and headbumpies to all, and purrayers for all in need (bean and non-bean)
and a special hello to my Sugar Pie,

November 11, 2006

Left at Home!

My mama left me this morning! At least I had foods and water and a little bit of scritchies! She brought some foods home, though, a couple of nappies later. That was nice.

We missed the snow, but I hear it's coming tomorrow! Mr. Squirrel made his rounds this morning and says he can smell it coming. I didn't think squirrels could do that, but what do I know?

I think mama is going to have meatloaf tonight. Yum! That's what I vote for, anyway.

Love to all, purrs and headbumpies, and
sending snuggles to my Sugar Pie,

November 10, 2006

We Got Missed!

The snow went south and missed us! But it's supposed to catch up with us on Sunday. It is cool today (right now it's 29). Nappied a lot. Dreemed of my Sugar Pie.

Quiet day. No jobbies for mama.

love, headbumpies and purrs to all, especially Sugar Pie, and purrayers to those who are in need of them,


p.s. Beau's regular blog site has been fixed, so you can use that one now. And Concatulations to my Sugar Pie, who is now an official reporter for the CatBlogosphere. I'm sooo proud of him!

November 9, 2006

Sunny Day

Ooh, this afternoon the sun just poured into our place. Nice warm sun. It is cooler out, today, and they are predicting *gasp* snow tomorrow. I have been a little crabby lately. I think it's the weather. Hot, cold, hot cold.

Mama has no good news on the job front. No more interviews scheduled. Come on, beans, please hire her! We need to get back to normal around here! *kittysigh*

A snuggle day.

The link to the CatBlogosphere still doesnt work.

Love, purrs headbumpies, purrayers for the ill (beans and kitties),
and hello to my Sugar Pie,

p.s. Thank you Karen C. for helping mama with the CatBlogosphere picture and link!!!!! And thank you everyone else who has assisted!!!!! It works!!!!!

November 8, 2006

Crazy Wednesday

The red thing on my picture is my Octopus. It is red and white. Well, currently not so white. Mama is asking is this washable?? Hmm.

It is currently 68 degrees amd mama even had the fan on today! What a difference from a few days ago when it was 27! But, we all know it won't last!

No jobbies. No news. Pretty sad around here. I think I am going to catch up on blogger and nappie.

Oh, we got the Cat Blogosphere picture to appear, but it doesn't link.

love, purrs and headbumpies,
especially to my Sugar Pie,

p.s. Please purray for Alberta, she is at the vet and ill (Feline Oligarchy)

November 7, 2006

Tuesday Update

Tummy Tuesday. Dark and gloomy day. Hope everyone voted. Mama did!

She had a nice interview, got some coffee, ran a couple of errands and went to vote.

Now she is home.

I almost wish she would take some more pictures! I don't have enough of me!

Love, purrs and headbumpies,
and a special hi to my Sweetie Pie,

ps. Happy Blogiversary to the Crews Views

November 6, 2006

Quiet day here, except for some phone calls from mama's friends. She is preparing for tomorrow's interview. I am looking forward to dinner. Mama made a meatloaf. I loooove meatloaf. It's still warm around here and nothing exciting happening. Mama couldn't find any jobs to apply for today. Hmmm. *kittysigh*

Hope she does well tomorrow.

Still haven't figured out how to both put the CatBlogosphere picture and link to it on the sidebar. *hmmph*

Love, purrs and headbumpies to all,
and specially to my Sugar Pie,

November 5, 2006

For those of you who would like to find a Great Harvest Bread Company near you, try this: That is their main internet site. Mama and I had a scone this morning and it was really good. Course, she wouldn't let me have any of the chocolate and the cherry, but it was still good. And hamm sammiches are good on the cheesy bread with garlic.

And yes, there was some romance at the party last night. Mr. Hendrix asked me to be his girlfriend cat and I ... said yes. There is an age difference between us, but he is a very nice gentleman cat. I am so honored!

It has been up to at least 60 degrees today! Mama found another job to apply to today. And she has an interview Tuesday. The cat dancer toy is kinda fun. We have played with it several times. And the fancy Fancy Feast is scrumptious.

Mama wants to know somethings. How can we get a second page? We want to put up a page just for the linkies, or some kind of thing that would squish them on my page cause the list is growing and growing, and mama wants to add some stuff but it's getting pretty long. And we have not been able to add the cat blogosphere thingy cause we need an html. Help anyone?

Love, purrs and headbumpies to all,

November 4, 2006

Beautiful Fall Saturday--Fall is Back!

Yeah, it's warm again. 51 degrees right now! Nice nappies in the sun!!!

Mama left me home this morning to go out with another friend of hers. They went to the Great Harvest Bread Company. Do you have one near you? They are full of wonderful things! Mama gotted a round loaf of bread filled with globs of cheddar cheese and flavored with garlic. She also bought a couple of scones (they are very good), and some soft wheat bread sticks (mama loves these). If you have one of these stores near you (try an internet search), they are wonderful. They will also mail out bread and stuff. They have daily and weekly and monthly specials.

