September 30, 2011

Book Report

I curled up on mama and she read part of it to me.  Then I sat at her side til we finished it. Oscar has brought his sensitive skills to a nursing home. Helping some pass on and their relatives comforted.
Four stars for Oscar. The book was pretty good, too.
I watched mama do a funny last night.  She ate some of my Denties. By mistake. She spit them out. She said she could taste them all night.
Isn't that a good thing?
Today on the bus back from Target, she said the bus driver kept going "Move to the back of the bus" every time someone got on. And they were getting squished.  Finally someone yelled up to the driver, "Hey bus driver, we ARE the back of the bus". Mama thought that was funny too.
Oh, and she bought two flavors of Denties, Chicken and Salmon, to make up for spitting mine out last night. She promised not to eat them. She said once was enough. Not for me!
It was very nice and sunny today, and not too windy.  Nice smells from the windows!
Ah, fall.

September 28, 2011

I Gots a Prezzie!

My mama is going to read with me a very special book.  She gotted it from the library today. It's called Making Rounds with Oscar, by David Dosa, and it is about a very special...CAT. Oscar comes to beans in a nursing home and sits with them when they are going to go to the Bridge.  This is a very special thing. After all, many of our beans are with us when we make the trip, so why not return the gift? Lovely, huh? And I gets to curl up with mama and read about this very special cat.

September 26, 2011


We have tv!  Mama will get to see Eastenders this week! I have my Animal Planet! Now all we are waiting for today is our groceries.
We still have windows open, even though it is in the fifties out.  All that fresh air! But they won't be open much longer today. The sun has left our side of the building (No more sunbeams today).
The nice cable guy (and yes, he was very nice) was an animal lover, too.  He currently has woofies (yes, I could tell), but he had a feline growing up that lived 20 years. And he knows how to scritchie kitties! And he lives close to our old neighborhood, and knows the neat parks there.
So our new tv is spiffy. Moms word, not mine. And we can't wait for something good to be on. So that we can curl up and watch.
Now it's nap time for me, and book time for mama.

September 25, 2011

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Nice day to cuddle on the daybed (or my rocker), and especially to watch my mama clean the bathroom floor for the umpteenth time this week!  She's also finished a bunch of books this week, cause of no tv. And I have gotten a lot of treats. And lots of fresh water (she washs the dish several times a day cause she can't think of things to do when she isn't watching tv).
It was supposed to rain today, but we had sunbeams this morning, and it only looks a little rainy east of us.
She can't wait for the cable creeps to come tomorrow. She promised not to be nasty to them, but you never mess with a bean who hasn't seen Eastenders for two weeks!
Tomorrow is also grocery day. Tuesday is medicine delivery day. Wednesday is go downtown and leave me by myself (party, anyone?) day. Thursday is food bank afternoon and movie night. Friday is (cross your paws) the day Tracie will come over.  And it will be the night mama finally gets to see Eastenders! And I can catch up on Animal Planet!!
Busy week.  But mama promises to let me blog.  Right, mom?
brandi (minus the Animal Planet)

September 23, 2011

Go Figure

We gotted a deal on a new tv.  It's all ready to go! But the cable box/dvr thingy is broked.  Mama thought that was the original problem.  But it was both the tv and the box! So now the cable guy (stupid) has to come back and properly hook us up to the outside world on tv. And he can't come (or whoever they send--I hope smarter!) until Sunday afternoon. So mama misses two whole weeks of Eastenders, and she is not happy. She can still get some of her programs on the internet, but not all of them. And our Eastenders don't match BBC's broadcasts (even if we could get them) so we will never get to see those episodes!
Oh, speaking of BBC, Law and Order/UK is fabulous! We do get BBC America. When we have cable.
The tech on the phone said we could have basic cable if we unhooked the box and plugged right into the tv, but then we wouldn't get the internet! Or the Animal Planet, for that matter.
Go figure.
Oh, and now they aren't coming till Monday morning!

