December 14, 2008

Snow is Coming Again

Yup. Some kind of storm is coming. And mama has to get up very very early tomorrow to go to a doctor's appointment. She sure hopes the doctor makes it in. It's going to be very cold tomorrow and snowy.

The appointment is to poke and prod her and make sure she is okay for her surgery. Better her than me. But since she has taken time off, she has been better. Her blood pressure is much lower, and her diabetes is better. Woo-hoo. My nursey skills are wonderful, huh!

And we had turkey for lunch today. Mama shared :-p


late update: we are cancelling the appointment Monday cause of the snow and the ice and stuff on the sidewalks. We're gonna reschedule. It is crappy out there! We can't see much, and have heard of lots of bad accidents.


Sunny's Mommy said...

That's good that your Mama's blood pressure and diabetes is better now that she's not working. Sorry to hear she had to reschedule her doctor's appointment due to weather. I hate bad winter weather.

Mr. Hendrix said...

I am glad your mommy decided not to go out in the scary weather. Falling on ice is no good!

We are very glad she is feeling so much better. You are the bestest nurse ever sweet Brandi. purrrrrrrs

The cold weather is coming here too. I wish we could be together and snuggled by a warm (safe) fire on soft blankets.

Everycat said...

Top quality nursing skills there Brandi. Glad your Mam isn't going out, to slip and break something would be awful!

Stay cosy

Whicky Wuudler