When mama gotted home there was a package. It was from Max and Buddah. Thank you, thank you! It had a furry thing, a cat dancer, and some fancy Fancy Feast ( I get to try some for dinner tonight) and even something for mama.

Won't that bread taste good with a little hamm and turkey? Huh, mama? Huh?

love, purrs, headbumpies and a special thank you to Max and Buddah and their mom for making our day,

November 3, 2006

Friday Update

Mama didn't get the other job either. No one called today. Course, she didn't sit around home, either. She wented out with a friend today and brought home some food(Alley Cat, too. She remembered!), and a bear. We don't need any more bears. Even though it was very inexpensive ($1.69) and has a cute Christmas Tree sweater. No more stupid bears, mama, there is a rule about that!

If mama was to buy me a flannel shirt or jacket or what ever, what are kitty sizes anyway?? And where would she shop? She found some doggie sweaters today, but didn't think I would want one. Not a doggie one! She has a flannel robe and I love that. It is so warm. And of course a flannel blanket that is draped over the computer chair! Maybe that's enough.

A little warmer today, still, I ran for mama's lap when she sat down after putting the groceries away.

Stay warm and cozy,

November 2, 2006

Thursday news

Well, gee. I fell asleep right in mama's arms this afternoon. The bendy place on her arm was just right to put my head. Hmm. This was almost better than a lap.

It's 27 degrees again right now. Winter temps are settling in, I guess. No new jobbies to apply for today, but she has another interview on Tuesday!

I wonder if they make little flannel jackets for kitties.......

love, purrs, headbumpies and all good thoughts,

November 1, 2006

Hey, what happened to FALL?

Would somebody tell me, please? It is currently 27 degrees out. And not enough sun this afternoon for a nap in the window! I got a couple of good ones on mama's lap, though. And shared part of her lunch ( who knew squash was good?). She gotted a call from a place she applied for a jobbie, and they will be "forwarding her resume on", whatever that means. And the ladybean said, oh, and haven't I talked to you before? Of course she had. Mama has only applied for a job there a half dozen times! Maybe persistance will help??

Hope effurry one had a bootiful Halloween and was safe!


October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

We were going to try to post a Halloween picture, but mama gotted home too late and had to do her jobbie thing first, so she didn't get to spend time on it. The bean doctor said she was doing good, and come back in six months. She went to get a coffee before she walked home. She said it was very very cold out, and she only saw 2 halloweeners. One was a cute little one (maybe 3 years old) in a chicken costume. That was at the clinic.

So, Happy Halloween, efurryone,
hope you have a bootiful time tonight!


October 30, 2006

Monday again

Hello! What a nice day today. The sun was shining, the window was warm to nap in, and mama had hamm for lunch (and she shared). Mr. Squirrel and his lady and the Chitterer were all out in the back yard. They are still a little mad about the fire, and for that matter, so am I.

When that noise starts, I HIDE. I can't help it. It hurts my ears and scares me, so mama can never rescue me. I know I should run to her, but I can't help it. Scary noises mean HIDE.

No calls from that accounting place, so no job there. Mama has to go to her doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon. She made it in the late afternoon, in hopes that she would have a job by now, and wouldn't have to miss much work.

I hear there is chicken for dinner tonight. Yummm!

love, purrs, headbumpies,


October 29, 2006

Help! Fire!!

That's right. You heard me. Fire!! The fire alarm went off last night and it was very loud. I hid under the bed and wouldn't come out till this morning! We had smoke and yucky smells and efurrything. Mama has only been able to rescue one cat effer. We all take off and hide when that loud noise goes off. I jumped down from mama's lap and ran! It was a bad kitchen fire on our floor a couple of apartments away! When mama opened the door, the hall was filled with smoke and she had to leave. A couple of people got their little kitties out, but the rest of us hid. She said coming back she felt like she had smoked a pack of cigarrettes all at once. Blaghh! I'm glad I stayed in! She was coughing for a while!

So much for a quiet weekend! Hope the rest is a lot better.

love and purrs and headbumpies to effuryone!


p.s. Don't forget to check out the new kitty blogs Chloe's Universe and Paws fur Thought and Mu Shue Pooh King Cat. And for those who don't know, Beau is having problems with his blog, so check out Beau's Blog Archives to read the latest.

October 28, 2006

A quiet day...but very nice!

Ooh, what a day. Mama shared hamm at lunch (she called it devil hamm, but I didn't think it was devil at all-it was good!). Then this afternoon I gotted to brush me, and mama helped. That and a bunch of nappies has been my day. Mama was reading her book. And now we are here.

Hope efurryone is having a nice weekend. Those that need purrayers, you are on our list. And headbumpies and purrs to all.


October 27, 2006

Silly Mama

Mama did a silly today. She put my octopus on top of my head! Oh, am I grateful she didn't get a picture of that! I left it there until I got up and turned around. Then the octopus fell off. Boy, mama is silly!

