November 27, 2007

Tuesday Stuff

Brrr!! And it's gonna get even colder. At least in this apartment it is still warm. Much better than the old place!! That was really cold!

Mama found out that she lost her boots in the move. So she has to go boot shopping this weekend (and it's supposed to snow) cause she doesn't get paid till Friday. Booo!

She dug out the scarf and the mittens for tomorrow....

I have all the luck. Warm lounger, blankies, quilt on the bed, cushion on the rocking chair, a nice love seat... and oh, yes, the rug in the bathroom!

Keep warm,

November 26, 2007

Monday, Monday

Mama camed home today with stuff. But it was only a bag with paper towels and shampoo in it. Phoey.

She said training wasn't too bad today. And sat and pet me for a while.

They say it is getting colder out now. Right now it is 30 degrees. And I have the time and temp in my sidebar, now. If it would behave, it might stay.

Thanks, that's it. Waiting for mama to make us dinner.


P.S. We are sad to relate that Eclair has gone to the Bridge. Farewell, sweet Eclair.

November 24, 2007

Saturday Stuff

We are still eating turkey, which is fine with me! Hope all of you are having a great weekend. I hope that mama wll be able to update our linkies tomorrow.

She has class again next week. So who knows when we will get to blog. And the week after, we better get the insurance stuff, cause she has two doctor pointments, and medicines to get! We are waiting impatiently for that stuff!

I got to snuggle with her a lot today. And she had to sweep the floor about a zilliion times cause she broked a glass, and she didn't let me walk on the floor til she was done.

That's Saturday!

love, and bunches of headbumpies to my Sweetie,

November 23, 2007

Hey, Guess WHAT???

I am so happy and proud of mama. She just ordered a copy of THE BOOK and some stuff from CafePress, including a muggie and a couple of calendars and a print, and she is so happy. The monies go to helping other kitties, and we are sooo happy to be able to give back a little, finally. Check out the CatBlogosphere and order the new We Are the Kitties, and a calendar or two, and muggies, and so much more. You will enjoy the stuff you get (and the neat pressies you give will give pleasure to the ones you give to) and monies will go to helping other kitties.

Our turkey was wonderful, and the hamm pizza today was great! And check out the Tower Hill Mob! They are back with a new addition, little Lydia has come into their household. We have missed them a lot. And welcome Lydia!

That's it right now. Hope everyone has had a good holiday and lots of good food.

Love to all,

November 22, 2007


Mama has been busy at work, learning stuff and getting to help her team. Last weekend she did some shopping, and a friend gave us........a turkey! A real turkey! So, guess what. Mama is going to put it in a bag (?) she gotted from somebody at her work and cook it in the oven. She has never cooked a real turkey before like this, but has cooked a roast in a bag before.... She said we will have hamm this weekend just in case it doesn't turn out. A HAMM PIZZA!! Even if the turkey DOES turn out!! And mama will be home for FOUR DAYS!!!!

I will try to blog again today, but just in case mama gets busy and won't be my typist, here is stuff I am thankfull for:

First of all all the kind wonderful bloggers on the cat blogosphere. Your kind words, hopeful purrayers, and pressies and monies has helped us out of a horrible situation. We hopes this does not happen again to us. We are eternally grateful for you all.

We are grateful for getting a brand new place to live that is safe and comfy. Even though I miss Mr. Squirrel and Chitterer, I get a great view, and birdies fly by sometimes. We are grateful for help getting moved and help replacing some furniture, and making us feel we are really home. And I am grateful for all the windows and the bathroom with my foodies and litterbox and a nice rug. And my mama, of course. Yes, I was once a homeless kitty. I am eternally grateful that I got to pick my mama and finally get this nice home. She has always loved me (of course), but we are finally in a really nice place. They other place was scary.

We are thankful for my mama's new jobbie. Oh, are we thankful. It was nice having mama home all the time, but we really needed this jobbie so we can get stuff like food and litter and stuff mama needs. And even though mama gets really tired when she gets home, we know she likes her job.

We are thankful that mama gets to get new insurance on the first of November. Yea!!! This is very important for medicines she really needs. I want my mama to be healthy!

And I am very grateful for my sweetie, Mr. Hendrix. He is the light in my heart, he makes me feel special, and I love him very much.

