August 30, 2014

Saturday's Sweetheart

 Who can resist kittens?
Prepare to squee at little Gunnar!
We love kittens! This one is adorable.
Well, we all are when we are kittens, right?

August 29, 2014

Friday and the Commentathon

We are heading over to Sparkle's blog to honor her and to raise some green papers for Tabby's Place. Since we are unable to give green papers to this worthy place, ourselves, we are commenting, as that will help the cause!  If that is all you can do, it is a small thing to comment, but as Glogirly said, small things can add up to big things. If you are able to, contribute green papers, too.
See you soon.
Go. Now. Comment on her blog. This means you. Scoot.  Let's honor Sparkle and all she has done for kitties by doing something for kitties. What are you waiting for? Carry on!
QUINN and Mom Carol

August 23, 2014

Did Anyone Miss Us?

  Hello there. Hope someone missed us, cause we missed being here. We’ve been leaving comments here and there whenever Mommy felt well enough. I think we are back now, maybe on a limited basis, but back.  Mommy has been very very sick and I have been kinda worried. She has had lots of different things going on, from toofie problems to kidney problems to heart problems to just wacky diabetes problems. All at once.  There are days she has not been able to do anything at all, the pain has been so bad.
And of course, with all the medical problems and changes in medicines comes green paper problems. We are buried in bills. If anyone can help, please do. Please?
Mommy’s wish list is going to be set back yet another year.  She wants a SodaStream (has for a couple years), and a Keurig. Not gonna happen.  She also has been looking for some flannel sheets (winter is coming) only they had to be plaid.  She did find some, finally, and decided to cut some of the groceries this month and order them. They were very inexpensive, so it wasn’t too bad a cut.  And she definitely did not cut MY foodies! She also wants a new patchwork quilt, but every one she has found is way too expensive. So that’s not going to happen, either.  The final thing she wanted to get was a very sturdy cat tree. For lovely big kitty, me! I don’t have one! But she doesn’t want to put anything together (no tools), and that is just something else we can’t afford.  Sigh.  Boxes only for me. I love them, thank goodness!
 So we get the flannel sheets, at least. That is something! I think it will be nice to snuggle with mommy when she’s curled up in bed this winter. Even without a quilt!
We were very very sad to hear about Sparkle. Mommy and I cried when we read about that. But there is somekitty called Summer coming?  And there are some other new kitties on the blogosphere. Even a little black and white one named Ringo! We like all little kitties, but I like black and white ones cause we know they are special (like me, right?). Oh, Mommy, I know they are all special! Can’t I have any fun?
You are all in our thoughts. Thank you for yours.
Love ya,
QUINN and Carol

August 5, 2014

Missing You

Sorry we have not been around.  We are still here. Just mommy has some health problems we are dealing with. We hope to be back soon.