Just a nice day at home, cept for that. Mama read a lot and I nappied a lot. No turkey sammich or hamm sammich. Yet. But some nice scritchies!

No news on jobbies or anything good. *kittysigh*

Love, purrs and headbumpies to efurryone.


October 26, 2006

And the Beat Goes On

Mama found another jobbie to apply to today that is really close to home. Maybe this one?? Who knows. Nice day for snuggling and nappies, and mama shared some of her turkey sammich at lunch.

I don't know. A sleepy lazy day for me. Hope efurry one is okay. Blogger let me post yesterday and then kicked me off, so I have to catch up on some of the news.

Love, purrs and headbumpies to efurry one,

October 25, 2006

And the news for Wednesday

It wasn't too bad. That's what mama said when she got home. She had to take 3 tests, and didn't do really bad at all. She knows she has at least one error on the last one, and even told the ladybean about it. Hope that was good. If they contact her next Monday for a second interview, she knows she will have the job. It was more accounting and data entry than what she is used to, but she said that is how she started out a long time ago.

Mama stopped for pumpkin spice latte, and at Target to pick up some stuff. Mostly paper stuff, like paper plates and paper towels. Not a whole lot. Then she camed home and we snuggled for a while. I went into the bedroom and curled up and when mama camed in I didn't even wake up. She sat down at the computer to do her jobbie searchs, and I had a bad dream. I don't even remember it now, but I know I woked up and I was hissing! Mama told me it was okay, and talked to me in that soft voice she uses sometimes, and I was okay. Whew! Thanks for being here, mama!

That's how our day was. Or hers, anyway. I just played with my octopus and nappied this afternoon. The sun was out, and I even talked to Mr. Squirrel and Chitterer. They are sure busy this time of year!

Wonder what my bad dream was. Oh, well. It wasn't real!

Lots of love, purrs and scritchies and headbumpies, efurry one!


October 24, 2006

And another interview tomorrow

Yup. Another interview tomorrow afternoon for mama. This one might be a bit of a stretch for her. It's for an administrative accounting assistant position. She says it's worth a try. It's cool today, but at least the sun was out for a while. Mr. Squirrel was not very talkative today. He was running around a lot.

I should mention something about Mr. Squirrel. He is quite spoiled here. He gets a constant supply of peanuts in the shell from some of the beans here. That is why he has been here so long. He is one lucky squirrel!

Nothing much else. I got to curl up on mama for a while this afternoon. She hasn't done the all over scritchies today, at least yet. Just head scritchies. That's okay. Wasn't in the mood anyway. Maybe tonight.

Purrayers for those who are ill or having operations or need any assistance, blessings on efurryone, and of course, purrrs and headbumpies to efurry one, too.


October 23, 2006

Monday, and it's COLD out there....

The wind chill today was something else! My mama's interview was right by the Mississippi River and she said it felt even colder there. I stayed snuggled inside, and napping in a big grey ball of fur! Mr. Squirrel said it was very cold, too. Time for winter, he said. NOOOOOOOOO! Not yet!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama had to take three tests for the jobbie. The first two were very easy for her. The third was not good, she said. Uh-oh. She also said the ladybean in HR remembered her from last time. And mama remembered to ask important questions. They will make a decision next week. Paws crossed.

When mama camed home she did scritchies all over me. Ooh, did that feel goooood.

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and purrayers for my mama's interview.

Love, purrs, and headbumpies,


October 22, 2006

Sunday, Sunday

I don't know what happened yesterday. We signed on, we posted, we went to Derby's blog, and got cut off. We signed on again, went to Derby's blog, posted a comment and then were dumped from blogger the rest of the evening. So no catching up on friends or anything. Boo! Hisssssst! Hope everyone had fun at the party. We were thinking of you.

Tomorrow is the big interview. Mama will be gone most of the afternoon.

Then she will be home to snuggle.

That's it.

Love and purrs and gentle headbutts,

October 21, 2006

Saturday Snuggles

Sorry we weren't here yesterday. When mama gotted home from her meeting and grocery shopping, we snuggled and fell asleep for a while, then mama didn't want to turn the puter on. We are okay. Just playing snuggles.

I am going to Derby's party for a while, then I am going to catch up on news here in the cat blogosphere. Have a nice weekend, efurry one. And happy Gotcha and Purrthday all October kitties!

love, purrs and headbumpies,

October 19, 2006


Not that sunny here today, and not that warm. Oh, well, lots of nappies. This afternoon somebody knocked on our door and asked if mama was the owner of a bike that was in the hall. She said no, and the teen that visits across the hall came out and it was his. He was told not to leave his bike in the hall. His dad came out and started screaming and using bad words. If I had been the teen I would have been furry embarrassed cause of my dad. Whew! Some example for your child! Mama does not have anything to do with this neighbor as she has been "verbally assaulted" by him.

