October 25, 2018

Here We Go Again

We're still here! Things have been topsy-turvy my Mommy says. Well, actually I cleaned that up a bit for the little kittens out there.
Our housekeeper (we don't pay for her directly) threw our important stuff in the bins outside. We mean she threw Mommy's thing she wore around her neck to keep her keys and ID's and Mobility cards and her debit card all together into the trash.  Mommy gave her her thing so she could throw a broken fan out. Not everything!!!
Mommy called her bank and her transit stuff in and got a temp card to get in the building here and they made her new keys for the front door and the mail box and apartment key.  Her mail had been stopped so she called them and explained about the key.  The next day she got her mail. 
The company that the housekeeper hired is paying for the cost of all her key stuff (management charges a lot to replace everything) and they gave her a call Wednesday because the check they sent to us was returned undeliverable. She called her bank and advised them to resend their card. She left a message with another company. She called her local post office to complain and they told her to call back today, early. She asked to speak to the Supervisor.  That's who she was talking to. So she spend 45 minutes on hold with Washington at the main post office there and filed a complaint.
She has still no metro card, no debit card, no permanent key card for the front door, and no check. She can't go anywhere, pay any bills (we're now late.)
Mommy is once again very upset.
Our homemaker is very sorry, and her company was kind enough to send a check for the charges (and they are going to resend it!).
Our bank is sending another card. The local banks have a way to issue right away, but we now have no way to get there because of the Metro card problem.
Oh, and I still have just about enough foodies and stuff. But the low litter is making me worry a little.
And oh, yes, we can't even get our email because it is linked in to our  "computer doctor" account.
It never ends here, does it.  Mommy did fill out three new apps for somewhere else to live.
She wonders how she is going to get her favorite dish soap because she has no way of ordering it to be delivered or getting to Target to  buy it in person. And I don't like coffee cups, so I can't help. Slurp Coffee, blaaaaaaaaaagh! Broccoli blaaaaaaaaaah!
Pray for our luck to change. This is ridiculous. Send pizza, but not through the mail!
love you all,
Quinnie Makayla