January 31, 2014

Friday Thoughts

Wow. Yesterday the snow count was 6.4 (some places 6.8) inches that fell. Whew! That would cover the legs of lots of us kitties and woofies if we went out in it! I feel very sorry for the woofies who live in cold winter areas and that have to have their "walkies" outside. And don't love it as much as nice furry dogs like Khyra! I like my nice sensible litterbox! Indoors. Where it is sensibly comfortable all year.
But what about those homeless ones? We should worry about them. A lot.
I am so grateful that there are shelters and rescuers and fosters. After all, even I needed one before I picked Mommy! But they need lots more "no kill" shelters. All over.
Now if people would spay and neuter and adopt we wouldn't have this problem!
Just something to contemplate when we contemplate.
Then of course there's world peace. And feeding the hungry. and lots more that we kitties think about and try to solve.
Whew. All that contemplating makes me tired!
At least we had sunbeams this morning!
Love and have a great weekend,

January 30, 2014

Thursday Stuff

Good news and bad news: MOMMY FEELS BETTER.  LOTS OF SNOW CAME.
Oh, and we had an awesome da bird time this morning!
Got it

Let's bunny kick it

Killed and sat on!
The snow was the bad news. Do you need to ask?

January 29, 2014

Short Interuption

I had lots to say for Monday and Tuesday. But Mommy kinda got sick and went to bed (that is, when she wasn't throwing up hairballs in the litterbox room) and I had to check on her a lot, and purr for her a lot, and, well, just be her nursie.
So while Mommy keeps getting better and stronger, I will leave you with this:
Nursing is hard work!
But somekitty has to do it.

January 26, 2014

Easy Sunday Conversation

Mommy, Mommy, what is a snow swamp? Do we really live in one?
A snow swamp?
The lady on tv said we were! I thought there were alligators in swamps. I never saw one of those on the streets when I lived there!
What? Oh, a snow swath, silly girl! 
Well where are the swaths? What do they look like? Do they bite kitties??
It means like a pathway filled with snow running through the state.
A swath is a path?
It is in this situation.
No alligators?
No alligators!
Swaths don't bite?
No, they don't.
But alligators do!
It's too cold for alligators here, in the winter, so they decided not to live here, except in zoos where they can live indoors behind glass so that they can't bite anyone.
Like me! There's lots of glass here!
And it's warm. And you can't bite anyone either.
I don't want to bite anyone.  That's silly. I'm a good kitty!
I think Mommy needs a nap....
Well, Mommy, you ARE smart! It's Easy Sunday, too!
and Mommy

January 23, 2014


Yes, I know it's warm in here. But I heard about that yucky wind chill outside, and I'm making sure I will be very VERY warm. They are making children stay home from school here (which is very sensible). I hope all the animals out in the cold find shelter! Please? I will be very thankful!
See you only when I have a call to the litter box or foodies today. Or water. Or I need rubbies and scritches.
Efurryone stay warm as you can.
Shhh. Naptime!

January 9, 2014

We're Baaaack!

We were gone a long time, this time, and we apologize. For several days we didn't even turn on the computer. You see, one of Mommy's family members' spouses was very very ill, and right before Christmas  passed over the human bridge. So it was not a good Christmas or New Years for us, and Mommy had the sads. They had been married 47 years.
Bloglovin told us we had almost two hundred blog entries to read! Took us a couple of days!! Now we are up to date finally!
Glad so many of you had a good holiday season! We didn't want to cast a shadow on anyone's happiness, so we stayed away. We have been enjoying catching up, and seeing all your presents and all the snow, and Mommy said we would love to send anyone some very chilly temperatures!
Pipes burst a couple of days ago on the main floor. At 3:30 in the morning. While mommy was asleep a band of elves (well, nice peoples including the manager) worked to clean up the mess and get things fixed before sunrise! Around 8:30 am they made an announcement apologizing that they were testing the fire alarm system, don't panic, they wanted to make sure nothing shorted out. Only one elevator is down, and we don't know if it was because of  a wet shaft or it was just wacky. Don't worry. We have two others! And they are fine!
Mommy has just finished mailing off a payment to one of her new insurance places and got to email the other one. She still owes bunches and bunches to the old insurance, and for the things they didn't pay for in November and December. Ouch! We need help! As soon as those nasty bills are paid mommy can rest easy.  The new insurance isn't as expensive.
Cold, cold here.  Mommy has been inside for the most part, but she has gone to the grocery store (a gift card from the pharmacy for using their delivery system) to spend some monies but nothing for me! Wait, I got to lick out a salad bowl!

Come to Minnesnowta where humans start tanning if the temperatures are even a degree above freezing!
formerly just Quinn
Oh, don't worry. Our apartment is actually nice and warm! It's outside that it's subzero weather!
ps. did you notice I look like my angel sister brandi in this picture?? It's me, though.