Mama has to go to the WorkForce Center tomorrow afternoon for her rescheduled meeting about unemployment, and then she is going grocery shopping (thanks, Meowers from Missouri).

She applied at another bank (5th time there) today.

It's supposed to be sunny TOMORROW and then yucky this weekend. Oh, well, snuggle time!
I like the term livecatblanket that the Meowers use.

Love, purrs and headbumpies,

October 18, 2006

Wednesday News

Okay, the big bank that mama applied to called to say they were going to consider other people for that jobbie. However. However, they asked if she would be interested in applying for another jobbie there, and mentioned another one. She said, of course, yes, she would be interested, she did something like that before, so she has an interview Monday afternoon! Yay!! And. And it's more money!! I hope she gets it. Oh, please, oh please. Hamm pizza!!

Other than that, it has been cloudy today, and I have been sleeping alot. The weatherbean said that it would be sunny tomorrow, and I can't wait. Bring on the nappies in the sun!!!

Love, headbumpies and purrs,

October 17, 2006

Another dreary day...

Cloudy and gloomy today. Lots of nappies. Did see Mr. Squirrel today. He wasn't real chipper either. Spossed to rain tomorrow. Gloom, gloom.

Mama applied for a couple more jobbies today. No news from any jobbies. She's feeling better, but still has her cold. Not as annoying as before. To me.



October 16, 2006

Dark and Dreary Monday

I'm not going to be here very long. Mama has just spent 2 and a half hours jobbie hunting. She applied at a bank and an auditing and financial services company. Whew. Loooong application process. The bank is one she applied to at the beginning of the summer. It's an administrative specialist jobbie. Sounds important! But she is tired out, now.

Anyway, not too bad with the temps today, but it was dark and gloomy all day. I didn't even bother sitting in the window most of the day, so I didn't see Mr. Squirrel or any birdies.

Mama is doing better with her cold. Her voice gets a little funny sometimes, and she's still honking her nose, but not as much.

That's it. We are going to check in on some of our friends and then mama is going to make dinner. Wonder what we're having.....

Love, purrs and headbumpies,

October 15, 2006

I'm Baaack!

My mama still has a cold, but she is doing a lot better, so she is letting me post today. Yeah!! I missed efurry one! It's warmer today, too, in the upper 50's, so the sun in the window feels nice. Mama has had chickie soup and split pea with hammm soup, and she shared.

I have been doing my nice nursie duties, and I guess it's been helping. She did stop doing a lot of loud sneezies. She applied for several jobbies today, and is drinking something warm for her throat that hurties.

So, I am going to be working on the blog with her today to update some of the linkies, and catch up with the news. If I find something interesting, I will add it to here.

Purrs and headbumpies to all,

P.S. Happy All Cat's Day!!!

October 12, 2006

We Interrupt Our Program....

We are taking a little break, cause mama is sick. She is sneezy (it's LOUD), and honking her nose (it's LOUD, too), she's talking funny, and says she needs her nursie (me).

And isn't it Bi-colored Thursday?? Jeepers! I missed Tummy Tuesday, too.

Gotta take care of mama and make sure she's warm. Back soon.


October 11, 2006

The Interview

Does this title seem familiar? Mama goes on a lot of these. But today, yes, she had her interview. The temperature dropped A LOT, so she had to dig her winter coat out! After she gotted her interview she walked several blocks in the cold and stopped for (what else) a pumpkin spice latte, then ran a couple of errands. As she left the drugstore (pantihose and hair coloring, two necessities around mama) she crossed the street and gotted right on a bus. There was some flurries (that's tiny snowflakes), but they didn't even make the ground white. So she gotted home and is all safe and warm here. Yeah!

So I nappied today and I played with my octopus and I haven't even sat on mama yet today! Oh, wait. Yes I did! She petted me. I remember!

Silly me.

Mama is here tomorrow all day! Yeah! She'll find out about this jobbie by next week.

Purrs and headbumpies to all.


October 10, 2006

What day is this?

Ok, I know, it's Tuesday. That means mama wented to the clinic. They still haven't straightened out her insurants, but they said it would take another week or so. Hmm. It was supposed to be by October 1. Anyway, she still got some medicines, and a flu shot (ow!) and made a doctor's appointment for October 31. If the insurants is still a mess, she will cancel. So that's today. Tomorrow is the interview downtown and it is supposed to be cold and rainy/snowy. Yuck. Friday morning she has to go to the WorkForce Center and sit through a two hour program on how to look for jobbies and stuff. Blaagh!

Last night she shared her hamburger. Wonder what we will have this evening?? She has to get out a warm coat for tomorrow, and make sure she's ready for the interview. And I guess I'm going to be lonely, but only for a few nappies. I'll make do. *sniff*


p.s. Rainbow Bridge information: Butterscotch, of A Cat's Life has passed over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. Farewell, sweet Butterscotch.

