August 1, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Mama put almost everything back! The loveseat is by the window! My office chair is by the computer!
I gotted to lay on my red pillow (from my sweetie) by the window. Awsome. I know I don't get to see many birdies, and I am too high up to see squirrels, but the sky is nice.
The bad news is, all the stuff will have to go back soon, cause they haven't done the radiators, and we have only been waiting over two weeks.
And, even badder news, all the stuff has to come out of the closets, cause they are tearing them apart and redoing them. And that starts Monday. And maybe Tuesday and Wednesday! And I have to leave with mama for the days cause we already know it is too loud. They did across the hall Thursday and Friday. LOUD.
So mama wented to the library for books to take with us, and we will be in one of the lounges during the daytime, and I have to sit in my carrier all day. Woofies get to be on leashes (I have one, too) but kitties have to be in carriers. NOT FAIR.
Mama will have to leave in the afternoon for a pointment on Tuesday, so she is going to have to leave me in the shower with the curtain closed and in my carrier.
Once the closets get done, and new doors, and the radiator covers then comes the kitchen sink, counter tops, cupboards, stoves, and bathroom sink. Then we will be DONE!
Well, now I am sneaking away, cause mama put new batteries in the camera, and I am on the lookout. Some of you like your pictures taken. I don't. Even though I am adorable. That's sort of why I don't put pictures on my blog very often. I am good at hiding!
love to you all,


Reese =^..^= said...

I'm glad everything got put back together. Oh, come on. Pose for just a couple of pictures!

Teddy Westlife said...

Hi Brandi. I'm sorry I missed your gotcha day but it sounds like you had a good one.

I hope being in the carrier for so long is not too traumatic for you. Will the renovations ever be finished?

Huffle Mawson

Mr. Hendrix said...

oh no sweetie! how about you telyport over here? it has been kinda loud lately with Joel crying lots with gas, but mommy takes care of him so we'll still be comfy.

she is home all day AND we can lay on some of Joel's soft blankets for tummy time.

I am glad your apartment will be all fixed up and nice. Of course, you deserve to live in a palace!


Mr. Hendrix said...

PS i know the flashy box is annoying, but i love seeing pictures of you sweetie

Jans Funny Farm said...

It will be nice when all that is done and you can return everything to its place for good.

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

You have a lot happening there Brandi.We hope it all goes smoothly from here on out.

Thoughts said...

Wow, sounds like its going to be one heck of a hectic week for your poor Brandi. Just think of your Sugar Pie! That will calm you down! Good luck, keep us updated!

Theodore and Sasha

Black Cat said...

Ooo, sounds like you're having a very disruptive time, but hopefully it will be all super-dooper and comfy when it's all finished! :) xxx