July 31, 2007

Yucky Rule

Mama put a collar on me! Yucky. I hate collars. But the new place says that I have to to move in and live there. At least it is lavender but, but, it has a purple bell. Now I tinkle when I walk and when I stretch and when I take baths and, and after I use the litter box and, and, oh, yucky!

Mama's knee looks pretty bad. So I have been helping her. I walk in front of her when she goes into another room. I keep her side of the couch warm. I remind her to wake up. I let her eat hamm with me. I give her lots of head bumpies, and she tells me she loves me, and I do biscuits on her and, and, oh, lots of stuff.

We're still trying to move and pay every thing up to date. It's hard, though.

I can't wait till this is all over and we have our new home.

love, and kisses for my Sugar Pie,

July 30, 2007

Hello Again

Well, mama gotted help with the rest of the deposit on our new place, today (the county), and also the loan of an air mattress until our furniture comes (we are on a waiting list, and the community center mama goes to lent her the mattress), and only a little help with the movers, and we still have to pay up to date our utilities. Whew! We will have no couch for a while, but mama can sit in the rocking chair and I claim the computer chair! Well, it's already mine any way, and I just let her sit in it sometimes.

The bad news today is that mama fell and scraped her knee really bad and it hurts her. She also thinks she wrenched (?) her back. Wrenched??

That's all the news.

love, hugs and a special smooch for my Sugar Pie, Mr. Hendrix,

July 29, 2007

Some Pictures!

This is the view from our new windows. There isn't a window ledge for me to sit on, though. :-( But it is nicer than the parking lot and cement wall I see now.

And it is certainly a LONG way down! But the parking lot is not the main view, it is waaayy down. I get to see sky and trees and stuff. And mama said, won't this look pretty in the fall?

She took pictures Friday when she got the keys. So now all we have to do is figure out how to moove. Oh, yeah. Mama wented to bingo yesterday and won prizes. A new pair of scissors, note paper and a box of tissues. Maybe not real exciting, but nice for mama.

Mama had a picture of the kitchen, but I said, big deal. Then she said, no, small deal. It is tiny.

Love and hugs for all, and kisses for my Sugar Pie,


July 26, 2007


I know you all have been wondering about us doing the m word. We are. Finally. It is a much smaller place, but it has lots of windows and is on a good bus line for mama. By this time next week we hope we will be out of here. Finally. It will be a tight squeeze, mama said. And we still owe on the deposit a bunch of money. But it is a nicer place, she told me. Lots of closets. And we will take pictures, of course. We still haven't figured out HOW to move, though. But when we cleaned mama threw out a ton of stuff, so all we have to pack is kitchen stuff, books, and clothes.

Those of you who would like our new address, let us know. We still don't know the zip code, yet, but we will soon.

The new place doesn't have carpeting. Hmmm. Sliding time?

We will be up high. Anyone want a small refrigerator?? This will be acksiting and scary. But I don't like this place any more, it's scary scary.

That's the news.

love and hugs,

July 24, 2007

Muggy Day Two

Mama said it was even yuckier out today. And she didn't go to the library, she came home and stayed here. Which was really nice, cause she didn't want to cook for lunch and made a tuna fish sammich. And you know what that means. TUNA JUICE! In my new bowl, too.

Mama has a bunch of phone calls to make tomorrow, and Thursday she has an appointment in the afternoon, but a friend is going to take her cause it's soo yucky out. Saturday she definitely wants to go to the community center and play bingo again.

Hope you all take care, including the beans and kitties in England fighting the floods, and those everywhere dealing with heat, drought, air pollution, and all that yucky stuff!

Love, and smoochies for my Sugar Pie,

July 23, 2007


It is really muggy out. Miserable weather. I am glad I was inside by the fans today. Mama walked to the doctor this morning (an easy half mile walk) and she said three forths the way there she was really miserable. She brought her water with her, which was a good idea, but she said the air quality was really bad, not just too muggy. There is a warning out for air quality and heat and humdididy tomorrow, and she has to go downtown tomorrow. Like I said, I am glad I was inside by the fans today, and I will be tomorrow, too. I napped in the computer chair today, and mama left the little fan on by the computer to keep me cool.

Mama might just go to the library tomorrow after she gets done. Where it is cool and quiet. She hasn't decided. We have a really nice new library downtown.

Stay cool, all, and watch that humdididy!

Hey, did you notice I made mama update my latest links again?? Check them out. Oh, and if you aren't on there but would like to be, let us know!

love and hugs and a nosekiss for my Sugar Pie,

July 21, 2007

Okay. You really can't see this very well. But mama tried. The inside of this is lavender with the cat word all over it and paw prints. The outside is lavender with little purple squigglies. This is my NEW bowl and it is JUST for stinky goodness!

Mama cleaned the big mirror in the bedroom today, and I just had to supervise and look at myself. Not bad, if I do say so.

Maybe more later. I have been getting lots of scritchies and mama massaged my front legs and my shoulders. I don't like my back end touched or my tummy much. Ah, to be loved!

Hugs to all, and a smooch for my sweetheart on Saturday,

July 20, 2007

Friday's Here

Well, they haven't been back to fix that pipe yet! Mama wented out with a friend today and they looked at a couple of places for us to move to. Mama is thinking hard about one of them. It is in a more suburban place, and we don't have one of those metal moving things, but they like kitties and little woofies. And it is way cheaper. And one of mama's friend's friends lives in the building, so she got inside information on how the place is run. They even give rides to the grocery store.