October 9, 2006


My mama has an interview Wednesday! A job she applied for last month. Yeah! So tomorrow she goes to the clinic and Wednesday she goes for her interview. And they are still interviewing at her old jobbie for another position, and they asked her to sign a paper saying she was still interested. Humm. Could mean absolutely nothing.

Life is getting interesting again. However, Wednesday it it going to be furry cold here, and I might want mama to stay home and snuggle.... Nope, we need the jobbie more.

All these interviews and nobody ever hires her! Jeepers. Anyway, we are going jobbie hunting now and will be back later, maybe. Oh, and mama did share her chickies last night! Yummy!!


p.s. Check out Sir Sidney's brother, Emperor Nero's new blog! Just in time for Midnight Monday!

October 8, 2006


Nother sleepy day. Mama has been jobbie searching. She applied for some three jobs. One is with the college that let her go. Huh. Anyway, nothing else to report. Mama is gonna share her chickies tonight (or else). Hope efurryone is having a good weekend. I'm gonna go back to nappies.....

Love and purrs,

p.s. don't forget to check out the new blogs! Henry's Deep Thoughts, Harmony Pillows, Maremagnum

October 7, 2006

The "Castle"

This is the Van Deusen Mansion, or part of it. It is for sale, and because of that, it is being called a "Castle", but it really isn't. Castles are much bigger. And older. This was build in 1892 in the Richardson "Romanesque chateauesque" style and originally owned by George W. Van Deusen and his family. He was a wealthy businessman.

Maybe she can take more pictures when mama goes back to the clinic on Tuesday. There is a covered place where carriages can drive up and passengers get out and not get rained or snowed on. There is a modern addition which is boring.

There they are. Finally mama's pictures uploaded! It is nice and warm today, and I have been sitting in the window, okay, napping in the window most of this afternoon. I had to remind mama once again to fill my water dish. Help these days. Hard to keep trained.

Time to catch up on all the other gorgeous kitties! Hope your weekend is going well. Gentle headbumpies and purrs to all, of course, and purrayers for those who need them.


October 6, 2006

Some Pictures, Finally

Well, this is one of the mansions on mama's walk to the clinic yesterday. Stuff is still green, and you can almost make out the red flowers in front of the house.

These are purty flowers in front of a very old partment building next to the mansion. They grow purty flowers all summer and take really good care of them.

Thes are more purty flowers in front of another historic partment building. It is next door, and owned by the same company. These partment buildings were build in the 1930's, we think.

These are all blogger would let me upload. Next time I will try to upload the mansion-castle. It took a LONG time just to get these up.

Nothing else happening today. Mama did NOT have hamm or turkey for lunch, but oh, well. No phone calls, nothing. The good news, however, is my red octopus and my pink heart are back! They appeared on my footiestool last night. I think maybe they missed me or something.

Hope efurryone is doing okay. Purrayers, gentle headbumpies and purrs to all who need them.


October 5, 2006

Are you ready for some pictures??

We have pictures and we are trying to get blogger to show them. Its not cooperating. So! We will try again later. Anyway, mama took pictures on her way to the clinic this morning. Of an old mansion with some flowers (still, even with frost last night!), and some pretty flowers by a couple of partment buildings, and a place called the Van Deusen Mansion, or Castle (its for sale now, and they are calling it a castle, but it really isn't).

She wented to the clinic to pick up her meds and then a friend treated her to breakfast (McDonalds, but still it was eating out), then she gotted a haircut to look nice for interviews not over the phone, and then she boughted groceries. And, WE HAVE HAMM! And ,WE HAVE TURKEY! YEAH!!!!

Mama said to say she has other foods, but those are the important ones for me!

Now my pink heart wented away again, and my octopus is still gone. But I found one of my mousies I forgot about.

Hope to do the pictures soon! We tried several times but blogger wouldn't do anything for us.
**BIG kitty sigh**

Love to you all,


October 4, 2006

Wednesday Update

No new jobbies for mama. *Kitty Sigh* No phone calls. Nothing. She didn't go to the clinic for her medicines. She is going tomorrow morning. Then she is going to go with a friend for coffee and they are going to get some groceries with this nifty grocery gift card sent by the Meowers from Missouri. Thank you, thank you!

Mama has to buy me more hamm. We didn't have any for lunch today, we had turkey samiches, instead. This grocery store is the onliest one in town that has my favorite kitty food, Alley Cat. Course it also has hamm and bean food.

Maybe I can get her to take pictures on her walk to the clinic tomorrow. There are still some flowers out and stuff.

She goes back to the clinic on Tuesday to talk to a nice bean about insurants, to get all that straightened out, cause it's still a mess.

Purrayers for all who need it, including Tilly, and Jasmine, and CalicoMom, and Oreo's Mom, and efurryone else. Go to the purrayer meeting tonight at Hot(m)bc if you can.

Love to you all,

October 3, 2006

Can it be Tuesday?

