October 7, 2006

The "Castle"

This is the Van Deusen Mansion, or part of it. It is for sale, and because of that, it is being called a "Castle", but it really isn't. Castles are much bigger. And older. This was build in 1892 in the Richardson "Romanesque chateauesque" style and originally owned by George W. Van Deusen and his family. He was a wealthy businessman.

Maybe she can take more pictures when mama goes back to the clinic on Tuesday. There is a covered place where carriages can drive up and passengers get out and not get rained or snowed on. There is a modern addition which is boring.

There they are. Finally mama's pictures uploaded! It is nice and warm today, and I have been sitting in the window, okay, napping in the window most of this afternoon. I had to remind mama once again to fill my water dish. Help these days. Hard to keep trained.

Time to catch up on all the other gorgeous kitties! Hope your weekend is going well. Gentle headbumpies and purrs to all, of course, and purrayers for those who need them.



Meowers from Missouri said...

WOW! furry impressive!! we doesn't have anything like that here, but there is "castle" ruins called Ha-Ha-Tonka about 50 miles away.

we has a cool, sunny day today, perfect for window sleeping. He gave cocoa a bath in the back yard. she did not like it; imagine. a labrador, afraid of water!! we all laughed, watching the fun.

sandpaper kisses & headbutts from all of us!
nels, ed, nitro, & xing

Butterscotch said...

Wow I would love to live there

Shaggy and Scout said...

That place looks haunted. Tell your mmma not to get too close to it.

Anonymous said...

our Lady wants that really desperately! 'specially if it's haunted...