And I am grateful that I get turkey AND hamm pizza all in one lonnnggg weekend with my mama.

love, and blessings for all,

November 13, 2007

Special Information from my Mama

Yes, this is American Diabetes month, and one of my mama's special things, cause she has diabetes. And we want to let efurryone know that the Diabetes Blog listed in our sidebar has stopped blogging, but they will keep the information there and the blog won't be updated, but you can still access the old stuff if you need info.
Now, the Special Information from my Mama:
This concerns the vishus deer of Santa Claus. She explained to me that, since Santa is such a special person, all over the world he has magic powers (like he can deliver everthing in one night and knows when you move and stuff). It also means that he can mind control his reindeer so that they are not vishus and mean to kitties. Or anyone. And if you come up to them, they will paw the snow (or earth) to say hi only, and sniff quite politely to say how d'ya do. They will NOT hurt ANYONE.
Wish all the viscious deer could be mind controlled like them. But, Santa is really special and he can do special things.... and Santa is for children, and safety first, so HIS reindeer are not vishus.

November 11, 2007

Sunday Again?

I can't believe it's been soo long since my last post. But mama has been very busy at work and too tired when she gets home. :-(

Wednesday she had to redo our lease to adjust for our new income and verify where she's employed, so she had to go in late to work, so she had to stay late a couple of days to make up the time. And Thursday, she gotted home really late cause she stopped and got her hairs chopped off her head. Not all of them, but it is shorter. She hasn't been able to do that for a while.

Friday morning for a little while it snowed. Big fluffy pretty stuff. And mama wasn't here to enjoy it with me. But she said they all went to the windows at work and watched it for a little while and she wished she was with me.

Saturday I did the lap thing a lot, and also today. But, hey, we tried really hard to get on line tody and our dial up was crummy and kept freezing and not working. :-(

Oh, yeah, mama gets to stay home tomorrow cause it's Veterans Day holiday.

Hope efurryone is doing well, and CHECK OUT THE NEW LINKIES ON THE SIDE! Mama has been updating for me.

and lots of smoochies for the dashing five year old Mr. Hendrix, my special Sugar Pie,

and p.s. Don't forget this is National Diabetes Month!

November 4, 2007

Sunday Sweetness

I want to thank efurryone who made it to the party yesterday. It was soo much fun. Seeing the ceiling walks and the sliding and the dancing and partying, my, we have had some sad times on the blogosphere lately, so we need to party and remind ourselves that life goes on and we need to celebrate it once in a while. Sorry for the delayed start, but our puter monitor was not working right. It WAS dropped a couple of times when we moved, so I guess we should just be grateful it works at all. We decided when it started working to just do a Chatzy, as it was very quick and easy. Anyway, it was so fun to show off our new place, and celebrate with my mama her new jobbie, and then to be with my special Sugar Pie for all these celebrations rolled into one! I can't believe it has been a whole year since I was asked by this dashing young lad to be his. He is not only a sweet and thoughtful boyfriendcat, but he is brave and strong and wonderful. And then to be able to celebrate his 5th birthday, too. Gosh, I am soo proud of him!

Yes, he stayed over, but we were chaparoned by my mama, and we all slept in the same room. And this morning, we touched noses before he bid me a sweet adieu. ::sigh::

My tummy is full, but I hear there is another party today, and they did say pizza.....


November 3, 2007

Chatzy party!

Please join us for the party . All you have to do is follow this link:,,2694e


We are sorry to be late to our own party, but we had some technical difficulties with the puter. Really. The monitor didn't work. But it sorta does now, so let the party begin. Plenty of eats and nappie places, and hamm, etc. So glad you all can celebrate with us!


November 2, 2007

Friday Stuff

Because of the prayer vigil tomorrow, our party will start around 3 o clock Central Standard Time. We want everyone to be able to participate in the vigil, if they so desire, and then maybe get in a nappie or two before the party.

Remember we are celebrating mama's new jobbie, our new partment, Mr. Hendrix and my first anniversary as a couple, and Mr. Hendrix's fifth BIRTHDAY.

There will be hamtinis, tuna, Temptations, fresh water, a fresh litter box, and don't forget the nip and the HAMM pizza. There will be plenty of mousies and a cat dancer or two, and lots of places to look out the window, and lots of places to nap and chat.

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.