Another warm sleepy day. Hmm. Might not be too many left this year! Mr. Squirrel and his lady and Chitterer came by today. And some birdies. The leaves are changing in the back yard. We are supposed to get some storms. And oh, yes, mama still hasn't found my octopus. But I don't think she looked too hard! I know its somewhere!

Mama didn't hear from any jobbies today, but she has to go back to the clinic tomorrow cause more medicine has come in. So she is going in the mid afternoon, just in case someone calls. She applied for another jobbie on Monster today. She said she applied there a couple of months ago, but never heard. Doesn't hurt to reapply, she said. And it's a different jobbie.

And the rent is paid, and we are waiting for more money to pay the utilities, and, well, we want to thank efurryone who has tried to help us. Even the encouragement helps. A lot. My nursie duties are a lot easier because of all of you.

Gentle headbumpies and purrs to all.



October 2, 2006

Monday News--or lack of

Nothing. I napped, helped mama eat lunch (turkey and hamm sammich), and napped and napped. My pink pillow is back. My octopus is still on the run. No one called for my mama. It's over 80 degrees.



October 1, 2006

Sunday, Sunday

Currently 81 degrees here! Nice warm day. Mama was mean and woke me up so I could blog. Well, now I am here. And there is really nothing to say. That's why I was napping!! Jeepers!

Mama only found one jobbie to apply for and that's it today. The rent will be paid up. She is waiting to pay the utilities, cause we only have so much money. We hope the human resource bean gets back to her from that one jobbie interview on Friday, so mama knows she at least has a chance.

That's truly it. So, Mama, lets catch up on other blogs and then I am going back to sleep!


September 30, 2006

Saturday Fun

***You Are: 40% Dog, 60% Cat***
You and cats have a lot in common. You're both smart and in charge - with a good amount of attitude.However, you do have a very playful side that occasionally comes out!
Are You More Cat or Dog?
So much for mama.
Oh my, before I forget, please visit Sir Sidney's blog. He is new and ladies, he is very hansome!! We haven't found out if he's got a girlfriend yet!

September 29, 2006

Friday News

Well, mama had her interview. I sat on her for the whole thing so she wouldn't be nervous or anything. And I think she did fine! The manbean sounded nice, and said that she would have to do a phone interview with the director of human resources and then meet the CEO for an interview. Whew. But then the director of human resources didn't call her back. Hmm. Maybe she left for the weekend??? So mama wented out for her medications from the clinic. She was gone for squillions of naps, too. She said she sat in the coffee house with some pumpkin spice latte and read her book. She is reading one about a cat! How intelligent a pick is that! Thank you, Sue, she said. And Meowers from Missouri, her mama was a norwegian lutheran. She said you would know what THAT means.

So, she was gone till it got kinda dark out, and I had to catch up on scritchies and headrubbies, and tell her my octopus is missing. She didn't find it, either. And my pink heart is gone too. Do they get tired of me playing with them and hide cause they wanna rest??? Hmm.

Anyway, it did rain when mama was out and she didn't have to walk in the rain on the way home. Not that she minds rain. But she did have a nice long walk to the clinic and from the coffee house home (the coffee house is on the same block as the clinic). And her back is finally doing lots better.

So the weekend is here. Hope everyone takes care. Purrayers for the ones who need them, and gentle headbumpies and purrs to you all.


September 28, 2006

More News

Not a bad day today, a little cool. Mama gotted a weird call from somebody who saw her resume on Monster and said they would "keep her in mind"??? And another call from somewhere she applied yesterday. They set up a phone interview for tomorrow morning. It's a job that is a "big stretch" for mama. Not something she has really done before in a big way, but she has a little experience in. It is close to home, a nationally established company, but she says a "big stretch" means its more in depth and with more control over things than she has ever had. She would be an "administrator/assistant" for a CEO. Whew.

After the interview she has to go to the clinic cause they have some medicines for her. It is going to be cold and rainy tomorrow. Brr. I bet she stops for coffee on the way home! Or has some waiting for her here!

My pink heart has been missing for a couple of days. Mama found it by the couch in the living room. Yeah!!!


September 27, 2006

Rainy Day and Some Sad News to Share

Lots of nappies today. On and off rain and sunshine. Blah. Did get lots of rubbies and attention today. Even Temptations--chicken, my favorite! And I got the brush, too! Lots of itchies to take care of, ya know!

No notice from the bank jobbie. Yuck! Come on and call! Mama started at another search engine (toot, toot?) and applied to two more jobbies today. It's called Monster. Sounds devious!



Rainbow Bridge Update

Say goodbye to little Ullrick in Sweden as he speeds his way to the Rainbow Bridge. He had been with us for too short a time, and was so ill in such a short time that his mama and sister are in shock and miss him so much already.

September 26, 2006


Ooh, it was nice today. Sunny spots this afternoon to sleep in, Mr. Squirrel and his lady AND Chitterer were all together and visiting up a storm out back with all us kitties. The birdies were out. A very nice day! And rain is coming tomorrow....

