January 30, 2011

We're Still Here

Since mama just got her new library books this morning (on line) I am making her go to my blog before she gets started reading and forgets all about me wanting to visit you all.  I am fine. Mama's fine. We didn't have movie night Thursday cause they were doing floors.  They put in new tile downstairs and all ways to the community room were blocked off. Tracie hasn't come over cause she doesn't feel good. Mama has to go away tomorrow to do some "business" (It's about getting cheeper rides to the doctor). That's about it. 
Oh,yea, it's Sunny Sunday! And it's 16 degrees! And the first thing mama saw this morning was my BEAUTIFUL face right by her eyes!  And my sweet voice telling her not too gently "WAKE UP". You think I'm not gonna kick her out of bed when there's Sunbeams coming? It is my daybed, ya know.
Take care, I am going visiting to catch up on what is going on around here.

January 21, 2011

Cold Times Elebenty

Dear furones,
It was -14F this morning.  I'm curled up on my blankie. If it's cold where you are, stay inside! Tracy camed over today and she had to get a ride, as her car and truck wouldn't start!
Like I said, stay inside!
We heartily wish all anipals out there had warm homes, but specially today.
more in than on!


January 17, 2011

Cuddle Time

It is supposed to be sunny the next couple days, instead of snowy.  I like sunbeams. But the bad thing is it's supposed to be very cold.  Or is that good? I get to cuddle with mama.  I get to curl up on my favorite blankie. Well, maybe this is good.
If it is going to be cold where you are, make sure to get lots of cuddle time. Keep warm.
Just like Crissymouse Eve, Mama will make sure I am tucked in and warm.

January 12, 2011

Wednesday Wordy

Rene couldn't read all of the Dewey book cause it was so sad. It took us a few days to get through some of the chapters cause mama cried, too.  But I helped a lot, and the last chapters were sweet.  And it was an honor to read some of those stories, even though they were sad and mama cried, cause they were about real kitties we would have liked to have as friends and we would have been proud to have been, too!.
I said four paws up and a box of tissues for your bean for a reason. I don't like getting my furs wet, and mama cried a lot, but the book was worth it!
I hope Rene tries to read the book again.

January 11, 2011

Tuesday Stuff

It is with great sadness that we announce the following:  Dewey's Nine Lives has been finished and returned to the library this morning.  It was, as I have said before, a wonderful book (it certainly held my attention, which normally isn't that long). You must meet the Church Cat, Rusty, all the other cats in the story, and especially little crazy klutzy Page Turner. This book is a must read  for all cat worshippers! It has been a  very nice time reading with my mama.
Mom has a very nasty habit that I haven't mentioned before.  Maybe you have the same problem. She unfortunately has taken up this silly habit of kissing my head, which I never used to tolerate.  Maybe it's my older age.  I know you love me, mom.  Actually she has always told me that several times a day. I love you too, mom.  So stop being so silly.
Well, maybe not.  I kinda like it.
Shhh! Don't let on.
Wouldn't want to spoil the bean, right?
Might get messy.
Did anyone notice today is 01/11/11? Wait til November!!

January 9, 2011

Sunday Stuff

Ahhh Sunday. Sunbeams. Denties. Naps. And mama's nose running. Oh well. She says it's just her sinuses not a cold.  But it means less attention to ME.
I certainly don't want her runny nose.

January 7, 2011

A Library Book~on Dewey!!

Mommy's in the middle of reading a book to moi!  It's Dewey's Nine Lives! We borrowed it on line at the library (fitting, since he was a library cat).  I have to sit next to her, cause it's on the computer, and not in her lap.  But every so often I touch her arm and she takes time out to sit on the daybed with me and I get to curly up on one of the blankies she puts on her lap and take a nap. This book is four paws up, and a box of tissues for your bean!
 uh-oh. Sorry mama. Let's get back to the book AFTER you clean my litter box. Pee-u!

And whose fault is that, stinky butt
lovingly said by mama Carol

January 2, 2011

Find the Kitty

Woke up this morning to 0 degrees F.  0! Even if I have a nice warm home, that's enough to make my mama wrap me up in the warm blankie!  Can you find me?
I love warm!