October 24, 2007

Wednesday News

Mama finished her training in St. Paul. Now she gets to go back to training in Minneapolis. At least for a couple of weeks. Then they all go back to St. Paul again.

The woofie that is going to visit us this weekend is a really nice woofie. She already lives with a kitty, so she knows how to behave. She's a schnauzer, so she isn't really big. And not only does she live with a kitty, her mama does rescue work with schnauzers, and has fostered them, so she is really special. She has gone through training classes as well as being trained by a kitty. They have both had to train quite a few fosters!



Parker said...

I am hoping that your Mommy likes her job and that it all works out!
Have a fun weekend!

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

We have two woffies at our house and one of them is really great. He loves kitties so much that he thinks he is a kitty. Maybe this woofie will be great too!

Boy said...

Wow. Hope your have fun with the woofie this weekend!

THE ZOO said...

we gaved you an i luf your blog award because we luf yur bloggie.

The Crew said...

Hi Brandi

We're so glad to hear things are going better for you and your Mom. Now you don't have to worry so much.

The Crew

Black Cat said...

Hello Brandi, I've just come across your blog. Hope you're having a nice weekend with your woofie friend:)