Moving. Sigh. We need a cat deposit....

Anyway, they also wented to a dollar store and mama bought me a present. I will show you a picture of it tomorrow. It's color is my favorite color. That's the only hint I will give you.

Isn't she nice?

Hugs to all, and a smooch for my sweetie,

July 18, 2007

Wednesday Update

Yesterday we hung out. Today mama wented to give away her blood again. And it was very hot and humid, but it rained this afternoon and the boomies came and now it's way cool (70).

I was a good girl this morning and when mama started to eat breakfast (after my snuggles and scritchies and after my crunchies were checked and I got new water) I reminded her to take her shot. I bumpied her and meowed at her. Nurse brandi to the rescue! She said thank you, and scritchied me. Then she took her shot. I don't like eggs much, so I let her eat in peace.

We still need a new sucking monster, and rent money, but at least we have food and mama has medicine. She is doing really great on the new insulin routine. Yeay, mama. Yeah her doctors.

Thanks for reading us. Take care all. Mama will be updating my latest links soon.

Oh, sweetie, can you come out of the icebox and snuggle?? Soon??

That's our day.

July 17, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

Mama, I am a lady!

July 16, 2007

My Protest Picture

Here it is. Where I sat yesterday until mama plugged the computer back together! Yes, a picture!!! Mama founded the camera!!!

Sorry my silver color is dark, but it is a black chair after all! This is right next to the closet I hid in last week.

Love and hugs to all,


July 15, 2007


Yup! Mama connected the puter finally. FINALLY! I sat in the computer chair until she did it. Well, this afternoon, anyway. The workers are gone, but one is coming back sometime to fix the leaky pipe. I hid in the waaayy back of the closet and never came out when they were here.

But now mama has the puter back running, and I helped. So now I get to catch up on all you kitties out there.

Mama went to the community center yesterday and played bingo. She didn't win, but she said she had fun. And Max (the woofie) remembered her, and came for scritchies. He left some fur on her clothes, and I smelled him.

So, that's the news. I've been sniffing all the fixed stuff and changes. They helped mama move the kitchen table, and I approve of that. And fixed the heat pipes. And did a bunch of noisy stuff.

Gotta be nosy and catch up on what has been happening. And check in on my sweetie. I was definitely thinking of him when I was hiding out! It helped me not be so scared!

Love, headbumpies, and a BIG smooch for my Sugar Pie!

July 13, 2007

Another Update

Mama has my permission to write this for me from the community center. Our computer was disconnected because of the workers in our apartment. Almost everything is fixed except a leaky pipe in the kitchen. But mama hasn't plugged everything in for the commuter yet.

I hid in the bedroom closet. Which was okay for the first couple of days. Then yesterday, one of the beans found me in a box in the closet. He was trying to be nice, but I stayed in the closet in the back.

That's it for now. I hope this weekend that mama gets the computer back up. But I am happy she got to do this for me. What we need now is a better sucking monster to clean up the mess!

love and kisses, and a smooch for my sweetie pie,

July 8, 2007

Sunday update: (cause blogger wont let me use the title)

Gee, it's been a few days. Well, Friday mama wented on some errands and wented to a diabetes clinic. They gave her a big change in her insulin, and it is really working! Saturday was VERY HOT, almost 100 degrees, so she left me in front of the fans and went to the coffee shop (they have a cool air blowy thing) and then went to the community center where it was cool, too. When she camed home she was hot again, and even her face was red and hot looking! But she had some ice tea and sat in front of the fan and was okay. Today we had some VERY scary thunderboomies. I mean they shook the building and rattled the windows! But I thought of my sweetie and I was okay.

The next couple of days there will be scary people here, fixing stuff, so I might not be on line. But by Wednesday they are supposed to be done. I might just have to hide somewhere until then!

Love to all, kisses for my sweetie, Mr. Hendrix,

July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

Hope you all had a good day! Mama even shared a brat! Purrr!

My sweetie volunteered to come over if I was scared of the boomies. Sweetie, you can come just because! Although, it would be nice to snuggle and not be as scared....

love, and a safe holiday to you all,

July 3, 2007

News Update

Well, we have not been here for a couple of days. And the last two days have been doozies!

The day before yesterday the bean litterbox overflowed, and mama was busy in the other room updating some linkies for me. It rained in the basement. The maintenance beans knocked on the door, but mama didn't hear anything, so they thought she was dead or something (she was on the computer with the fan blowing cool on her) so the police broke in. She heard some loud boomies, but didn't think it had anything to to with us. It was them crashing in! When she looked up and behind her, there they were in the dining room! Anyway, our carpet is wet and squishy by the bathroom and damp- smelly (yuck). And the door doesn't have molding (?) on the inside and there is no chain lock anymore. Wonder when they are going to fix that? Mama is the one that fixed the bean litterbox!

Then yesterday she had a doctor's appointment, and, and and, they turned on the medical insurants, so she wented and got her insulin! Then she wented to the community center for a while. She made friends with the woofie there. Remember I told you about him when she checked the place out? Well, his name is Max and he loves scritchies, and mama is the best scritchier! She said it is nice there, and she will go back, as it is fairly easy to get to on the bus.

So that's the news. Mama had a bunch of phone calls to make today, and, oh yes, yesterday she had a phone interview, too!

It was thunderboomies for a while this afternoon, but I think they are done.

So that's what's been happening here.

Love and hugs and a smoochie for my sweetie,