September 20, 2011

It broked!

Mommy's tv broked.  She is going crazy.  We really can't afford another one, but what can you do? She misses some of her programs that she can't get on line.  Like Eastenders. I think this month's foods order will be really little.  Again.  At least I have nuff of what I need, foods and litter and Denties.  But maybe not mama. But mama needs her tv. Hey, it's driving ME crazy!
Sheesh. The tv is umpteen oodles of years old. 
Talk about hogging the puter. That's all the entertainment we have.  At least we can play movies and stuff on it.  But blogging??? I hope so.
Life in the modern world, mama said.
Wish we had birdies and squirrels.  That might help.

September 19, 2011

September 17, 2011


Mama is doing better.  She spent most of yesterday at the clinic. She has had her insulin adjusted and had lots of tests done. So she is doing okay.  She has to call the diabetic nurse once a week for a while to report how she is doing with the adjustments.  So thank you for your concern and purrayers!  Mama said her tests all were really good, and she doesn't need so much insulin! That means I help her eat healthy.  More fish, more spinach. We both are happy. So a little more hamm would be wonderful!
Tracie camed over today, too.
Mama's movie this week was Fly Away Home.  I think I would have liked it.  It had lots of FEAFURS! I mean fevers.  I mean gooses!
Oh, and mama said she is going to drive me crazy tomorrow cause she is gonna slow cook something and it will smell really good.
She let me have some beef stew today, but she washed my face after. Oh the humilitation.  But worth it.
Love you all,

September 16, 2011

Hello Once Again

We tried to sign on again yesterday and our computer was acting up.  Strange things were blinking at us and we couldn't access anything.  We called the cable company, and their answer was "it's not our problem".  Since mama doesn't have the kind of green papers it costs to fix the puter, we started trying to figure out what to do.  Then mama remembered long ago we had to do something with the history of the puter ??? Anyway, it worked and we are back.
Yesterday was not good anyway, cause we had the parametics here in the early morning.  Since they weren't cute ones, I stayed in my room. The end result is mama is leaving this morning to go to the doctor to have her insulin amounts once again adjusted. Better they take her blood than mine! This will be an all day thing, so anyone want to come over and snuggle in the nice blankies, please do.  We have lots of Denties, but the fridge only has boring stuff in it.  Like left over green beans and stuff. Maybe there's a little cheese, though. The fish (salmon) is in the freezer, though.  Darn. That's harder to open.

September 13, 2011

Miss Me?

We had troubles with our blog, like Daisy.  And Huffle's mom helped us out. We are sorry I have been away so long, but that is part of my excuse. So, I got new stuff. A second page with this loonnnngg list of friends.  I know a couple of my woofie friends aren't on there yet, but have patience. You will be! And new pink colors for me. And a few things to take care of.
But being away meant not being able to say how our hearts go out to Sue and Edsel's family, and Beau and Cathy's family. And we didn't get to do Mo Cats Day, or pay tribute to the fallen of 9/11. But in our hearts, we were there.
love and hugs to all,

September 1, 2011

Hello Again

Whew! Mama camed back from helping at the food bank with lots of stuff.  They let the volunteers have some of the remainders, and she gotted lots of applesauce (unsweetend) and bread stuff and something called sparegrass. Sparegrass??? Didn't look like grass to me.  And some more stuff, including figs (yuck) and beef stew (yay!).
This is a really hot day here. The food bank was hot, too. Sposed to be around 94 degrees F here. Mama kept the air cooly thingy on for me.
She is doing okay.  I have been extra nice. Oh, except for yesterday morning.
 The great gray predator queen stalked her prey quietly. Quickly she pounced! And when the prey    didn't wake up, she walked right up to its ear and let out a mighty MROW!
You should have seen mama jump.
Yes, we are both okay now. I still have some tricks up my paw....
ps. Please let us know if you are having problems with my blog.  There have been problems and we hope they are fixed.  If not, we are in deep doodoo. And I'm not talking litterbox here.