No news about any jobbies. Makes mama a little anxious and worried. And her back still hurties. I sit on her a lot.

Off to catch up on the other bloggers!



September 25, 2006

Another Monday

Lots of nappies today. I got stinky goodness really early this morning! No news about jobbies or interviews. Mama's back still hurties. That's why I got the stinky goodness early. Mama had trouble sleeping. Oh, and for an excellent translation of Luna's being found, please go to the Meowers of Missouri's blog.


September 24, 2006

Some Excellent News!


September 22, 2006

The Interview

It was dark and rainy and chilly and I curled up in a ball and slept through most of the day. Mr. Squirrel was running around looking very wet this afternoon. His lady friend must have been keeping dry somewhere, cause she wasn't around. He didn't stay out back too long, either.

Oh, and last night mama shared her chicken with me. Yummm.

Oh, the interview? It was waaay up in the corporate tower of the bank. The manbean did most of the talking. He was very nice. She met two of the other administrative assistants on that floor. And she is not sure how well she did. She will find out hopefully by next Wednesday. She knows she looked very nice and presentable, especially with her new glasses. Everyone there was dressed for casual Friday, including the manbean. He is a senior vice president and covers several areas, including a similar area like mama used to work for before her last jobbie. She just honestly can't figure this interview out. We will have to wait and see.

There. That's all I know. Cept mama went to Target with a gift card (thank you!) after the interview and brought back two huge bags of food and stuff. Mostly food. They had a sale on soup, so that is some of what she bought. She likes it for lunches. I get the cans to lick after she puts the soup in the microwave. Yum. And I know I saw bread, and peanut butter. And a bunch of other food for mama. It's not like going to the grocery store, but sometimes they have sales on stuff, like the soup, so even though she can't buy fresh veggies and stuff, she can stock up on other good stuff.

Another box came for me yesterday, and it was foodies for me. Wow! Lots of canned foods and Temptations from California. And the day before it was some stuff for me from Edsel and his mom, and some nice stuff for mama, too. That was really nice for her. We are soo grateful for all the help we have been given, and all the purrayers and good thoughts. Next week we will be able to pay our rent up to date, but will not be able to pay all the utilities. But being up to date with the rent is a good feeling! That's what we decided to pay first.

Gotta go. We will check in tomorrow.

Hope your weekend isn't as wet as ours probably will be!


September 21, 2006

I told her so...

I did. I told mama the bank would call. And they DID. Today! She has an interview tomorrow afternoon! And she has her nice new glasses (for that professional look). I could hardly wait to tell everyone! They called around lunchtime, and I was sitting on mama for the whole conversation. Yeah! I knew they would call.

Other than that, it's been chilly and rainy here, and I have been napping a lot (sometimes on mama).

Blogger is going to go down, so I am going to be brief. I may come back later. I will definitely update you all tomorrow on the interview!


September 20, 2006

New Glasses

Well, mama got her new glasses today. She took her back pillow with her, and she said she was glad she did, cause on the ride home she hurted a lot. No one called while she was out today except the mailman, and I'm not allowed to answer anyway.

It was really pretty out, and kinda cool but the sun was warm, so it was a good day today for me. Mama said she thought it was nice out, too. And I think we got rain coming the rest of the week! Mr. Squirrel was out and about today with his lady friend, and Chitterer was out back, too. And lots of birdies came by. Very very nice day. Pretty fall. Hope your day was as nice.


September 19, 2006

Chilly Tuesday

I have had to sit on mama a lot today. But not cause it's chilly, even though it's nice to be able to snuggle with her when she has one of her blankies, and not cause she didn't get the jobbie at Olivia's office (they sent her an email!). Last night she hurted her back. Right now with no insurance, there is not much she can do. Keep it warm. Relax. That's where I come in! She did get a short phone interview with the bank (told you) and they will call her by Friday if they want to interview her. I bet they do!

Nothing else going on. Just chilly, and snuggly. Mama gets to go to the eye place tomorrow, and cause of her back she is getting a ride instead of having to ride the bus.

That's it. That's all the news.



September 18, 2006

Rainy Day Monday

Well, the office with the kitties did not call today, either. :-(

The law office that mama applied to a couple of weeks ago (not the one in the mansion), called to let her know that she didn't get the job. Well, duh! She figured that out when they never called her back. The lady bean said she had great skills, but someone else had better.


Rainy and cooler today. Lots of nappies. I had to remind mama that I needed water this afternoon. I meowed and meowed, and she finally got it. Gee, Mom. Way to take forever to figure out that I was saying "Water, fill my water!"

Nothing else going on. Just dark and gloomy.


September 17, 2006

Sunday Report

Well, if the jobbie doesn't want my mama, they are crazy. And Olivia is missing out on a really nice lady bean to work with!

Mama has applied for several more jobs today. She found a better website and found four jobs there and two with the newspaper on line. Two of them are with the bank that she had two interviews with before, so maybe thats lucky. We move on.

