July 9, 2009


Some of you have asked who Maggie is. She is my "friend of another species". Recognize the couch? That's ours! Maggie comes over with her mommy Robin (that's the bean in the picture). She has a kitty sister, so she is very well trained and very nice to kitties. She plays nice with my toys, cause she learned how to share toys with her kitty sister. Her mommy works as a volunteer with a rescue schnauzer organization, and Maggie does doggie trials where she jumps over and through things.
Mama and I think she is too cute for words.


Motor Home Cats said...

That is neat that you have a woofie friend who isn't your sibling. We aren't quite as fond of other bean's dogs as we are of Camie.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

loki said...

I lived with two doggies, sometime they give me a hard time. But sometime they give me kisses.