May 31, 2008

Weekend stuff

Mama is staying home this weekend. Yea!!! Lots of snuggles and scritchies!
The bad news is that there have been a lot of bad storms, and mama has spend part of today opening and closing windows cause it rains, the sun comes out, then it gets dark and rains again.

I say, purrfect nappie weather! But then, not much isn't purrfect nappie weather, huh.

We have more news, but we will save it for later. I think.

love, and of course, kisses for my Sugar Pie,

May 28, 2008

Hello, there. An update:

Mama has been busy since she wented back to work on Tuesday. So we have been doing some more behind the scene stuff here, but not really blogging. Now we have to add a bunch of new bloggies to our new list (which was becoming not very new). Maybe this weekend?

Anyway, here is the kinda sad news: my mama's team at the county is breaking up and closing down. No, mama still works there. It's just next week she will be with a new team. Her team beans will be filling holes in other teams (holes???? That's what she does, fills holes???? I thought she helped beans!) and they won't be hiring for awhile. But there are beans on her team that she really likes to work with, and really likes just because they are nice people, so that is the kinda sad part.

And Friday she is taking a half day off. First she's moving stuff at work to her new team (she doesn't even know where she will be sitting and working and filling holes and stuff), which she says won't take very much time, and maybe a box (can I come and play in the box till you need it??? Please????) of stuff. Then she has a couple human vet ppointments.

We forgots to tell you all that she had some infections lately, including one in her bronk-l, her bronkuuul, her breathing. In cluding going a couple of times to Urgent Care ( if it's urgent, why does it take her soooo long when she goes?) So she is going to see if she is doing okay. And probably getting new glasses, cause that's one of her pointments.

So that's it for the week. Tomorrow we are xpecting a package (it's for mama, NOT me), and Friday she will be home late cause of bean vets, and that leaves Saturday.

Oh, don't feel too bad for her. She spent a couple of hours tonight watching You Tube stuff. And not petting me.

love, and lots of hugs for my Sugar Pie (sorry I haven't been sending them from my blog lately)

May 25, 2008

Holiday for Hugs

We are trying to go to everyone this weekend and give hugs. But we have a lonnngg list of blogs, and if we don't make it to yours, it isn't for lack of trying! But, hey, I made mama promise to continue. Even if it takes more days....

they are coming!
p.s. Whew! We made it through a bunch of bloggies this weekend! But we haven't done our new bloggie updates or sent them hugs. No, we haven't forgotten!! Mama is just tired. But the new bloggie links and hugs will be taken care of. SOON!!

May 22, 2008

For Bonnie

Our hearts are with Victor and his beans. Dear Bonnie Underfoot has slipped over the Rainbow Bridge.
brandi, Fraxie, Maxie and Mama Carol

May 20, 2008

Hi, Again

Just checking in cause mama is sooo busy and stuff.

I'm getting my scritchies, and giving her purrs. We do get to spend time together.

Maxie and Fraxie are spending quality time together, too. They let me join them, too.

Mama says hi, and Maxie and Fraxie too.

We will check in again before the long weekend.

and Mama Carol

May 14, 2008


Okay, I don't do too many memes cause mama just won't help me. But my Sugar Pie did soo well on Bendrix's 7 useful things....

1. Hairballs just make mama clean the floor more, and clean is a good thing .
2. I make mama get out of bed in the morning, even if it is the weekend, cause I know she appreciates the help (and I get foodies and stuff, too).
3. I police the partment at least once a day to protect us.
4. I inspect every change in furniture to make sure it is a good thing.
5. I help arrange the pillows on the couch.
6. Hairballs on the bathroom carpet? Just makes mama clean my (bath)room.
7. Purring helps lower beans blood pressure and calms them, so I make sure I get scritchies so that I can purr for her.

That's my 7 useful things. If anyone else wants to play, go ahead!


ps. Your opinion is requested. Should I have mama sign all of us on our posts? Majority votes determine if I should or shouldn't. No prize, sorry. Just fun.

pps. Last weekend, in honor of Maxie coming to join our family, we had PIZZA. With HAMMS. I forgot to tell you. How could I forget HAMM! Fraxie and Maxie didn't seem very hungry, but mama and I were!

May 10, 2008

We Got the Something for All of Us

There they are! How come they get to be on the table?Meet Maxie!
This has been stressful, mama.
Yes, the box was finally opened! And out came Maxie, Fraxie's little sister! All the way from Tennessee where Beau and his mommy Cathy live. Mr. Hendrix's mommy sent a mommy's day kitty card for mama, and she fits right in with Fraxie and Maxie. We have been letting Fraxie and her new little sister bond, and they are doing quite well together.
Maxie was named by one of mama's friends. She likes her new name and new home now.
and Fraxie and Maxie, too.

May 7, 2008

Wednesday Update

Mama had to work late tonight so she could go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. She is still on botics, but she is feeling much better.

We have a package, but mama says it will be opened when we all can enjoy it. All?

We don't have another package that was sposed to be here Tuesday, and that mama is upset about, but she says it's hers, so don't worry about it. She doesn't like UPS cause they only deliver when she's working. She can't have them deliver to work--that's the county.

Who is all? What's in the box?

The plot, as they say, thickens. Well, mama says stuff like that.

I think I will take another nap.

Oh, yea. The bug beans are coming back. Since it's spring, some beans are having problems with ants, so they are going to de-ant everybean. I mean everybean's partment! The bug beans who come in are usually nice, though. And they are fast. Done and out. Not much of a nap problem there.


May 5, 2008

Hey, it's me again

Mama had to go get fixed this weekend. They put a lot of botics in her blood and she feels better. She was gone all day Sunday getting better.

I asked her how come my stuff looks so silly when I type, and when I dictate to her it looks different, and she said it was because she took classes.

When will she give them back? Did she pay for them? I take things I get in trouble.

The window by the couch has been open all day.

Spring Spring *snifff*


May 2, 2008

oh hi agan

jus chekng in agan
mama hasnt been feelng well an she had to call the fone nursie last nite
anyone want to com ofer and do som nursie duty, feel free
i cant type vary well without mama