So many parties this weekend. Charlie and Ayla and Skeezix, you all had marvelous parties to attend. Thank you for the good times. I am glad mama let me attend. I get so wrapped up in nursing mama and helping her sometimes that it is good to play sometimes.

Today I have been napping a lot, and letting mama work on her job searches and applying. This morning I had a little fight with my octopus. No, the playing kind, with my feet and my mouth. Then I took off and did some running through the partment.

I have not forgotten MomToni, of the Calico Girls, and I will be adding my purrayers for her operation and speedy recovery.

A new week begins.


September 15, 2006

Friday Night

Mama says this is a cute picture! Ok, so it shows my front paws all curled and some of my pretty belly fur. And my red octopus. Can't seem to get the eyes right, but the fur is better, more like me. And you can see the pretty spot between my eyes. But not my bib. Oh, well. I even put it and one of my other pictures on Catster :-)

No news about the jobbie today. Mama waited and waited. I guess maybe they hired someone else. Mama is sad about that :-(

Nothing else going on. It was warm today. Took lots of naps in the sun in the window.

When mama gets a job she says I can have a party. With tuna water and hamm pizza and Temptations and fevers and mousies and music, too. Woo who! No alcohol, though. And niptinis only for the responsible puddies. No over indulgence will be allowed, or all nip will be removed. Whew. But necessary to look out for the younger ones.

Off to other blogs (and I think a party or two?),

Love, brandi

September 14, 2006

Another Thursday, with no news about the job

That's right. No calls today except from a couple friends of mama. The jobbie hasn't called back. That could be a problem. Mama is going to wait until tomorrow, and is not planning on going anywhere until the evening, tomorrow, in case they call.

She wants to be able to work with Olivia. With all the kitties out in the internet pulling for us, wouldn't this be sort of kismet or something? If mama gets the jobbie, she will take a picture of Olivia and post it here! And sneak her whatever her favorite treats are. Every day.

About her glasses. She founded a place that will give her a eye exam (a test to see how good she sees), and glasses for no charge. Xcept she won't have much choice as to the frames, and she says they might be a little mad at her cause her lenses are trifokal, and that is more work for them. She might have to pay some. And then, we will be behind again. *Sigh*

Wet weather coming, and then cooler. Was very nice today. Mama even turned one of the fans on.

I'm gonna check out my friends' blogs and then let my mama use the computer. My friends are listed to the right, by the way. We love you all.


September 13, 2006

Back to warm weather

Yes, we are back to warm weather. Sposed to be in the eighties Thursday and Friday, and then Rain again and cooler. Wish the weather would make up its mind! Mr. Squirrel and his lady friend were here today. She's getting to know the area, and is not as afraid of all us kitties here. The Chitterer was here, too, but all alone. I think he's jealous of Mr. Squirrel. Well, no one likes to be alone. I kinda feel for him.

Mama has not heard anything yet about the job. Still hoping. Ooh, I am purraying so hard! I hope Olivia sends good thoughts about her to the beanbosses!

Mama has pre-per-skrip-shun glasses and the frames is all broke. Right now she is wearing an old pair of glasses that give her headaches. They are way out of date, but at least she can see most things. She really can't see without her tri-fokals. She has an appointment for next Wednesday.

I really want that hamm pizza, mama! And you beanbosses, she would be perfect for your company! Olivia liked her!

She should know by Friday. I hope the answer is yes, cause we deserve to go back to normal around here!

September 12, 2006

The Interview

We could hardly wait to tell about what happened to mama yesterday. First, she didn't get a job yet. So no celebrating. But this is the story:

The bus let her off right in front of the building. That was nice. When she opened the door there were a few steps. As she started up, the receptionist/administrative assistant (who is leaving Friday) said hello, and gave her a job description. Then the official greeter came. She was suave, sofisticated, beautiful, soft spoken, and her name was Olivia. And mama says she loves scritchies. That's right. Olivia is a cat! They have not one butTWO office cats! Olivia liked mama. Of course. My mama is furry nice. Mama didn't get to meet the other cat. The other one was kinda laid back (I think it was nappie time, myself).

When the two beans came out to get her for the interview, they said they hoped the cat didn't bother her, and she said, no, she has one at home.

They didn't shake hands very well. Mama said a good handshake is important. She talked to them about a half hour about her job history, and then the subject of the cats was brought up. It seems that one of the beans has four cats at home that were homeless and adopted him. And they have the office cats. So mama told them about her being adopted by me.

After the interview they shook hands again, only this time they were nice firm handshakes. She said even if they don't hire her, she is glad she got to meet Olivia.

The other thing about yesterday is that after she came home, mama broke the other side of her glasses, and she can't get the assistance for new ones until next Wednesday. That is the furry bad news.

But wasn't the office story neat?? Office cats! And a beanboss that loves cats!

I hope she gets that job. I won't even be jealous of Olivia.

Is this a sign????

September 11, 2006